Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice Date

Peace be upon to you all readers and viewers 

something that you love most..keep and knotted  it neatly.Makesure it will bring  a sweetest memory in your life.
First of all, i want to greet Happy wednesday. When we look at the calendar.OMG... Wow!! very nice date. I know most of you think about something to be keep as memory on this date. 12.12.12. ..Chingg..kaa..chingg.. Hahaaa..Save the date yeah. Today i have appointment with ENT specialist under Doctor Yong. Last month i have very big problem with my ear. Fortunately,after having treatment everything get well. Alhamdulillah. I'm really grateful to Allah s.w.t . So, today the specialist check again my ear condition. Really good news to me. 100 % in remission and i'd make sound test for both of my ear. Everything is normal. No more problem. I'm really happy and grateful with all of this.

My plan for tomorrow. Hang out with a bunch of friends. They all are my bestie forever. I love them. We treat to one another as a sibling. How sweet and cheerful when spending my time around them. Just can't wait it. All of them will going back to their hometown and i don't know if after this we will having time to spend together. They all have finish their life as a student nurse and only a couple of month all of them officially become a staff nurse and working with government. Alhamdullillah...i'm happy with their successful. So,what about me..Am i jealous with them?? Yeah, i admit it..just a little bit..ngueekkk..hahaa..But, i never feel despair. I know Allah already plan what the best for me. I need to be more patient.

No matter what has happened to me. All of this never bring me down . I never loss of my life and break my enthusiasm to move ahead. Surely, not at all. I love my life and myself. I'll make sure all my plan are neat and will be determine by Allah s.w.t . Never to put hope on anything but Allah. InshaaAllah..everything will be better than alright. Okay,i'm stop here..see you tomorrow again. 

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✿A I N A A✿ said...

semoga enjoy ye esok sis... seronoknya nak hangout, teringin tau nk jumpa sis.. huhuhu