Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Everything change

Oh my..how long yaa?My site empty.I miss my blog.So,long i leave it without any entry.As you all know,i've mention about my condition.It's hard to explain my thought and feeling into words.All i have teach me to be strong.Thank you Allah.Everything that happen to me,i never feel despair to confront it. I never feel sad because i believe that Allah s.w.t always with me.

Day to day,i learn something new in my life.It build my soul. Happiness, pain, tears. I feel everything. When my friend ask me "Ety,are you ok?"..i just smile to them. I Said" no worries darlings,everything will be ok"..They give me hugs. I Just smile and calm.

Currently,i'm at ward..till now. Two weeks already admit here. Under treatment and monitoring. Transplat postpone because i need to solve my problem.Insyaallah,after this. It will proceed. I extend my study in nursing course . Yeah, so many problem to solve in a short time. I know,it couldn't be. So,i just focus my treatment. Other problem, may Allah predetermine all the things for me.

Okay guys,just all from me. All the things that i've write here not a copy paste story.It's original from me. All i have been. I write here to release just a little bit of my feeling. Ok,thanks. LOVE YOU ALL...=)