Sunday, July 29, 2012

My days lately so exciting

One week i'd spend my time with my family. I couldn't say how i'm really exhilarated enjoying my day with them lately.  As though i can't leave every minute of my time to release everything. Yeah, all of us so delighted in this blessing month.(Ramadhan). we all having "sahur" and "sungkai" together. I couldn't forget the moment at all. No matter what, i could say that home is heaven for us.

 Everywhere you have been of,as far from your beloved family and house(hometown) i bet you would remember and find it. For me, i didn't have nothing that so precious more than my family. So, i'm really grateful to god because still give me happiness along with them.=) Along one week i've many exciting thing to share to you all. I don't have time to create new post because i'm so busy spending the whole of my time with my beloved family.
 So,let me share to you all the great thing that make me so exciting.

Help my mum preparing food for  "sungkai"

Yeah,everyday along with my family. I'm the one that always busy at the kitchen.Hehe..I help my mum to prepare food for them. We don't want to waste money. Save as much as we can. Even i know, at the outside there's a lot of food in bazaar ramadhan. We go there but rarely.

 The photo that i stick above,is my homemade ABC. It's so easy to prepare it. Just make your own jelly and put it with your favorite color as red,green and yellow. So,it's up to you. Everything is in your hand. You could make it as much as you want. Actually, it's more better to prepare it by yourself than you buy it from bazaar because it's more satisfied. =)

My homemade cheese cake
A couple of days ago..i want to bake a cheese cake. But, our residential area having problem of water supply. Omgee, i couldn't bake my cake. Finally, yesterday i've done with it.Hehe. Cheese cake is my favorite desert. If we get it from bazaar, oh gosh! if i'm not mistake they sell it with a price of Rm3.50 cent a slice. No!No!No!..I think is better if i bake it.So, i'm going to Putatan and bought all the ingredients at the "Bake with me" Shop.I discover something there.If you all interested in baking,there's a lot of thing that supply for bakers. I think i would go there again. oh yeah, next entry i'll share to you all how to bake this cheese cake so you can try it. =)

I've got my new book to read
Last weekend my family and i had went to centre point. Yeah, when i got there.Huhu, i never let go to visit the popular bookstore and bought some book. =) Finally, i have spend my money to buy two books. One i've is The book of the dead written by Douglas Preston & Lincoln child and another one is The Winter Ghosts written by Kate Mosse. Certainly, i would read this book during i'm admitted at the ward while having chemo. Hehe..=)

My new android tablet phone

I don't know how could i ever be someone that wasting money. Never mind. Only once. Hahaha..I just want to try something new. Well, day to day there's a lot of modern gadget right. I just want to try how advanced it's function. So, far i'm using my new android tablet.Yeah, i admit it. There's a lot of improvement from phone to tablet phone. From Nokia to samsung,then try this android tablet.Hehe. I'm satisfied with this new one. I can do many things with it and it so easy for me.=)

Emmm,What else yaa..i think thats all of my sharing.Tomorrow,i'll readmit back to ward for my last chemo. I hope all of you pray for me yaa. May god bless all of you then. Ameen..Selamat berbuka Puasa..=)

P/s See you again..mmmwuaahh..=D

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Life With Cancer #2

Hello readers and viewers..
Today,it's already 4 days in ramadhan we were have been. I know most of us feel exhausted. It's our obligation to fasting. Never mind, because Allah will give us a great rewards then. Insyaallah..
I took this time to share my experience in getting treatment for my leukemic cancer. My first entry about my life with cancer #1, it's all about the first time i'm diagnosed with the AML. I'm sharing to you all my feeling about it and how i accept this circumstances. I admit it, sometimes, i'm feel give up and feel hopeless at all. But, when i look the patient that having the same disease as me while even hard than me, they all so strong to have it. Then, I realized it.No matter hard, till today i'm strong enough to confront it.

