Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Everything change

Oh my..how long yaa?My site empty.I miss my blog.So,long i leave it without any entry.As you all know,i've mention about my condition.It's hard to explain my thought and feeling into words.All i have teach me to be strong.Thank you Allah.Everything that happen to me,i never feel despair to confront it. I never feel sad because i believe that Allah s.w.t always with me.

Day to day,i learn something new in my life.It build my soul. Happiness, pain, tears. I feel everything. When my friend ask me "Ety,are you ok?"..i just smile to them. I Said" no worries darlings,everything will be ok"..They give me hugs. I Just smile and calm.

Currently,i'm at ward..till now. Two weeks already admit here. Under treatment and monitoring. Transplat postpone because i need to solve my problem.Insyaallah,after this. It will proceed. I extend my study in nursing course . Yeah, so many problem to solve in a short time. I know,it couldn't be. So,i just focus my treatment. Other problem, may Allah predetermine all the things for me.

Okay guys,just all from me. All the things that i've write here not a copy paste story.It's original from me. All i have been. I write here to release just a little bit of my feeling. Ok,thanks. LOVE YOU ALL...=)


✿A I N A A✿ said...

hope everything is okay.. sis masuk ward ni sebabkan hal dlu tu ye?? your old disease??? hurmm...

Winnie Irene said...

take care dear. hope everything will be going fine for u. :)