Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mama's Birthday Celebration

Hello everyone..peace be upon you..
Wow,one day to go we all will step into a new year. I just can't wait the new year eve. Okay, i know you all have a great planning to celebrate it right..hehe..enjoy it yaa..Oh ya..back to the title..Alhamdulillah, on 28th December is a big day for my mum. So, me and my siblings had this impromtu birthday celebration for my mum. One day before my mum birthday, i'm thinking for the whole day. What i want to give to my mum as her birthday gift. Everyone of my siblings has prepared their own present. Firstly, we had planned with my dad to buy her a birthday cake. Then, i need to change it. I'd told my dad, better i bake the cake by myself as i don't have any stuff to be give as my mum birtday present. Hahaa..So,Alhamdulillah..i make it.

Even it small and so's my handmade for my beloved you mum *hugs and kiss *

on that night, my dad didn't join us because he's working. But he not forget to leave his birthday gift for my mum before go to work. My mum birthday celebration so simple but really meaningful to be reminiscence. okay guys, just all i want to write. It's a short entry right. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Vacation

Finally, we made it. Yeah,family vacation is something great i ever had. After too many things and i guess all are hectic so we successfully had this impromptu family vacation from Tuaran to Lawas. I can say that's the thing from Sabah to Sarawak. We convoy to go there with my dad. FYI, this is my first time drive a car in a long journey. At first, a little bit frightened. you all know there's a lot of cars and lorries in addition december is a holiday season. So, many people go back to hometown and so on. Alhamdulillah, i'm okay along our journey. I got my confidence in driving after all. Haha..Actually,i'm still new in driving and i just only got P license two months ago. Now, i'm getting used manual car than Auto car. 
credit to my sister. Snap this photo from behind.

Hotel Seri Malaysia Lawas

Lawas is a nice place. I can say that place is a "KING OF FRUITS". My  family starving durian there..Haha..Oh yeah,i don't like to eat durian. I don't know why. That's the weird thing i need to admit about me. Hukhuk..At there, we stayed at Hotel Seri Malaysia. I love their amenities there. Comfortable and  affordable. They compelling promotion due to christmas day. Only two days per night we got there. 
so,comfortable to sleep.

Pandalela in the making..haha..she found her own direction and carefreely swam around!

A day before we go home, my siblings spending their time swimming at the hotel's pool. I don't swim because traumatic. water enter into my ear. Then i got infection. Hoho..i don't want got it again. So, i just snap their picture. At 1.00 pm,we check out from the hotel and go home. Before go back to KK we stop at Sepitang for lunch. Alhamdullillah,we arrived at Home at 7.00 pm. Fortunately, no obstacles during our journey. The best thing is i got experience and confidence driving for a long journey. When i drive at KK, no more doubts. Just all i want to share. Not all things i want to write here. Maybe this entry will become a novel if i write all the things here. Haha..okay guys..just all.

It's me. Hoho..look so tired..not ready in front of camera..tired driving..lollz...=)

P/s Enjoy your holiday, doing something great is a sweet moment to be keep in your life.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Me and Him

Peace be upon..

Love is something pure that born from our soul.Never break it in a wrong way.Safe it before it getting worse.

First of all..Alhamdulillah,i'm really grateful.Thank you Allah.Today i'm still have a chance to live. Lot of things to write here. But i need to share everything in a proper way. Take time to write all the memories that stick in my life after all. So,as i wrote the title. Me and Him. Yeah, i admit it. My relationship just broke as i mention before this. All the reason just because misunderstanding..Omgee!!!..haha..wasting time to cry and thinking all the weird things and keep all the awkward moment. Maybe you have an experience like this. I can't say all those things in a short words. What can i say aa??? When remember back,i just can't stop laughing for the whole day.

Thank you Allah..i know is not easy to forget your beloved men.After 5 years spending time with him. Either bitter and sweet,both of us go through all the things together. I can say it,emm"complements one to another"than having the bad and the good things but we face all the reality. Sometimes, we need a time to put all the weird thing become something worth in your life and make everything become prosperous. Now, me and him tied back together. After discuss all that happen before, we know not all circumstances just now still the same as last. As day goes by day, year by year..feeling between us never changed but circumstances drive us and what we need is mutual understanding. Insyaallah, everything will be okay. One more thing i said to him. Please,never put hope on anything but ALLAH. Alhamdulillah,everything settle. When two hearts and souls become one, it's unbreakable. Okay,dear all bloggers.Let's pray together for our happiness. May god make all the things easier for us. Ameen...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Just want to be friend

Live without couple,i mean someone that love you and you love her/him too something awkward. When you hang out to the mall. Wow,so many couple that spend their time together,while you walking alone and looking around. For me, i don't care at all. I just enjoy my life . I admit it, many guys come into my life and want to know me. But i just can't treat them more than a friend. I need time. My heart still yet ready to love someone. Now, i've no time to have a boyfriend because the whole of my time just for me and my family. Maybe one day i'll decide to have someone special but not now.

I'm sorry dear readers..if everything i wrote here really annoying. Just ignore it yeah..haha..okay,that's all i want to write. I just want to be friend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice Date

Peace be upon to you all readers and viewers 

something that you love most..keep and knotted  it neatly.Makesure it will bring  a sweetest memory in your life.
First of all, i want to greet Happy wednesday. When we look at the calendar.OMG... Wow!! very nice date. I know most of you think about something to be keep as memory on this date. 12.12.12. ..Chingg..kaa..chingg.. Hahaaa..Save the date yeah. Today i have appointment with ENT specialist under Doctor Yong. Last month i have very big problem with my ear. Fortunately,after having treatment everything get well. Alhamdulillah. I'm really grateful to Allah s.w.t . So, today the specialist check again my ear condition. Really good news to me. 100 % in remission and i'd make sound test for both of my ear. Everything is normal. No more problem. I'm really happy and grateful with all of this.