As the doctor and pharmacist discuss about my treatment,then they decided that i need to undergo 4 cycle of chemotherapy.
Credit to Mr.Google

Chemo #1st cycle
It's start on 5th April till 11th April 2012.
7 days to complete first cycle.I'd been sick a few times, tired, and not really eating much at times.These first session so exhausting, as I'm receives "hydration" fluids to flush my kidneys to help prevent the chemotherapy drugs damaging them. This means i'm pees every 1-2 hours. This circumstances restrain me to move and continue my daily activity as usual. The only thing i could do, lying down and sleep all day. The worst thing i hate is Vomit. 

Post Chemo #1st cycle
During the chemotherapy,there is nothing for me. But, after i'd completed it. All the thing become worst. My blood drop. My Platelet drop(platelet funtion well to avoid bleeding), So they tranfuse me and i took an allergic reaction to them. That was quit scary. While, my HB also getting low in range,so they tranfuse me 1 pint of packed cell. Fortunately,i didn't get any reaction. As long my blood didn't get into it's normal point, i'd received many times tranfuse.  The other thing is, i'd lose my hair. This a complication of chemo.

After a month i'm admitted at the ward.Finally,they agree to discharge me from the ward.Just for awhile. Then,come again to have a Bone Marrow aspiration (BMA) for the second time,before start the second chemotheraphy. BMA can determine the dose for the next chemotheraphy.So, my chemotherapy depend on my Bone Marrow Aspiration result.

Thats all from me. Next i'll continue again the rest of my story. So,keep blogging and read my entry. Thanks for the comment from you all. You all give me support to confront all of this. Thank you so much.=)


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Simply Sharing some quotes

Hii dear all readers and viewers..
Happy Sunday to you all.I'm sorry i can't write a long entry here.Just because i'm post this entry through an application Blog for Mobile.So,i make it simple.Currently,i'm at Likas Plaza Central. I'm enjoying the rest of my time with my beloved family. After a long period i'm admitted at the ward. Finally, this is a great time for me to spend it with them. Everything here so exciting. That's all from me. So,I'm sharing to you all a simply quotes that i love too.

Happiness keeps you sweet
Trials make you strong
Sorrows keep you human
 Failure keeps you humble
 Success makes you eager and prayer keeps you going

Leave something for "GOD" but never leave "GOD" for something, because in life, something will leave you.. but "GOD" will ALWAYS be there for you

The most valuable places to be in the world~ are in someone's THOUGHTS, in someone's PRAYERS and in someone's HEART~

Friday, July 20, 2012

My life with Cancer #1

Hello everyone..
To all muslim,tomorrow will be the beginning of Ramadhan.I want to say to you all"Selamat Berpuasa".So,Tonight,terawih will beginning. Let all of us going to mosque. Pray together (Solat Jemaah).

It's been so long,i keep silent without creating any post. It's been hiatus just not by my hectic time. I didn't have hectic time at all. All my hectic time has been hiatus because i need to get treatment. I need to extend my study.Then,just focus on my treatment.

My story Begin...

When you all read the title.Yeah,I admit it and reveal all the reality in my life. As long as i live,everything was perfect Until March 2012. I'm having a great life and my social life was exciting,but,suddenly everything changed.I've spent the following 6 weeks  in severe pain and going through test after test, each of which was inconclusive. Then,at ANE(Hospital Queen Elizabeth) the doctor find out that my white blood cell was in high range.The platelet count and my ANC in lowest range. It's abnormal. So,they decided to detain me for the further investigation. You know what? I'm so panic and worried. I didn't stop wondering.why and what..will be. At the moment, the only thing i could do, just praying.

Finally,on 1st April,I received the devastating news that cancerous cells had been found in my bone marrow and the task was to now determine the type and source of that cancer.On 2nd April,it was finally confirmed that i'm having Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Suddenly,my tears running through my eyes. I just can't trust all the reality. My family had informed by the doctor. Mum and dad just calm but i can see through their eyes, keep a tinge of sadness in their heart. 

The pharmacist,had arranged my dose for chemotheraphy. The doctor said, i need to undergo 4 cycle of chemotherapy to treat the cancer. Along 1 weeks, all the blood test had been done. 

