Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Again!

Hello everyone..peace be upon you all as readers and viewers.How are you there?I hope you all fine.During this raya time,even busy,i still want to create new post in my blog.I know,everyone busy,because it's time to visit every open house.Eat everything.Kuih raya and ketupat.Nevermind,only a month in a twelve month to celebrate Hari Raya day.enjoy your day guys.So,i'm bringing back you all to the title.Why photo again?!hoho..its me,when you know me so much,i'm sure you'll know i'm a photoholic.Because this is the way for me to heal my bored.I'm just want to feed my blog with my photo.hehe.My photo here was captured by my BFF,last month.The photographer is Olivia Cheryl Simon.Thanks dear for the photo.=)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Merdeka

Hello readers and viewers.I'm coming here.after a long time not around without updating my blog.As we know,Ramadhan will be end while Syawal coming up.So,i take this time,to wish you all blogger "SELAMAT HARI RAYA MERDEKA".we all having twin celebration.Hari raya day and Merdeka.So,make it happening as you want.Don't eat to much.Haha..Anyway,take care out there,don't forget to collect ang paw..=)I'm pretty sure if you all still'll get it.So,i give you all this card.Special to all blogger from me,ChentaEty.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello,readers and viewer,i want to share something that motivate ourself in every way we are.God give us a Life.So,what actually,Life In A word that we live in every second of breath.i got this from a very famous poetry writer.By Mother Teresa

Life Is An Opportunity,Benefit From It
Life Is Beauty,Admire it
Life Is Bliss,taste it
Life is a dream,Realize it
Life is A challenge,Meet it
Life Is a duty,Complete it
Life Is A game,Play it
Life Is A Promise,Fulfil it
Life Is A Sorrow,Overcome It
Life is a song,Sing it
Life is A struggle,accept it
Life Is A Tragedy,confront it
Life is An Adventure,dare it
Life is Luck,Make it
Life is too precioud,do not destroy it
Life is Life,fight For it

Hope we appreciate our life.never make it as a big problem to confront it.Life has no limitation,except the ones you make.=)

Highlight your heart

I come with smile,and just want to say hello to everyone of you.stay cool in everywhere.=)
credit to you all.Try to understand everyword that stick on this wall.

We Have To Understand That The World Can Only Grasped By Action,Not By Contemplation
Vision Without execution is delusion

There Is No Heaven Beyond What We Appreciate and Create while We are Alive

Creativity Is My eyes FooD

Hello everybody!!
How are you there?I hope everyone of you good in healthy.i don't know  what time now,because my eyes still fresh and want to update something new in my blog.After this,i'll busy with my practical for community and outstation.The day after tomorrow, the early morning i'll going to Keningau at Clinic Apin-apin.For this free time,i want to share something that i capture using my lovely camera.I've snap this picture last two months.I'm forgot to post about it.It just a tower.Chinese temple.the location is at Tuaran.

Actually,i want to post this photo in my photography blogger,but,i'm feel so lazy to put it there.Hehe.I've plan to delete my photoblog.Insyaallah,i want to create new blog next time.So,here.I attached my photo.Nothing special to be look.But,i'm just feed this blog with my own creativity during taking photo.That why i say,creativitiy is my eyes food.Haha,I don't know where i got such a term.It was Create by ChentaEty.Only found in chentaety dictionary.=)

Present it to you all..=)

I'm not so good in taking picture,but i just try and make me satisfy with my work.i don't have any DSLR.But,i'm sure one day i'll have my own.For me,it is not necessarily you will have a nice picture when use DSLR,the important think is the nice of seing.DSLR just give you the effect of art,but everything is your creativity.This is called"Art Of Seing".So,i'm just practice it using my digital camera.No effect of focal length and aperture,depth of field(DOF) and so on.HuHu.But i'm still delighted with it function and how it work for me.=)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Resist Premenstrual Syndrome(PMS For Short)!

Hello everyone...=)
How are you there?Peace be upon you.Thank you for staying here as readers and viewers.

Today,i want to share something that i think very sensitive for girls.Before that,I want to sorry if i post something like this will touch your heart.Now,I'm feel this.Sometimes,i hate having my period every month(>.<).Because,PMS disrupt me.The fact is,It’s a disgusting, messy process that hits every single woman in the world.I probably experience every single symptom imaginable.

This is my big probs to be confront,when i'm having my period time.I can't focus my day.I'm asking everyone,how to handle that kind of symptom.Some of them just told me,to put something to warm the "site".I already trying this way.i don't know why i don't get the effectiveness.So,until today i'm just relieve the pain by taking NSAIDS.I'm not sure about the type of this drugs.Maybe some of you also taking this drugs.