My plan for tomorrow. Hang out with a bunch of friends. They all are my bestie forever. I love them. We treat to one another as a sibling. How sweet and cheerful when spending my time around them. Just can't wait it. All of them will going back to their hometown and i don't know if after this we will having time to spend together. They all have finish their life as a student nurse and only a couple of month all of them officially become a staff nurse and working with government. Alhamdullillah...i'm happy with their successful. So,what about me..Am i jealous with them?? Yeah, i admit it..just a little bit..ngueekkk..hahaa..But, i never feel despair. I know Allah already plan what the best for me. I need to be more patient.

No matter what has happened to me. All of this never bring me down . I never loss of my life and break my enthusiasm to move ahead. Surely, not at all. I love my life and myself. I'll make sure all my plan are neat and will be determine by Allah s.w.t . Never to put hope on anything but Allah. InshaaAllah..everything will be better than alright. Okay,i'm stop here..see you tomorrow again. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Life without Him

Hello everyone..
Peace Be upon you..

It's been a while i'm leaving my blog without update it with any entry. So, today i'm coming again spending my time to write a new entry. Yeah, my second entry in the month of december. When read my title. everyone start inquiring. What has happened? I know all of us have someone that we love. I mean you fall in love and proposed to going steady as boyfriend or gilfriend. Before officially as husband and wife. Everything i write here just for sharing not all thing just a little and it's all about my feeling. After 4 years i'd spend my time with a man. A man that so incredible for me. At the end, everything was over. Maybe 4 years that we go through together just for learn and teach me about love and life. 
I'm never despair with everything happen

Life must be go on. I have something important than other.It's my life and myself.

My life without him really make me feel lonely. It still fresh to remember the moment with him. I love to tell him and sharing to him my problem. He's so cool and so sweet.He know to treat me and put smile on my face. He's joking. Haha.. When i remember everything i just can smile and sometimes cry. No matter what, everything was over. Now,i'm start my new life. Life without him. Something awkward and weird. But i need to confront all this thing. Everything happen between me and him maybe for a reason. Only god know what the best for both of us. Love someone is not necessarily to be yours. I learn everything from my relationship with him. I just pray for his happiness. Hopefully, he's happy with his new girlfriend. 

So, what happen to me?? what i do for the next.. Yeah, at first all of this is something that so hurt. Alhamdulillah, i can accept all of this sincerely from my heart. I didn't hate him. I realize something that open my eyes and heart. Life has teach me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Thank you Allah. I know you don't give me what i want,but you replace it with all i need. Now, i'm just focus to think about my future. Love will come anytime. Just wait for it.. In shaa Allah...=)

Monday, December 10, 2012

All I have

Hello readers and viewers..

How are you there? May you all having a blessed and good day to live. Hiatus from blogging really make me miss everything that happen among all bloggers. I'm sorry because i can't keep in touch with you all. Now,we are in the month of December. Count down the day to celebrate Christmas for those christian and celebrate new year for all of us. So,this is my first entry in december. Hopefully, for the next time i can more active again to update my blog. Many incident that come into my life in this year. I can't elaborate all my feeling into words. Year 2012 bring a lots of memories to keep. I can say all the moment i have more bitter than sweet. Even though it bitter, but all make my life. I'm grateful, syukur Alhamdulillah..everything that happen to me..even hard..until now, Allah s.w.t still give me a chance to breath and have my life. Everything happen for a reason.
i take this photo by myself..during at Tanjung Aru Beach..thank you Allah create all of this for us.

I never feel despair with all i have even it somewhat tough. All the challenges, obviously make me so strong. Thank you Allah s.w.t . I believe the greatest of Allah s.w.t  most merciful and most gracious. Now, i'm start my new life. Hopefully, after this i can continue my study. I will do the best of me. Plus, the most important thing that i want is I'm seeking something that can build my reputation not just to human but to Allah s.w.t.
My life, family and things all are only temporary. All i have is belong to Allah s.w.t . Anytime if Allah want it back. It would happen. So, i never overbearing all of this. I'm just grateful and appreciate everything.
I'm start everything with a great enthusiasm. All i need is your love., i stop writing here. we see again for the next entry. God willing, i'll active again in blogging after this. Too many things to share with you all. Ok dear all bloggers..keep blogging. I'll visit and read your story then. See you again..bye..=)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Everything change

Oh long yaa?My site empty.I miss my blog.So,long i leave it without any entry.As you all know,i've mention about my condition.It's hard to explain my thought and feeling into words.All i have teach me to be strong.Thank you Allah.Everything that happen to me,i never feel despair to confront it. I never feel sad because i believe that Allah s.w.t always with me.

Day to day,i learn something new in my life.It build my soul. Happiness, pain, tears. I feel everything. When my friend ask me "Ety,are you ok?"..i just smile to them. I Said" no worries darlings,everything will be ok"..They give me hugs. I Just smile and calm.

Currently,i'm at ward..till now. Two weeks already admit here. Under treatment and monitoring. Transplat postpone because i need to solve my problem.Insyaallah,after this. It will proceed. I extend my study in nursing course . Yeah, so many problem to solve in a short time. I know,it couldn't be. So,i just focus my treatment. Other problem, may Allah predetermine all the things for me.

Okay guys,just all from me. All the things that i've write here not a copy paste story.It's original from me. All i have been. I write here to release just a little bit of my feeling. Ok,thanks. LOVE YOU ALL...=)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

weeping can't change the death

Salam Everyone.
It's been so long i didn't sign in here.Blogging. From day to day. I'm move on and drive my life with full of blithe and feeling of patience that accompany me. Even my life filled with riddles. I never lost my mind and feel down with all the things that come ahead of me. My enthusiasm never dim and surely,it's still burn out. 

