Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Me and Him

Peace be upon..

Love is something pure that born from our soul.Never break it in a wrong way.Safe it before it getting worse.

First of all..Alhamdulillah,i'm really grateful.Thank you Allah.Today i'm still have a chance to live. Lot of things to write here. But i need to share everything in a proper way. Take time to write all the memories that stick in my life after all. So,as i wrote the title. Me and Him. Yeah, i admit it. My relationship just broke as i mention before this. All the reason just because misunderstanding..Omgee!!!..haha..wasting time to cry and thinking all the weird things and keep all the awkward moment. Maybe you have an experience like this. I can't say all those things in a short words. What can i say aa??? When remember back,i just can't stop laughing for the whole day.

Thank you Allah..i know is not easy to forget your beloved men.After 5 years spending time with him. Either bitter and sweet,both of us go through all the things together. I can say it,emm"complements one to another"than having the bad and the good things but we face all the reality. Sometimes, we need a time to put all the weird thing become something worth in your life and make everything become prosperous. Now, me and him tied back together. After discuss all that happen before, we know not all circumstances just now still the same as last. As day goes by day, year by year..feeling between us never changed but circumstances drive us and what we need is mutual understanding. Insyaallah, everything will be okay. One more thing i said to him. Please,never put hope on anything but ALLAH. Alhamdulillah,everything settle. When two hearts and souls become one, it's unbreakable. Okay,dear all bloggers.Let's pray together for our happiness. May god make all the things easier for us. Ameen...


✿A I N A A✿ said...

maybe dia memang jodoh sis... ya Allah, sweetnya perancangan hidup yg Allah berikan kepada sis... serius, ena betul2 respect dengan kehidupan sis... sgt tabah!

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

ameen...harap2 mcm tue la dear..hehe..masing2 kta ada ujian kan dear..kena kuat semangat je utk mlalui semua tue..y penting kena banyakkan bersabar..insyaallah...ada kemanisan di sebalik semua tu..=)