Wednesday, October 17, 2012

weeping can't change the death

Salam Everyone.
It's been so long i didn't sign in here.Blogging. From day to day. I'm move on and drive my life with full of blithe and feeling of patience that accompany me. Even my life filled with riddles. I never lost my mind and feel down with all the things that come ahead of me. My enthusiasm never dim and surely,it's still burn out. 

Two days ago, one of my friend in the same boat has died on 15 october 2012. I don't know what to say. I just pray and alms Surah yassin for her. May Allah bless her. Ameen. So,I share to you all. The last message i got from her before. Really touching my heart. I never stop crying. I know this is really hard for her family to face all of this reality. No matter what, with weeping can't change the death. Not at all. 

I am not ashamed to reveal the reality of my life. I am not one who likes to hide. This is to be shared to all for remembering death.I'm really speechless at first to hear this news. My tears drop suddenly. May allah bless her. Ameen. For those muslim,i hope you all alms for her surah Al-Fatihah. okay guys. Just all from me. All of this as reminds for those that still with healthy life keep it better as much as possible. I'm always remember what my dad told me. "Kematian ini sudah sesuatu yang pasti,jangan ingat orang yang kita tengok sihat seja,tiba-tiba esok lusa meninggal sudah,dan jangan di ingat pula orang yang sakit tidak panjang riwayat hidupnya". allahuallam..Now,i'm just think positive always. Proceed everything with full of patience. God willing, everything will be okay than alright. =) The important thing is never forget do the solat 5 waktu for all muslim. okay,just all dear bloggers. See you again..


✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

Al-Fatihah to ur friend dear sis.. kita ni jgn ingat, tua je ajal mnjemput.. byk bnde kita tak tahu so prepare from now... oh my sedih mendengar khabar kawan sis tu.. hurmmmm

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

Btw sis, seem my line fb problem now, may i need ur favour.. can u PM me on my fb how u make ur header.. pleasee! Im carving to know how to make it.. huaaaaaaaa *OH My English!*

Hani Syahani said...

Semua ketentuanNya kn,xpe sume ada hkmahnye..