Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's Smile

Hello readest and viewers..
Wow,it's already too late to create new post. Hehe
Please Smile..before you continue read the whole of my entry..ngeeee...=)

Before i'm fall asleep..i want to take a few minutes of my share my doodle with a quotes. I'm so busy with this lately. I don't know,what kind of addiction that could bring me into it. haha.. So far,i've many collection of doodles. I thought it couldn't be, apparently it's working so well. Yups,i'm really agree with the quotes " practice makes perfect " ,even my doodles not so perfect,but i'm really satisfied with my work. I'm glad to created it. So,here we are..with my doodle that wore the shawl..

Next entry,i'll come up here with another doodle. I'm ought create it as much as I can,then share it to you all.okay,thanks so much to all of you, that always dropping by here. Tomorrow is monday,so let it begin with a blasting day.


Mohd. Shafiee Bin Mohd. Desa said...

nice doodle.. ada bakat.. hehehe..

DoRa Priscilla said...

your doddle are just too adorable! :D

Ety said...

hee. twin. you are talented. later on, i can ask you to create new twin Ety doddles for us. hee.

psst : dont know how to make doodle. imma IT noob "=.=

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said... this doodle so much!=)

SimplySeoul said...

goodness, so cute.

jessforshort. said...

Your doodle is really nice sis ^^
btw, how and where you guys actually created this doodle? feels like trying it too >_< hehe

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

seriusly pretty sis... doodles yg sgt cantik dan creative... buat lah doodles untuk sy satu.. awwwwwwww.... untunglah pndai buat... by the way, smile always...^.^

Winnie Irene said...

nice doodle u got there. hehe. especially when the pink color is there. hoho. can do me one??

Chihiro said...

i have this urge to learn how to doodling but I don't know how to start :( nut ur doodles are adorablee :)