Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya RAMADHAN

Assalamualaikum,peace be upon to you all readers and viewers.To all of Muslimin and muslimah,this is a greet time to us for pray to god apologize for all the sins we have done and the Get bless from ALLAH S.W.T.Only 1 Month in a 12 month  we fasting.Don't make this time become unavailing in a million time.Terawih only this month we can do together.Hope god always bless us in every second we breath wherever we are.SELAMAT BERPUASA...=)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congratulation To All JP JANUARI 2011

Hello,readers and viewers.How are you there?May god bless u always there.Em,Long time not around this site..hehe..i come again bring my new event to share to you all.Last saturday,my group attended some event,it just like for fun and just to thank to our tutor because bring us in excellent way.My group got 100% excellent in final examination.So to appreciate this valuable gift,we all gathering to celebrate our success.During,that day..we had invited some of our tutor to join together our,here i want to share our moment that become a part of my sweet memory.Before that,i want to pray..hope god always bless us in everything.Hope our success in everything will be maintain and keep it up.Amin...

Wow,our big yum cake...hehe

My friends..really photogenic..I love to snap them..look so beauty..

all my group are 120 a student nurse team..hehe

Our tutor..thanks come to join our ceremony

during that day,we had some of games to play together,si i took this time to  candid them..hehe..

everything inside it will become my sweet memory to share to you all.Okay guys,i'll come again.because i've so many story to share to you all.Bye~Bye..=)Thank you..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ExCited To wAit IT

Hello there...I miss this site so much..Huhu..I come again with my new entry.Before that..peace be upon to you all as readers and viewers.Thank you so much if you all still stay and keep in touch my pinky blogger site.Even i'm here not so active user that always create new entry.well,as i told you all,i'm so busy with my study time.So,i come here again,to update my blog.Em,if you remembered,last month i have post about something,Which is my first time to join the contest under CIK QISTINA .
The contest is about BLOG SAYA,the closing date will be arrive.So,i'm just excited want to know who's the winner of this contest,i already visit her blog,wow amazing..there are so many respond to join this contest maybe around 500 above people already join this contest.Good luck to everyone already become a participant to join this contest..
Thank you to CIK QISTINA because organized this contest,it make us enjoy to blogwalking another is a very simple way to make a frienship between us.Just through it from the blog.So,here i attached again the Banner for the contest.I love this banner because very cute.

For those that like to join this contest,come up.Before the closing date.Hehe..Come guys support CIK QISTINA.Thanks so much to her because have a kind heart to give a meaningful present to the winner.Hehe..Okay guys..=)

Monday, July 11, 2011

My bestiee Birthday celebration

Hallo..Readers and viewers.I appear again..Huhu..Bring something to share for you all.First of all,peace be upon to all of you.Thanks click my blog.How are you there?I hope you all in good condition.Em,actually i really busy with my student day here.Never mind,i will through everything in a good way.So,back to the topic..This is my special entry for my bestiee.Happy Birthday to you.Hehe.We already celebrated her birthday.She's born on 9 July.welcome to 20th dear..Hehe...she already,got status 20th.To all my bestiees hehe..thanks so much,even we so busy,but still have time to spending our joyness together to celebrate our bestfriend birthday..MEILING..
To meiling i have something for you to say..on your special day..

Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come.
Hope this day opens up a new chapter of love, happiness and prosperity in your life
Don’t count the years, count the blessings
For your birthday, I wish you a happy day and want you to remember that you are loved by each of your friends

So,i attached some of our photo during the meaningful day to be remember in our friendship sweet memories.To readers and viewers,this is also for you all.I'm sharing my happiness to you all.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm in freshmind

Good morning everyone.Peace be upon to you all readers and viewers.This nice saturday day,i woke up early from my sleep.Now,i'm having my breakfast... just a cup of coffee and bread while blogging here.I need to continue my activities as i plan,to proceed everything that i need to complete.Especially,a text for health education.Even busy,but i still have time to write something here.Hoho.=).Tomorrow,i'll having some outing to manage our group clothes,thanks god i already have the design for this semester.They already make a vote for my design.Finally,everything was settled.So,now just manage it.Finally,the colour and the design were selected..Em,its not easy to discuss and decide about it for 120 peoples.Thanks to my group because giving your cooperation so well.Em,so far it going fine.I know even we are in trouble,sometimes we need some art of being patience to confront everything.Just through it with a nice smile.