Thank you so much to my sweetheart because give me this.He really understand,when i get PMS.I'm totally strongly emotional.huhu.I'm also get severe pain.So,just now,i already took one from it.I can't bear the pain.My dear told me to took it.But,i'm quite sure that this drug have the side effect.My advice and please notice,don't take this drug when you don't have any symptom of severe pain while having PMS.=)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

pretty Guitar

Cheers readers and viewers.Peace be upon you.I think,long time not walking around here.Hehe.I come again with my new entry.Just want to say something that i think most of us,very love to pick and strum this thing.~GUITAR~,with its belonging sound,create something pure feeling towards the guitarist and listener.
It occurred to me by intuition and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception.Music is your own experience, thoughts and wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art.

In my experience,i'm start learn playing guitar by myself.I'm learning everything based on a guitar chord book,then use the chord by trying playing a song.I'm start with ZERO,means nothing knowledge to play it.My first song,that i learn is "Tak Ingin Dicintai By Astrid".Then,try another song.Honestly,first time play the guitar,totally make my finger pain.Lead me give up to play it.Instead,you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.When you look the guitar,actually every string is a different color and a different voice.Once, you strum a guitar you have everything include the rhythm, bass, lead and melody.

It's hard to describe, because on one hand you want your solo to be spontaneous. On the other hand, I feel a good guitar solo should be somewhat of a composition in itself. So, you sort of toggle back and forth between the concept of trying to initiate flow and composing. I think it's a combination of both.

regardless of what you play, the biggest thing is keeping the feel going

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annoying An Orange

Hello..goodnight everyone.For those still not sleep yet,i have  something to share with you all.The other,that already dreaming,tomorrow you all still can sit and click this video.

Since.i'm searching something about my speech for health education,i click something about an orange.suddenly found something from you tube.I'm feel so funny because how an orange can speak with the other fruit including an apple and so look so cute.I know all of this just graphic illusion.So,i attached the video of annoying orange.They so cute.=)

with a story they present it with a very cute voice to hear.For those feel bored,i'm suggest you all to see this video.I'm sure this video scene born with amusement.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Countdown day

Peace be upon you all readers and viewers.Today,is a gorgeous day because filling with the bright sunshine and windy.Hope we all enjoy the beauteous day.i'm only have one week to finish our learning session.After this i'll have my practical day.Along this week and next week become my busiest time because i need to prepare everything before starting the practical.I've complete all the task.I hope i can handle all of this with calmness.Actually,i don't have enough rest.During in lecture hall,i can't stop from sleepy along the day.Huhu.This semester become a very challenging to me.Yesterday,i've weigh my body.I lose 2 kg.Maybe all of this affect by stressful.Hopefully i'll maintain my healthyiness either in physically and mentally.Okay guys,i stop here.See you again if i have time to post new entry.=)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone.For those fasting,lead your heart to be patience along this month.Hehe.And the other,especially,non-muslim..don't forget to take your lunch.I hope everybody enjoy doing your activitiy.Now,i've free time,so i filll it by posting a  new entry.Last weeks,i had  went to MUIS for attend this event.The event is TILAWAH AL-QURAN PERINGKAT KEBANGSAAN,for ministry of health..under PERKIPS.So,during the event,i snap some of picture.I just want to share it to you all,how this event proceed so well.
After,attend this event,it provide good returns to everybody.Even,i can't attend my tutorial and lecture.Okay guys,that all from me.Enjoy to see this picture aa.=)

To all readers and viewers thank you so much,for viewing my blog.I appreciate it so much.=)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hye everyone.Have a nice day and a good mood.Yesterday,during our lecture..i don't know what going on to everyone in my class.we doesn't have concentration to the topic.So,i took out a plain white paper.Start drawing on it.I ask my friend Jiah to join drawing with me.Hehe.I know this is not supposed to do by student during teacher giving lecture in front of class.Actually,i do this because don't want to show me put my head on the table and start dreaming.Hoho...Sleep..>.< .So,badly i prefer drawing than sleeping.Hehe.At least,teacher thinking that you concentrate during she explain everything and she feels appreciated.After finished drawing,on of my friend from the back(Nadrah),ask to colouring the doodle.hehe.She told us,that she also feel bored too.So,here i attached our doodle.

Create By:ChentaEty and Jiah
Coloured By:Nadrah Fiana

Created By:ChentaEty and Jiah
Coloured by:Nadrah Fiana

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saying HELLO to everyone

That kind of entry doesn't want to write anything like usual.Just send you all a hidden feeling through  this picture.

Badly Busiest

Hello readers and viewers.Thanks for stopping by! This month very challenging to me.I need to drive my way with  highly patience to confront everything.Fasting month fill with badly task.I need to submit and complete all the task in a short time.Huhu..It make me a little crazy to drive all of this.I love Community Health Nursing but the task fully shake and twist my brain.The Kind of stuff make me doesn't feel every single free time to relax.I'm just pray  to god,to protect me and give me strong kind of heart to confront everything.i'm just seize the day.Everyday i've doing some reflective for every activity that i through.Just smile to have this  pretty kind of problem.


Thanks for being here and read everything that i wrote here.Every story has an END.But,in a Life..Every END is just a new beginning.Cheers dear readers and viewers.=)