Two days ago, one of my friend in the same boat has died on 15 october 2012. I don't know what to say. I just pray and alms Surah yassin for her. May Allah bless her. Ameen. So,I share to you all. The last message i got from her before. Really touching my heart. I never stop crying. I know this is really hard for her family to face all of this reality. No matter what, with weeping can't change the death. Not at all. 

I am not ashamed to reveal the reality of my life. I am not one who likes to hide. This is to be shared to all for remembering death.I'm really speechless at first to hear this news. My tears drop suddenly. May allah bless her. Ameen. For those muslim,i hope you all alms for her surah Al-Fatihah. okay guys. Just all from me. All of this as reminds for those that still with healthy life keep it better as much as possible. I'm always remember what my dad told me. "Kematian ini sudah sesuatu yang pasti,jangan ingat orang yang kita tengok sihat seja,tiba-tiba esok lusa meninggal sudah,dan jangan di ingat pula orang yang sakit tidak panjang riwayat hidupnya". allahuallam..Now,i'm just think positive always. Proceed everything with full of patience. God willing, everything will be okay than alright. =) The important thing is never forget do the solat 5 waktu for all muslim. okay,just all dear bloggers. See you again..

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Entry

Peace Be upon you all..
I'm Ety coming again to write something here..=)

Yes!Now is Saturday. I didn't have any special planning today. Actually,we want to visit "Rumah Terbalik" at Tamparuli with my beloved man and other siblings. Since,my man have a friendly football match. So, restrain us to do so. Maybe tomorrow we will go.Now,i'm just wasting my time in front of my lappy while eating homemade donut and have a cup of milky tea. I'm really bored. Then,watch korean drama can dispel the feeling of boredom. I have many collection of movie and drama korean,english,chinese,taiwan and philipine.Haha..I got it since i'm study at the college. Keep all of it in my hard disk and some burn it on disc.

Yeah,today i didn't interested  to read my book. Just watching movie can relax my mind. I need to rest my body and my mind. Can't do heavy work. I'm really miss to join my other friend. Working at the Hospital,treat patient. Writing case note. Serve medication. Omgee,my condition just now restrain me join all of them. Hopefully,everything will be back to normal. After undergo all of my treatment. I need to be strong enough to confront all the things. I know,i can do it. With the help of god. God Willing. I will okay soon. 
I can and I will. I'm a great worth. He(God) has a plan for me. I know who I am. So,Let it strengthen me.

okay,i'm finished here.See you again.Dadaaa..

Friday, October 5, 2012

No matter what this is I am

Yeah,today is friday. We all have been in the weekend. So,how's your plan? Hopefully,you all enjoy it. While,I have nothing to do in this evening that make me feel so calm. I love weekend because this is the perfect time to calm my mind. Time goes as day goes by day. Leaving us while we in the bustle of. Till we realize, now we are at the end of a year 2012. Even two months to go. We never feel how's the time flies so fast while us having hectic time.Surely, this year leaving me something different that i never had before and i didn't expect it should be like this. What ever happen, i never leave the one. Our god (Allah S.w.T ). 

"I Love Myself_MyLife_The Way I am"
I never give up and still standing on my feet, drive my life with full of passion to attain all my wishes regardless of whatsoever challenges. Positive thinking and always believe in myself that I could confront all the troubles with self-confidence. God Willing, everything always okay. =)

So,dear all blogger. We must be confident, struggle to be the best in whatsoever things. I love the way I am and always be the best of me.Okay, just all i want to write. Something from inside.True deeply from my heart.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Something different

Hello my dear bloggers..=)

After a couple of weeks i've been hiatus from writing something here. Newly,i have time to log in my site because I'm really busy with my activities lately. Yeah,We are now in the month of October.So,welcome Miss October. Hopefully,for this Month giving something that so excitement and wish a good luck to our lives. Go ahead, never stop and struggle with great efforts to attain breakthrough in everything. God willing .

Now i'm counting the day. Awaiting something that make me feeling of pounding. I don't want to mention what the thing is. I need the support and pray for the calmness from you all dear bloggers. May god bless you all always.Ameen.I'm really grateful with everything ahead of me. I never feel despair with everything that has happen towards my life even it bitter so. I just accept it and think positive. This year totally create something different of way in my life. I don't know how to explain it in a word. I'm the only one that feel it and go through all the things in my life. I drive my life straight to the way. I've plan it, how i get my goal. But the god already predetermine everything for a reason. I'm always ready with what would be happen after this and soon.

Okay,just a short entry for me. No idea what to write actually. So,the ending is here.Haha..See you again..Goodnite dear all friends..=)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bisnes yang tak berlesen?!!

Hello everyone..
Seems like weekend is awesome.Hehe..Kemarin entry yang suka2 jew.Ini hari saya nak tulis entry yang lagiii suka,amacam.Bestkan hujung minggu ney,sangat sesuai untuk mengecas mata-mata anda yang begitu penat di awal minggu dengan kerjanya,study dan dan..lain-lain yang sewaktu dengannya.Saya macam biasalah menghabiskan minyak kereta bapa.Kesana kemari drive.Vroooom...Hihi..So,no wonderlah going somewhere till the tank empty.Ngeee.Kesian my dad.Sorry ye pak.Nanti saya kerja,insyaallah,ganti aa.Yelah tue..hihi..My dad orangnya memang tak berkira.

