Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just A short entry

Hello darlings..,long i leave my blog yeah..I'm so excited counting the day for Hari Raya celebration. I just can't wait it. I'm having hectic time for raya preparation.The making of Kueh Raya and clean our house then so on.   Make me rarely to log in here. 

But you know what, i've join another application thats make me active everyday to share all my photo collection. Yeah, INSTAGRAM application made my day everyday.Hehe..For those active in this application don't forget to follow me and for sure i'll hit you all back. My account is Etysalbiah_711.
To all bloggers just update your entry everyday i always follow up and keep reading your blog.Okay, enjoy your day. See you all again in my next entry. Insyaallah, may you have full blast day. Ameen...=)