Ok dear readers and viewers, i hope you all think positive with this sharing. I know, there a lot of people that having a same case like me. I know, it's not a easy thing to deal with. By the way, only with the patience and praying. Make me strong.

P/s Thats all for today. Next,i'll continue the rest of my story. Insyallah,i'll update my blog day to day. Thanls for reading my story. I don't want money from you all, i just want you all pray for me and the rest of people at the outside that having cancer in their life. =)


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Of Instinct

Hello everyone..
As long we live in this world,everyone of us born with the pure instinct. Just maybe it suppose to be possible or impossible.No matter where we come from , we have so. Sometimes,it could be or it wouldn't ever be.But mostly it would be. So,i'm share a quotes of instinct.That i love so.

"And so you touch this limit,
 something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further.
 With your mind power,
 your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, 
you can fly very high."

I realized it's much pretty more all about instinct,surely we have to do what's right for us. Everyone has an opinion, but it was all about what you do or don't do. For me, that's natural. The instinct to score comes naturally and if you have it, you've got to go to it. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I realize something between us

After a couple of year i'm stick with him. I'd never feel despair to love him from day to day even till the end of my life. Since i'm in this circumstances,i realized something. As though we never having love affair to each other. Just like we live in our own territory. I don't know what the trial is. I'm  only could  wondering without the right answers. To think about this,it would suck my life. I don't want to inquire him more and more to give the answers. He just  simply answering me " I'm really busy". kinda defensively.

Yeah,no matter what happen,i didn't care anymore. I need to think myself before other. Isn't it.? Sometimes love is happiness,but it would be insanity when you crushed then. I'd rather live lonely without him. I admit,i'm not a perfect for him,i can't be. I'm just a shortage person. So,go on. Surely,he can find a girl who's truly deeply love after me. I don't really care at all. Absolutely, I'm not for him. 

I'm stop to write here. It's hard to reveal something that so privacy here. I just can't bear it. Not at all. I 'm really sorry for this annoying story.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awakening from hiatus

Peace Be upon you all..
Hello everyone..
I'm here again, after a couple of weeks ago,i'm hiatus from blogging. When i'm log in back here,then looking to all my favorite bloglist , yeah..most of you come up with variety of story to share. surely,i'm spared to follow all the updated story from all bloggers. I'm feel sorry to everyone. Anyway,i hope you all enjoyed doing whatever you like and be pleased wherever you are.Then,don't forget me.haha..=)

So,after my condition just now? Thankfully, all is well.I've completed the third cycle of chemo which took 4 days. Despite there are complications. A couple of days ago, i've infection on my right eye. In medic,we call it conjunctivitis. This condition is a side effect of my chemo.I'm so suffered to through it.Fortunately,after met the consultant of eye, i'm fully recovered. So,the next planning is I would have bone marrow transplant. I don't know what my condition then. certainly,this transplant would be implemented at the Hospital Ampang.I could be there for a several month, probably it will 3 till 4 months at there. Omgee, it's a huge thing to me. I even don't know either this entry or next sharing will be the last from me or i'll come again afterwards. I'm only keep praying non-stop. Hopefully, may god give me a chances to live as everyone else. I'm begging for it . >.<

People always saying "Everything happen have a reason ".Yeah,it's a worthwhile quotes to beliefs.Then,I remember a song from the nasyid team (Raihan).The lyric sound is"wealthy before the poverty. Healthy before illness. Live before death. Free before narrowly."Well,Who Are We In front of Him(God).Totally,i'm helpless indeed. I'm only keep praying, listing all my plan to accomplished. By the hope,Only god. So,i'm hand it to god to predetermine my fate then.

Dear all readers..
Don't competing to another to seek perfection.
Be grateful with what you have,but not to be proud of.
Even perfection,has it downside.

No matter how hard the past, i could always begin again.Insyaallah..ameen..=)
Thus, snippet of my sincerity.I would keep reading on your blog. So,keep blogging yeah...Happy Weekend day.=)