 Haa,merapuh dah saya ni.Luar dari tajuk dah.Asyik pit pot jew.Jari jemariku ini kemain laju taip keyboard ni.Okaylah..apa bende ney Bisnes yang tak berlesen?!!Wuhhh,salah kew..Memanglah salah kalau korang menjalankan bisnes yang officially besar-besaran.Buka kedailah,warunglah,gerai and so on.Tapi kalau setakat bisnes kecil-kecilan,takdalah masalah.I mean bisnes yang korang buat dari rumah.Then,bawa kat luar.Di jual ikut order jew.Hehe.Saya macam tuelah.Bisnes apa tue??..Haha..Kan entry saya yang lalu cakap tengah hangat bisnes cupcake.Itulah tue..Benda yang gua nak habaq.alhamdullillah,income masuk jew.Average demand tu moderate jelah.Buat setakat yang mampu.

Entry kali ni saya nak share ngan korang.My cupcake in the making.Before dijual kepada pengemar-pengemarnya.Biasanya jenis cupcake yang saya jual ada 3 flavor jew.Tak laratlah nak buat banyak-banyak flavor.Okay,macam biasalah mesti ada butter cupcake,chocolate moist cupcake and red velvet cupcake.

Pix kat atas tue time in the making of my cupcakelah.Dari cair sampailah dia kembang macam cik siti wan kembang.Hehe..Gambar kat atas masa masak chocolate moist cupcake.Oven tue kemain panas lagi.Pernah jugalah sekali dua membakar tangan.Hehe..

Taraaaa..dah masak.Hihi.Jemput makan.satu jew tau.Yang len nak jual.Amaran tuk orang2 rumah.kekejaman yang amat.Kesian dorangkan.Haha

Gambar tok kamik ambil time bapa dok makan kapkek dengan kopi panasnya yang kaw kaw.Haha..Bahasa sarawaklah pulak.Anyway,satu Malaysiakan.Tekejut benar my dad,bila saya sorong kamera depan kek dia.Haha..Nakalnyalah anak dara dia ney..ngee..

Aahhh..Fasa neyla yang paling best sekali.Saya eksaited sekali nak buat.Huhu.Decorating cupcake.Dengan icing pink gebu tue.Ya Allah kemain best lagi.Sampai tak perasan dah adik saya dok snap candidla kenen.Hehe..Decor~Decor sampai semua habis,baru letak love,star and rice choco kat atas tue.Best taw..mcm men game cake mania tue..hihi

Ney,dah siap packing dah.Untuk dijual.Murah jew.Takdalah mahal sangat.Sesuai dengan bahan-bahan yang digunakan.Simple jew.Takdalah first class punya.Taraf ekonomi jew kalau uols nak taw.Ngee...Boleh beli sebijik-sebijik Rm2 per cup.Nak beli 1 pack tue only Rm5.00.Boleh mixed flavor.Selalu saya pack ikut order orang dah.ada yang nak coklat semua.ada nak mixed.Dependlah eyk.Huuhhh,walaupun penat.Lumayan juga.At least,income dapat 3 kali ganda dari modal you all.Percaya ke tak???!!!Haaahhh,kalau tak caya cubalah.Baru anda tahu.

Haha,simple jew kan readers.Takdalah susah sangat.Yang penting hati kena kuat.Semangat nak berbisnes ney.Walaupun takda lesen.Tak masalah.Hihi..Janji korang kena bersih kendalikan jualan anda.Lebih2 lagi bila jual2 makanan ney.Takut ada customer yang food poisoning.Bahayaa tueee..So,beware.Becarefull,be clean.Haha..Semualah yang baik-baik.Time buat tue kek,janganlah takda ucap kali Allah.Buat atas nama allah.Semoga rezeki kita,dilipat gandakan lagi.Plus,diberkati oleh Allah s.w.t

P/S sesiapa yang berminat nak order kek and beli boleh la datang kat rumah saya.Hihi..3 flavor jew taw...=)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What have happen just now.

Salam.Every bloggers
Hari ini macam cepat seja masa berlalukan. Saya baru jew berbuka puasa.Alhamdullillah,kenyang juga.After this, nak sambung pula buat cupcake. Well,i have nothing to do for this time,So saya berbisnes kecil-kecillan menjual cupcake chocolate moist ni.Hehe..Siapa yang berminat untuk membelinya.Silalah datang ke rumah.Haha.. Alhamdullillah,jualan setakat ni,berjalan lancar juga.Semakin hari permintaan tu meningkat.Haha..bukan nak menunjuk-nunjuk.Tapi syukurlahkan.korang pun kalau nak boleh buat.Yang penting minat tu mesti ada.Betulkan...=)

Actually,saya takda story yang menarik untuk ditulis dalam blog ni.Haha..So,entry kali ni,takdalah panjang lebar.Ayat pun berjela-jela.Bosan juga korang nak bacakan.Huhu..Anyway,asal adalah bah kan. Lagi pun di penghujung bulan suda. So,Wake me up,when september ends. Eh..mcm penah dengar kew ayat nii..Haha..pinjam lirik lagu.ngeee..oklah dearies..kita jumpa lagi next entry eyk.Mata ngantuk sebenarnya,tapi demi bisnes cupcake ku itu.Hihi..korbankanlah masa tidur weiii..ok..babaiii..=)

P/s Photo diatas not related to this entry title.So,just ignore it.Haha..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


How are you there??Omgee,What happen to my blog.Fill zero without any updated entry.I'm busy.Hello!!!Everytime i write entry,mesti bagi alasan busy lah..haha..Honestly,malas bah.=) Well,my life just now,having a big challenge for me to handle. If you were me, i'm not sure either you all can handle it or not. Anyway,must be strong maa. Jangan putus berdoa dan solat 5 waktu. Insyaallah,Allah berikan kita kekuatan.Ameen..

