Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mama's Birthday Celebration

Hello everyone..peace be upon you..
Wow,one day to go we all will step into a new year. I just can't wait the new year eve. Okay, i know you all have a great planning to celebrate it right..hehe..enjoy it yaa..Oh ya..back to the title..Alhamdulillah, on 28th December is a big day for my mum. So, me and my siblings had this impromtu birthday celebration for my mum. One day before my mum birthday, i'm thinking for the whole day. What i want to give to my mum as her birthday gift. Everyone of my siblings has prepared their own present. Firstly, we had planned with my dad to buy her a birthday cake. Then, i need to change it. I'd told my dad, better i bake the cake by myself as i don't have any stuff to be give as my mum birtday present. Hahaa..So,Alhamdulillah..i make it.

Even it small and so's my handmade for my beloved you mum *hugs and kiss *

on that night, my dad didn't join us because he's working. But he not forget to leave his birthday gift for my mum before go to work. My mum birthday celebration so simple but really meaningful to be reminiscence. okay guys, just all i want to write. It's a short entry right. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Vacation

Finally, we made it. Yeah,family vacation is something great i ever had. After too many things and i guess all are hectic so we successfully had this impromptu family vacation from Tuaran to Lawas. I can say that's the thing from Sabah to Sarawak. We convoy to go there with my dad. FYI, this is my first time drive a car in a long journey. At first, a little bit frightened. you all know there's a lot of cars and lorries in addition december is a holiday season. So, many people go back to hometown and so on. Alhamdulillah, i'm okay along our journey. I got my confidence in driving after all. Haha..Actually,i'm still new in driving and i just only got P license two months ago. Now, i'm getting used manual car than Auto car. 
credit to my sister. Snap this photo from behind.

Hotel Seri Malaysia Lawas

Lawas is a nice place. I can say that place is a "KING OF FRUITS". My  family starving durian there..Haha..Oh yeah,i don't like to eat durian. I don't know why. That's the weird thing i need to admit about me. Hukhuk..At there, we stayed at Hotel Seri Malaysia. I love their amenities there. Comfortable and  affordable. They compelling promotion due to christmas day. Only two days per night we got there. 
so,comfortable to sleep.

Pandalela in the making..haha..she found her own direction and carefreely swam around!

A day before we go home, my siblings spending their time swimming at the hotel's pool. I don't swim because traumatic. water enter into my ear. Then i got infection. Hoho..i don't want got it again. So, i just snap their picture. At 1.00 pm,we check out from the hotel and go home. Before go back to KK we stop at Sepitang for lunch. Alhamdullillah,we arrived at Home at 7.00 pm. Fortunately, no obstacles during our journey. The best thing is i got experience and confidence driving for a long journey. When i drive at KK, no more doubts. Just all i want to share. Not all things i want to write here. Maybe this entry will become a novel if i write all the things here. Haha..okay guys..just all.

It's me. Hoho..look so tired..not ready in front of camera..tired driving..lollz...=)

P/s Enjoy your holiday, doing something great is a sweet moment to be keep in your life.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Me and Him

Peace be upon..

Love is something pure that born from our soul.Never break it in a wrong way.Safe it before it getting worse.

First of all..Alhamdulillah,i'm really grateful.Thank you Allah.Today i'm still have a chance to live. Lot of things to write here. But i need to share everything in a proper way. Take time to write all the memories that stick in my life after all. So,as i wrote the title. Me and Him. Yeah, i admit it. My relationship just broke as i mention before this. All the reason just because misunderstanding..Omgee!!!..haha..wasting time to cry and thinking all the weird things and keep all the awkward moment. Maybe you have an experience like this. I can't say all those things in a short words. What can i say aa??? When remember back,i just can't stop laughing for the whole day.

Thank you Allah..i know is not easy to forget your beloved men.After 5 years spending time with him. Either bitter and sweet,both of us go through all the things together. I can say it,emm"complements one to another"than having the bad and the good things but we face all the reality. Sometimes, we need a time to put all the weird thing become something worth in your life and make everything become prosperous. Now, me and him tied back together. After discuss all that happen before, we know not all circumstances just now still the same as last. As day goes by day, year by year..feeling between us never changed but circumstances drive us and what we need is mutual understanding. Insyaallah, everything will be okay. One more thing i said to him. Please,never put hope on anything but ALLAH. Alhamdulillah,everything settle. When two hearts and souls become one, it's unbreakable. Okay,dear all bloggers.Let's pray together for our happiness. May god make all the things easier for us. Ameen...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Just want to be friend

Live without couple,i mean someone that love you and you love her/him too something awkward. When you hang out to the mall. Wow,so many couple that spend their time together,while you walking alone and looking around. For me, i don't care at all. I just enjoy my life . I admit it, many guys come into my life and want to know me. But i just can't treat them more than a friend. I need time. My heart still yet ready to love someone. Now, i've no time to have a boyfriend because the whole of my time just for me and my family. Maybe one day i'll decide to have someone special but not now.

