Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annoying An Orange

Hello..goodnight everyone.For those still not sleep yet,i have  something to share with you all.The other,that already dreaming,tomorrow you all still can sit and click this video.

Since.i'm searching something about my speech for health education,i click something about an orange.suddenly found something from you tube.I'm feel so funny because how an orange can speak with the other fruit including an apple and so look so cute.I know all of this just graphic illusion.So,i attached the video of annoying orange.They so cute.=)

with a story they present it with a very cute voice to hear.For those feel bored,i'm suggest you all to see this video.I'm sure this video scene born with amusement.


H.J said...

i connect internet just with annoying to loading..eehe

Azeanthy Paiman said... cute the fruits can talked one another...hee....

Hafidzah Hafidz said...

orange yg comel heee XD