I have a great news,I'm so gratefull.Finally,i'm done with my JPJ test.Yeah,lulus dengan cemerlangnya.Even this is ulanganlah katakan.Dulu gagal bukit.So,Apalagi..Tepuk tangan sambil Gelak kuat~Kuat...ngeeee..
Thanks to abg JPJ..senang jer nak lulus..make your flirty face..Awww..gatalnya Comelnya..haha..Just kidding bebeh..Yang penting yakinlah (time tu saya gugup juga sebenarnya).

At least boleh la driving lepas ney.My BFF paling happy dengar berita ni.I knowlah,kitorangkan kaki lepak(Budak baik juga),outing sana-sini.Perkara yang paling kami gila bersama bila makan dan ber cam-whoring.Kalau duduk kat kedai tu.Ya Allah,macam kedai mak bapa kitorang dah.hahaha...Oh yaa..kenapa entry kali ni dah campur aduk bahasa..ngeee..Oklah camni kan.My english pun takdelah best sangat. Cukuplah tersangkut bahasa english kat entry ni.Asal readers boleh faham apa yang saya cuba sampaikan.

I'm not a serious story teller..ada gila-gilanya juga.Aduh,entahla bila nak menunujukkan sifat-sifat kewanitaan ni.(Guys alert with this).Ngeee.Sebab tu saya kalau berkawan memang tak masuk dengan orang yang serius giler. Suka jugaklah,but sometimes. Saya kuat bergurau,takut nak kawan dengan orang yang serious. Nanti ada pulak orang yang terambil hati. Bila kita kata sorry eyk,jangan ambil hati. Dijawabnya "okay,takdelah".Dalam diam dia makan hati.Hehehe..So,sorry eyk to all bloggers kalau saya pernah singgah blog anda leave comment yang menyakitkan hati.Tapi rasanya takdelah setakat ney.Betul kan...hihi..

Okay dear readers.Sampai disini jelah luahan hati yang amat bosan untuk dibaca.Anyway,writer dia memang camni.Sabar jelah ya..=)See you next entry.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm Okay Bah!!

Hello darlings...
How are you there??

so ,long i've been hiatus from blogging. I've too many things that should be completed. Never mind, i still catch up and stalked your blog even i'm not leave any comment. Hehe...Keep blogging everyone. Oh yeah,How's your raya celebration ? I know it was full blast . This year, i've celebrated the raya day at my hometown( sandakan). I'm really  enjoy the moment with my big family there. The exciting thing i have with them, we all having convoi from sandakan - Kunak- Tawau- Semporna. Yeah, after a few months i never having any outdoor activity. Finally, i'm really free to have it.

So,welcome Mr.September. Now,we are in this month. Hopefully everything will give something different after all that i've been through. This month, is a time for me to get rest and relax my mind from everything. Then,enjoy my day as usual. The priority to me is think positive with what i have now. Certainly,my relationship with god never stop to get a blessing from him ( Allah S.w.t). Insyaallah, with the god permission everything will be okay and one day it would be. I'm so grateful, till today i'm still with my beloved family and friend that always giving me a passion and never stop praying for my happiness. For all bloggers that always come up here and leave an overwhelming comment thanks so much. May god bless u all..Ameen.

What i have now, i need to attend so many appointment with the specialists. As the preparation before i'm having the transplant next month. On 18th september i'll have a JPJ test for my driving license. Pray for me yaa blogger..hehe..

Okay,thas all from me.See you again if i'm free to do the blogwalking session.Enjoy your day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just A short entry

Hello darlings..,long i leave my blog yeah..I'm so excited counting the day for Hari Raya celebration. I just can't wait it. I'm having hectic time for raya preparation.The making of Kueh Raya and clean our house then so on.   Make me rarely to log in here. 

But you know what, i've join another application thats make me active everyday to share all my photo collection. Yeah, INSTAGRAM application made my day everyday.Hehe..For those active in this application don't forget to follow me and for sure i'll hit you all back. My account is Etysalbiah_711.
To all bloggers just update your entry everyday i always follow up and keep reading your blog.Okay, enjoy your day. See you all again in my next entry. Insyaallah, may you have full blast day. Ameen...=) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My days lately so exciting

One week i'd spend my time with my family. I couldn't say how i'm really exhilarated enjoying my day with them lately.  As though i can't leave every minute of my time to release everything. Yeah, all of us so delighted in this blessing month.(Ramadhan). we all having "sahur" and "sungkai" together. I couldn't forget the moment at all. No matter what, i could say that home is heaven for us.

 Everywhere you have been of,as far from your beloved family and house(hometown) i bet you would remember and find it. For me, i didn't have nothing that so precious more than my family. So, i'm really grateful to god because still give me happiness along with them.=) Along one week i've many exciting thing to share to you all. I don't have time to create new post because i'm so busy spending the whole of my time with my beloved family.
 So,let me share to you all the great thing that make me so exciting.

Help my mum preparing food for  "sungkai"

Yeah,everyday along with my family. I'm the one that always busy at the kitchen.Hehe..I help my mum to prepare food for them. We don't want to waste money. Save as much as we can. Even i know, at the outside there's a lot of food in bazaar ramadhan. We go there but rarely.