So,i'm feel so fresh because i've handle everything so well in my way.I'm in freshmind just now.Hehe.Okay guys,i think i leave you all here with my big smile.=)I want to proceed my activites.I hope you all enjoy your weekend day with family,friends and your sweetheart.Thanks visit my blog.Bye~Bye =)

Miss My Blog

Hello readers and viewers.How are you there?This is weekend day.My new semester beginning until now.Huhu.So,busy with my assignment,Health education Task,and so many work.Em,my mind so tired.I need some rest.Our semester now,very interesting.I'm love to learn about comunity.Em,i don't know,why i love so much having practical at Clinic either than Hospital,i mean ward unit.So,this is only my leisure time to rest my mind from everything.Haha.Next week,i'll busy in manage some event.Huhu(>.<)..I just close my eyes,open my heart and through it on my way.
I'm really miss update my blog,as usually i did along my break semester.But,everything totally change.I need to focus my study,manage everything.I've fixed schedule to be follow along this semester,so i've plan my time,in daily activities.I've lecture class start from 8.00am to 5.00pm.Em,than after class.i fill my time by doing some exercise or playing a game.Especially,volleyball.Than,sometimes need to attend a big meeting between AJK.This semester also will be our time to handle the sport programs.I've selected to involved in manage and arrange every activity during KOKUM week for the whole college.I'm also selected to design banner for our program.I hope i'll through it with a big heart even make me tired.But,it is very interesting.I hope you all also enjoy doing your activities.Do it well..Em,i stop right eyes already feel sleepy...see you again.Maybe next week,i'll bring and sharing story about our event.Hehe.Goodnight..=)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Singing KadazanDusun Song

Hello readers and viewers.How are you all?Now,i'm already at my college.I'm so bored,I have something to you all..i love this song so much..i had hear this song during sugandoi kaamatan(Pertandingan lagu-lagu KadazanDusun).My dad and combo RTM play there.My dad as a drummer.Hehe...So,i just want to sing this song back..using my own guitar chord..very simple i think..i'm singing this song using my lovely guitar...opps..before that,i want to tell you all..i don't have a very nice voice to hear..haha..i just sing it for fun..The song title is Sodop Pinirubaan.I know most of you from sabahan know this song.For those from peninsular and other country,i present this song to you all,so that you all know more about culture and language of KadazanDusun from sabah..Em,i attached my video here with the song lyrics..hehe..

Simple from me..hee...=)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Semester Break Ended

Hello and peace be upon to all of you my readers and viewers.How are you there...?I'm really sorry,doesn't create any new entry because so busy with my preparation for the next semester.Hoho..1 month already pass.Em,so my semester break already ended.Tomorrow,i'll back to my college.After this,i'll will not active in this usually.Hehe.I tend to my class and practical,for those that already finished holiday..welcome back to on duty.Either worker or still student.

I'm get into semester 4.I'll have two semester more to finish my Diploma In Nursing.Now,i'm on my way to achieve my goals.I hope everything will be alright along my way.I'm just pray to god.. hopefully,always bless me in anything.

I don't want to focus anything that will be restrict my activities.I just want to confront everything with my patience  and gratefully.Maybe if i have more time,i'll update my blog.Hehe..I know,i'm not a famous person that have so many followers and commenter here.I'm just a simple and ordinary person that like to write anything about my life that i through along my journey.For me,I'm so free and delighted if you all just want to be a reader or viewer inside my blog.I'll appreciate everything.Okay guys..see you all again.In my next session..=)