Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tips #1

Hello readers and viewers..

I'm gonna share a tips.Tips that more blended about beauty.As we all know,beauty is a priority to every woman.This is be the must thing in my life.Without it,no more confident right?Someone just asking me"Hey,Ety?can i ask you"..Oh ya..whats that?.."Did you doing facial treatment oftenly,love you skin".Oh god..i'm startled for a while..then grinned.."dear,i didn't have enough money to have facial treatment"
Yups..honestly,i never go to any beauty center just to have it.So,its better for me sharing the tips here.Just a simple tips and no need to waste money.Just spend a little only.
Here are the tips....

1.Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables
Ya!!Agree..drink plenty of water 7-8 glass per day.Water act as moisturizer for our skin.other than that..When you wake up in the early morning..before brush you teeth..get a drink of a glass warm water..While,fruits and vegetables..enriched with vitamin C.It Protect ourself against infection.For me..i love to eat an oranges and spinach.Hate to eat cabbage..i don't know why..maybe it tasteless..hehe..

2.Early to bed
Don't stay up!.."Haaaa?how about my task..i need to complete it,i have exam..oh can't sleep early..i'm gonna doomed!"..well,its ok guys..i know..busy with student life,working and so on.The important thing is..get enough rest.So,in the early morning,let it always begin with sparkling day.

3.cleansing your face
3 times a day or when necessary.I'm using warm water to rinse my face.You know why..warm water function well in led blood circulation.I'm loyal to use Shurah Susu Kambing.Please take note..when you having wash you face..don't scrub and wash too hard.

4.Product that i used 
This is lotion.You can apply to you skin.You can buy it,at any cosway branch.Function as moisturizer.Do not apply to you acne.

I love to use BB cream.This product is from Philiphine.I'm not sure what  the brand.I just buy it from my mum 's friend.

Toner.Easy to use.Work better in removing make must try it..
other than that..moisturizer that i love to use is Shurah Susu Kambing.Before i'm sleep..i didn't apply any cream to my face.Let my skin free to breath.Hehe..

Ok dear readers and viewers..just at all.I'm finish here.Hehe..No more special tips to be share.All are here.So,before i'm saying goodbye..this is a short tips that we can use in our daily life..Everyday in my life..4 basic daily personal skin care i used too.Cleansing,toner,moisturizer and sun block.

see you again in my next entry.ok..tata..=)


✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

mana2 tips beauty mesti minum air banyak... memang badan kita ni perlukan air yg byk, tp rmai yg xsuke minum plain water ni.. hurmmm

nice information, sis memang cun.. nk try cara sis la.. kot2 boleh jd kulit macam sis

cikwahidaidris said...

thanks for the tips. sy kurang minum air. patot la patot laaaa. waaa ;p