 The photo that i stick above,is my homemade ABC. It's so easy to prepare it. Just make your own jelly and put it with your favorite color as red,green and yellow. So,it's up to you. Everything is in your hand. You could make it as much as you want. Actually, it's more better to prepare it by yourself than you buy it from bazaar because it's more satisfied. =)

My homemade cheese cake
A couple of days ago..i want to bake a cheese cake. But, our residential area having problem of water supply. Omgee, i couldn't bake my cake. Finally, yesterday i've done with it.Hehe. Cheese cake is my favorite desert. If we get it from bazaar, oh gosh! if i'm not mistake they sell it with a price of Rm3.50 cent a slice. No!No!No!..I think is better if i bake it.So, i'm going to Putatan and bought all the ingredients at the "Bake with me" Shop.I discover something there.If you all interested in baking,there's a lot of thing that supply for bakers. I think i would go there again. oh yeah, next entry i'll share to you all how to bake this cheese cake so you can try it. =)

I've got my new book to read
Last weekend my family and i had went to centre point. Yeah, when i got there.Huhu, i never let go to visit the popular bookstore and bought some book. =) Finally, i have spend my money to buy two books. One i've is The book of the dead written by Douglas Preston & Lincoln child and another one is The Winter Ghosts written by Kate Mosse. Certainly, i would read this book during i'm admitted at the ward while having chemo. Hehe..=)

My new android tablet phone

I don't know how could i ever be someone that wasting money. Never mind. Only once. Hahaha..I just want to try something new. Well, day to day there's a lot of modern gadget right. I just want to try how advanced it's function. So, far i'm using my new android tablet.Yeah, i admit it. There's a lot of improvement from phone to tablet phone. From Nokia to samsung,then try this android tablet.Hehe. I'm satisfied with this new one. I can do many things with it and it so easy for me.=)

Emmm,What else yaa..i think thats all of my sharing.Tomorrow,i'll readmit back to ward for my last chemo. I hope all of you pray for me yaa. May god bless all of you then. Ameen..Selamat berbuka Puasa..=)

P/s See you again..mmmwuaahh..=D

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Life With Cancer #2

Hello readers and viewers..
Today,it's already 4 days in ramadhan we were have been. I know most of us feel exhausted. It's our obligation to fasting. Never mind, because Allah will give us a great rewards then. Insyaallah..
I took this time to share my experience in getting treatment for my leukemic cancer. My first entry about my life with cancer #1, it's all about the first time i'm diagnosed with the AML. I'm sharing to you all my feeling about it and how i accept this circumstances. I admit it, sometimes, i'm feel give up and feel hopeless at all. But, when i look the patient that having the same disease as me while even hard than me, they all so strong to have it. Then, I realized it.No matter hard, till today i'm strong enough to confront it.

As the doctor and pharmacist discuss about my treatment,then they decided that i need to undergo 4 cycle of chemotherapy.
Credit to Mr.Google

Chemo #1st cycle
It's start on 5th April till 11th April 2012.
7 days to complete first cycle.I'd been sick a few times, tired, and not really eating much at times.These first session so exhausting, as I'm receives "hydration" fluids to flush my kidneys to help prevent the chemotherapy drugs damaging them. This means i'm pees every 1-2 hours. This circumstances restrain me to move and continue my daily activity as usual. The only thing i could do, lying down and sleep all day. The worst thing i hate is Vomit. 

Post Chemo #1st cycle
During the chemotherapy,there is nothing for me. But, after i'd completed it. All the thing become worst. My blood drop. My Platelet drop(platelet funtion well to avoid bleeding), So they tranfuse me and i took an allergic reaction to them. That was quit scary. While, my HB also getting low in range,so they tranfuse me 1 pint of packed cell. Fortunately,i didn't get any reaction. As long my blood didn't get into it's normal point, i'd received many times tranfuse.  The other thing is, i'd lose my hair. This a complication of chemo.

After a month i'm admitted at the ward.Finally,they agree to discharge me from the ward.Just for awhile. Then,come again to have a Bone Marrow aspiration (BMA) for the second time,before start the second chemotheraphy. BMA can determine the dose for the next chemotheraphy.So, my chemotherapy depend on my Bone Marrow Aspiration result.

Thats all from me. Next i'll continue again the rest of my story. So,keep blogging and read my entry. Thanks for the comment from you all. You all give me support to confront all of this. Thank you so much.=)


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Simply Sharing some quotes

Hii dear all readers and viewers..
Happy Sunday to you all.I'm sorry i can't write a long entry here.Just because i'm post this entry through an application Blog for Mobile.So,i make it simple.Currently,i'm at Likas Plaza Central. I'm enjoying the rest of my time with my beloved family. After a long period i'm admitted at the ward. Finally, this is a great time for me to spend it with them. Everything here so exciting. That's all from me. So,I'm sharing to you all a simply quotes that i love too.

Happiness keeps you sweet
Trials make you strong
Sorrows keep you human
 Failure keeps you humble
 Success makes you eager and prayer keeps you going

Leave something for "GOD" but never leave "GOD" for something, because in life, something will leave you.. but "GOD" will ALWAYS be there for you

The most valuable places to be in the world~ are in someone's THOUGHTS, in someone's PRAYERS and in someone's HEART~

Friday, July 20, 2012

My life with Cancer #1

Hello everyone..
To all muslim,tomorrow will be the beginning of Ramadhan.I want to say to you all"Selamat Berpuasa".So,Tonight,terawih will beginning. Let all of us going to mosque. Pray together (Solat Jemaah).

It's been so long,i keep silent without creating any post. It's been hiatus just not by my hectic time. I didn't have hectic time at all. All my hectic time has been hiatus because i need to get treatment. I need to extend my study.Then,just focus on my treatment.

My story Begin...

When you all read the title.Yeah,I admit it and reveal all the reality in my life. As long as i live,everything was perfect Until March 2012. I'm having a great life and my social life was exciting,but,suddenly everything changed.I've spent the following 6 weeks  in severe pain and going through test after test, each of which was inconclusive. Then,at ANE(Hospital Queen Elizabeth) the doctor find out that my white blood cell was in high range.The platelet count and my ANC in lowest range. It's abnormal. So,they decided to detain me for the further investigation. You know what? I'm so panic and worried. I didn't stop wondering.why and what..will be. At the moment, the only thing i could do, just praying.