I'm sorry dear readers..if everything i wrote here really annoying. Just ignore it yeah..haha..okay,that's all i want to write. I just want to be friend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice Date

Peace be upon to you all readers and viewers 

something that you love most..keep and knotted  it neatly.Makesure it will bring  a sweetest memory in your life.
First of all, i want to greet Happy wednesday. When we look at the calendar.OMG... Wow!! very nice date. I know most of you think about something to be keep as memory on this date. 12.12.12. ..Chingg..kaa..chingg.. Hahaaa..Save the date yeah. Today i have appointment with ENT specialist under Doctor Yong. Last month i have very big problem with my ear. Fortunately,after having treatment everything get well. Alhamdulillah. I'm really grateful to Allah s.w.t . So, today the specialist check again my ear condition. Really good news to me. 100 % in remission and i'd make sound test for both of my ear. Everything is normal. No more problem. I'm really happy and grateful with all of this.

My plan for tomorrow. Hang out with a bunch of friends. They all are my bestie forever. I love them. We treat to one another as a sibling. How sweet and cheerful when spending my time around them. Just can't wait it. All of them will going back to their hometown and i don't know if after this we will having time to spend together. They all have finish their life as a student nurse and only a couple of month all of them officially become a staff nurse and working with government. Alhamdullillah...i'm happy with their successful. So,what about me..Am i jealous with them?? Yeah, i admit it..just a little bit..ngueekkk..hahaa..But, i never feel despair. I know Allah already plan what the best for me. I need to be more patient.

No matter what has happened to me. All of this never bring me down . I never loss of my life and break my enthusiasm to move ahead. Surely, not at all. I love my life and myself. I'll make sure all my plan are neat and will be determine by Allah s.w.t . Never to put hope on anything but Allah. InshaaAllah..everything will be better than alright. Okay,i'm stop here..see you tomorrow again. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Life without Him

Hello everyone..
Peace Be upon you..

It's been a while i'm leaving my blog without update it with any entry. So, today i'm coming again spending my time to write a new entry. Yeah, my second entry in the month of december. When read my title. everyone start inquiring. What has happened? I know all of us have someone that we love. I mean you fall in love and proposed to going steady as boyfriend or gilfriend. Before officially as husband and wife. Everything i write here just for sharing not all thing just a little and it's all about my feeling. After 4 years i'd spend my time with a man. A man that so incredible for me. At the end, everything was over. Maybe 4 years that we go through together just for learn and teach me about love and life. 
I'm never despair with everything happen

Life must be go on. I have something important than other.It's my life and myself.

My life without him really make me feel lonely. It still fresh to remember the moment with him. I love to tell him and sharing to him my problem. He's so cool and so sweet.He know to treat me and put smile on my face. He's joking. Haha.. When i remember everything i just can smile and sometimes cry. No matter what, everything was over. Now,i'm start my new life. Life without him. Something awkward and weird. But i need to confront all this thing. Everything happen between me and him maybe for a reason. Only god know what the best for both of us. Love someone is not necessarily to be yours. I learn everything from my relationship with him. I just pray for his happiness. Hopefully, he's happy with his new girlfriend. 

So, what happen to me?? what i do for the next.. Yeah, at first all of this is something that so hurt. Alhamdulillah, i can accept all of this sincerely from my heart. I didn't hate him. I realize something that open my eyes and heart. Life has teach me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Thank you Allah. I know you don't give me what i want,but you replace it with all i need. Now, i'm just focus to think about my future. Love will come anytime. Just wait for it.. In shaa Allah...=)

Monday, December 10, 2012

All I have

Hello readers and viewers..

How are you there? May you all having a blessed and good day to live. Hiatus from blogging really make me miss everything that happen among all bloggers. I'm sorry because i can't keep in touch with you all. Now,we are in the month of December. Count down the day to celebrate Christmas for those christian and celebrate new year for all of us. So,this is my first entry in december. Hopefully, for the next time i can more active again to update my blog. Many incident that come into my life in this year. I can't elaborate all my feeling into words. Year 2012 bring a lots of memories to keep. I can say all the moment i have more bitter than sweet. Even though it bitter, but all make my life. I'm grateful, syukur Alhamdulillah..everything that happen to me..even hard..until now, Allah s.w.t still give me a chance to breath and have my life. Everything happen for a reason.
i take this photo by myself..during at Tanjung Aru Beach..thank you Allah create all of this for us.

I never feel despair with all i have even it somewhat tough. All the challenges, obviously make me so strong. Thank you Allah s.w.t . I believe the greatest of Allah s.w.t  most merciful and most gracious. Now, i'm start my new life. Hopefully, after this i can continue my study. I will do the best of me. Plus, the most important thing that i want is I'm seeking something that can build my reputation not just to human but to Allah s.w.t.
My life, family and things all are only temporary. All i have is belong to Allah s.w.t . Anytime if Allah want it back. It would happen. So, i never overbearing all of this. I'm just grateful and appreciate everything.
I'm start everything with a great enthusiasm. All i need is your love., i stop writing here. we see again for the next entry. God willing, i'll active again in blogging after this. Too many things to share with you all. Ok dear all bloggers..keep blogging. I'll visit and read your story then. See you again..bye..=)