Wednesday, October 17, 2012

weeping can't change the death

Salam Everyone.
It's been so long i didn't sign in here.Blogging. From day to day. I'm move on and drive my life with full of blithe and feeling of patience that accompany me. Even my life filled with riddles. I never lost my mind and feel down with all the things that come ahead of me. My enthusiasm never dim and surely,it's still burn out. 

Two days ago, one of my friend in the same boat has died on 15 october 2012. I don't know what to say. I just pray and alms Surah yassin for her. May Allah bless her. Ameen. So,I share to you all. The last message i got from her before. Really touching my heart. I never stop crying. I know this is really hard for her family to face all of this reality. No matter what, with weeping can't change the death. Not at all. 

I am not ashamed to reveal the reality of my life. I am not one who likes to hide. This is to be shared to all for remembering death.I'm really speechless at first to hear this news. My tears drop suddenly. May allah bless her. Ameen. For those muslim,i hope you all alms for her surah Al-Fatihah. okay guys. Just all from me. All of this as reminds for those that still with healthy life keep it better as much as possible. I'm always remember what my dad told me. "Kematian ini sudah sesuatu yang pasti,jangan ingat orang yang kita tengok sihat seja,tiba-tiba esok lusa meninggal sudah,dan jangan di ingat pula orang yang sakit tidak panjang riwayat hidupnya". allahuallam..Now,i'm just think positive always. Proceed everything with full of patience. God willing, everything will be okay than alright. =) The important thing is never forget do the solat 5 waktu for all muslim. okay,just all dear bloggers. See you again..

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Entry

Peace Be upon you all..
I'm Ety coming again to write something here..=)

Yes!Now is Saturday. I didn't have any special planning today. Actually,we want to visit "Rumah Terbalik" at Tamparuli with my beloved man and other siblings. Since,my man have a friendly football match. So, restrain us to do so. Maybe tomorrow we will go.Now,i'm just wasting my time in front of my lappy while eating homemade donut and have a cup of milky tea. I'm really bored. Then,watch korean drama can dispel the feeling of boredom. I have many collection of movie and drama korean,english,chinese,taiwan and philipine.Haha..I got it since i'm study at the college. Keep all of it in my hard disk and some burn it on disc.

Yeah,today i didn't interested  to read my book. Just watching movie can relax my mind. I need to rest my body and my mind. Can't do heavy work. I'm really miss to join my other friend. Working at the Hospital,treat patient. Writing case note. Serve medication. Omgee,my condition just now restrain me join all of them. Hopefully,everything will be back to normal. After undergo all of my treatment. I need to be strong enough to confront all the things. I know,i can do it. With the help of god. God Willing. I will okay soon. 
I can and I will. I'm a great worth. He(God) has a plan for me. I know who I am. So,Let it strengthen me.

okay,i'm finished here.See you again.Dadaaa..

Friday, October 5, 2012

No matter what this is I am

Yeah,today is friday. We all have been in the weekend. So,how's your plan? Hopefully,you all enjoy it. While,I have nothing to do in this evening that make me feel so calm. I love weekend because this is the perfect time to calm my mind. Time goes as day goes by day. Leaving us while we in the bustle of. Till we realize, now we are at the end of a year 2012. Even two months to go. We never feel how's the time flies so fast while us having hectic time.Surely, this year leaving me something different that i never had before and i didn't expect it should be like this. What ever happen, i never leave the one. Our god (Allah S.w.T ). 

"I Love Myself_MyLife_The Way I am"
I never give up and still standing on my feet, drive my life with full of passion to attain all my wishes regardless of whatsoever challenges. Positive thinking and always believe in myself that I could confront all the troubles with self-confidence. God Willing, everything always okay. =)

So,dear all blogger. We must be confident, struggle to be the best in whatsoever things. I love the way I am and always be the best of me.Okay, just all i want to write. Something from inside.True deeply from my heart.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Something different

Hello my dear bloggers..=)

After a couple of weeks i've been hiatus from writing something here. Newly,i have time to log in my site because I'm really busy with my activities lately. Yeah,We are now in the month of October.So,welcome Miss October. Hopefully,for this Month giving something that so excitement and wish a good luck to our lives. Go ahead, never stop and struggle with great efforts to attain breakthrough in everything. God willing .

Now i'm counting the day. Awaiting something that make me feeling of pounding. I don't want to mention what the thing is. I need the support and pray for the calmness from you all dear bloggers. May god bless you all always.Ameen.I'm really grateful with everything ahead of me. I never feel despair with everything that has happen towards my life even it bitter so. I just accept it and think positive. This year totally create something different of way in my life. I don't know how to explain it in a word. I'm the only one that feel it and go through all the things in my life. I drive my life straight to the way. I've plan it, how i get my goal. But the god already predetermine everything for a reason. I'm always ready with what would be happen after this and soon.

Okay,just a short entry for me. No idea what to write actually. So,the ending is here.Haha..See you again..Goodnite dear all friends..=)