Finally,on 1st April,I received the devastating news that cancerous cells had been found in my bone marrow and the task was to now determine the type and source of that cancer.On 2nd April,it was finally confirmed that i'm having Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Suddenly,my tears running through my eyes. I just can't trust all the reality. My family had informed by the doctor. Mum and dad just calm but i can see through their eyes, keep a tinge of sadness in their heart. 

The pharmacist,had arranged my dose for chemotheraphy. The doctor said, i need to undergo 4 cycle of chemotherapy to treat the cancer. Along 1 weeks, all the blood test had been done. 

Ok dear readers and viewers, i hope you all think positive with this sharing. I know, there a lot of people that having a same case like me. I know, it's not a easy thing to deal with. By the way, only with the patience and praying. Make me strong.

P/s Thats all for today. Next,i'll continue the rest of my story. Insyallah,i'll update my blog day to day. Thanls for reading my story. I don't want money from you all, i just want you all pray for me and the rest of people at the outside that having cancer in their life. =)


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Of Instinct

Hello everyone..
As long we live in this world,everyone of us born with the pure instinct. Just maybe it suppose to be possible or impossible.No matter where we come from , we have so. Sometimes,it could be or it wouldn't ever be.But mostly it would be. So,i'm share a quotes of instinct.That i love so.

"And so you touch this limit,
 something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further.
 With your mind power,
 your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, 
you can fly very high."

I realized it's much pretty more all about instinct,surely we have to do what's right for us. Everyone has an opinion, but it was all about what you do or don't do. For me, that's natural. The instinct to score comes naturally and if you have it, you've got to go to it. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I realize something between us

After a couple of year i'm stick with him. I'd never feel despair to love him from day to day even till the end of my life. Since i'm in this circumstances,i realized something. As though we never having love affair to each other. Just like we live in our own territory. I don't know what the trial is. I'm  only could  wondering without the right answers. To think about this,it would suck my life. I don't want to inquire him more and more to give the answers. He just  simply answering me " I'm really busy". kinda defensively.

Yeah,no matter what happen,i didn't care anymore. I need to think myself before other. Isn't it.? Sometimes love is happiness,but it would be insanity when you crushed then. I'd rather live lonely without him. I admit,i'm not a perfect for him,i can't be. I'm just a shortage person. So,go on. Surely,he can find a girl who's truly deeply love after me. I don't really care at all. Absolutely, I'm not for him. 

I'm stop to write here. It's hard to reveal something that so privacy here. I just can't bear it. Not at all. I 'm really sorry for this annoying story.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awakening from hiatus

Peace Be upon you all..
Hello everyone..
I'm here again, after a couple of weeks ago,i'm hiatus from blogging. When i'm log in back here,then looking to all my favorite bloglist , yeah..most of you come up with variety of story to share. surely,i'm spared to follow all the updated story from all bloggers. I'm feel sorry to everyone. Anyway,i hope you all enjoyed doing whatever you like and be pleased wherever you are.Then,don't forget me.haha..=)

So,after my condition just now? Thankfully, all is well.I've completed the third cycle of chemo which took 4 days. Despite there are complications. A couple of days ago, i've infection on my right eye. In medic,we call it conjunctivitis. This condition is a side effect of my chemo.I'm so suffered to through it.Fortunately,after met the consultant of eye, i'm fully recovered. So,the next planning is I would have bone marrow transplant. I don't know what my condition then. certainly,this transplant would be implemented at the Hospital Ampang.I could be there for a several month, probably it will 3 till 4 months at there. Omgee, it's a huge thing to me. I even don't know either this entry or next sharing will be the last from me or i'll come again afterwards. I'm only keep praying non-stop. Hopefully, may god give me a chances to live as everyone else. I'm begging for it . >.<

People always saying "Everything happen have a reason ".Yeah,it's a worthwhile quotes to beliefs.Then,I remember a song from the nasyid team (Raihan).The lyric sound is"wealthy before the poverty. Healthy before illness. Live before death. Free before narrowly."Well,Who Are We In front of Him(God).Totally,i'm helpless indeed. I'm only keep praying, listing all my plan to accomplished. By the hope,Only god. So,i'm hand it to god to predetermine my fate then.

Dear all readers..
Don't competing to another to seek perfection.
Be grateful with what you have,but not to be proud of.
Even perfection,has it downside.

No matter how hard the past, i could always begin again.Insyaallah..ameen..=)
Thus, snippet of my sincerity.I would keep reading on your blog. So,keep blogging yeah...Happy Weekend day.=)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hii readers and viewers..


Here I am again..Before i'm fall asleep..I thought it's better for me to post an entry, time has flown so fast.Tomorrow,i would readmit back to haemato ward. Perhaps this blog will be hiatus for a moment till i'm finish my third chemo. I don't know how long i'll be there.It could be a several days,a weeks or for months.As long i'm in a treatment,so i'm not here.This circumstances restrain myself to stay on blogging.

I'm pretty sure i'll miss to blogwalking, stalking your blog.Hehe.. It doesn't matter,i'll come again after everything is completed. certainly, the days in the ward is monotonous. Therefore,I'm already list all the things that i could do along i've been there. obviously, I would spending my time to read novels.After the third chemo, I'll have one more cycle to go through. Hopefully, it would run smoothly and I'm endowed the strength to confront all of these trials. I'm so grateful and trust to god because always beside us even in everywhere we are.My heart seems couldn't wait to finish all of this treatment. I hope so, everything would come back normally.I want to live as everyone else. occasionally,I'm wondering why God chose me to deal with this reality.Perhaps, the reason is God loves me as the slave on this earth if I am confident with myself and be patience with all the trials.

