Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congratulation To All JP JANUARI 2011

Hello,readers and viewers.How are you there?May god bless u always there.Em,Long time not around this site..hehe..i come again bring my new event to share to you all.Last saturday,my group attended some event,it just like for fun and just to thank to our tutor because bring us in excellent way.My group got 100% excellent in final examination.So to appreciate this valuable gift,we all gathering to celebrate our success.During,that day..we had invited some of our tutor to join together our,here i want to share our moment that become a part of my sweet memory.Before that,i want to pray..hope god always bless us in everything.Hope our success in everything will be maintain and keep it up.Amin...

Wow,our big yum cake...hehe

My friends..really photogenic..I love to snap them..look so beauty..

all my group are 120 a student nurse team..hehe

Our tutor..thanks come to join our ceremony

during that day,we had some of games to play together,si i took this time to  candid them..hehe..

everything inside it will become my sweet memory to share to you all.Okay guys,i'll come again.because i've so many story to share to you all.Bye~Bye..=)Thank you..


Wani said...

have fun yah ! haha

*btw , i follow ur pink blog , awww !

ChentaEty said...

Thanks wani...for the follow..i already follow u back...=)