Dear readers, don't worry yaa.. immediately after I discharge from the ward, I would visit your blog then.Oh ya..the doodle that i attached here,i'm create this for my faithful reader..that is Dear Aina...thanks always keep reading my post..sorry if this doodle not so perfect..=)..

p/s So,to all readers keep blogging.I'll catch you later.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's Smile

Hello readest and viewers..
Wow,it's already too late to create new post. Hehe
Please Smile..before you continue read the whole of my entry..ngeeee...=)

Before i'm fall asleep..i want to take a few minutes of my share my doodle with a quotes. I'm so busy with this lately. I don't know,what kind of addiction that could bring me into it. haha.. So far,i've many collection of doodles. I thought it couldn't be, apparently it's working so well. Yups,i'm really agree with the quotes " practice makes perfect " ,even my doodles not so perfect,but i'm really satisfied with my work. I'm glad to created it. So,here we are..with my doodle that wore the shawl..

Next entry,i'll come up here with another doodle. I'm ought create it as much as I can,then share it to you all.okay,thanks so much to all of you, that always dropping by here. Tomorrow is monday,so let it begin with a blasting day.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Couple Doodle

Hello everyone..
this is a wordless entry..hehe..i create this couple doodle with love quotes. =)

Okay readers and viewers..Actually,a couple of days ago i've create many doodle..So,i'll give it to those that always stick in my blogs.thanks so much..okay,i'll leave the link of my doodle to the lucky receive my doodle..i hope you all like it..hehe..i'm sorry maybe it's not so perfect..=)

Oh yaa..this doodle is created especial for my lovely friend..hehe..yaa..good luck for you exam yaa Azeanthy ..wish all the best for,to all bloggers..pray for her final exam..may god bless her in anything..ameen..=)

okay,thats all from me..bye2..see you my next entry..=)

Friday, June 22, 2012

My First Doodles

Hello everyone..
Once again,So happy to be back here and of course here I am..=)

Doodle is the cutest art for me.It so interesting when creating a doodle in your own creativity.Currently,I've done it.I'm happy indeed.Even it take time too long..hehe..but,finally..i've created my doodles.It was fun and challenging for a beginner like me. It's not as easy as I thought..So,now i'm trying to make doodle as much as I can.I'm so maniac with this thing..Haha..I'm so glad with this long period of gap. Obviously, I actually have a list of what I'd like to do during the gap . So,i'm just let it flow.

Picture that stick below is my doodles..=)First time yaa..hehe..not so perfect..

Oh ya..i'm stop here. I want to continue my next doodle.Hehe...I know some of you,look this doodle as a weird thing..and really annoying..for those don't love it, just leave it yaa..Everyone of us,have our own interesting and have the reason why we choose it,like it or instead..For me,i'm love doodle so much.Okay guys,next entry i'm coming again with my other doodle.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seriously,i want to be more healthy

Here I am ..

When talking about health,there's a lot of healthy sources which is very useful in our daily life. For me, life couldn't give any meaning without a healthy lifestyle. Stay alive with a healthy mental and physical. Seriously, make me looking towards it. I've told you all on my last entry before this,  my health status is not in good circumstances as i'm was diagnosed have the AML disease. No need to mention again what is it, for sure i'm still under treatment. Plus i'm a neutropenic ( low immunity ) . So, i need to be more cautious.I'll make sure i'm take on a healthy nutrition, then having a healthy lifestyle.
I've take a dietary supplement from Amway Brand .The price is around Rm120++ .But,i don't care about the price, the important is i'm always stay healthy. This product namely "Double-X" . Every purchase it contain three type of vitamin ,186 tablets in 3 foil vacuum packs which is important to our body.It include of Multivitamin,Multiminerals and concentrate Tablets. 

So far , along the couple of months i'm with this product it so worthwhile for me. Before this,my blood reading always drop .  All are not in stable range. After i'm loyal to use this product,apparently everything have change. My blood count lately is in stable range. The doctor not too worry about me. Yaa..I'm feel good till now and hope so i'm will for the other day. Not just taking the supplement,but i'm do some light exercise.

So,come on guys..please concern about your health.You know why?The first wealth is health.Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.Since i get the AML disease,I've realize that from the bitterness of disease i've learns the sweetness of health.

p/s Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live..=)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I read them

How are you all readers and viewers..
I hope you all enjoy your day yaa..

I'm coming again here and writing about the novel. As i mentioned you all in my entry before,I'd read a novel written by Jessica Brody which given a title "My Life Undecided". This book was amazing! It was hilarious, understanding, but most of all extremely hilarious. A fun read, light and fluffy, but also with a simple little message which I think worked very well.I really enjoyed this book.

 I loved that this characters Brooklyn who's 15 years-old . Flawed and not sure what to do.She finds herself in a bad predicament. A result of another bad decision. Her best friend is avoiding her, her parents are disappointed in her, and she was sentenced to community service at an old folks home. Brooklyn comes to the conclusion that she is a bad decision maker and needs to put her decisions in the hands of others. She starts a blog where her readers get to make all of her decisions. Her decisions are put to a vote and majority rules. 

Her crushes, Brian and Hunter were completely different and desirable in their own ways. It was fun to watch everything play out, try to figure out what the readers would pick for her, and how she reacts to her new experiences and choices she otherwise wouldn't have made.This is a spectacular contemporary, with lots of laughs and some tender serious moments sprinkled in.Friendship, love, personal growth, responsibility and making the right choice forms a huge part of this novel.

This book surprised me in a good way. It is not something that I would have typically chosen but the synopsis of the book is what got my interest. Writing a blog, where you let people decide for you what choices you make…scary but intriguing..=)

So,now..I'm read the next novel.The title is BitterSweet written by Sarah Ockler.Okay..just all i want to write here.See you again in my next entry..=)