Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello my lovely readers and viewers.
Ting!Ting!My time here at hospital keningau will be end.I'll move to Apin~apin next week.The time so short.I'm delighted to come here at hospital keningau.All the staff having"Sifat Mesra".I love it guys.I'm happy working with them.All of them are sporting.Huhu.I don't feel stress along with them.Even so many patient,but we can manage them by making a great team work.First of all,before leave a great hospital.I want to say a big thank you to them.Without them,we not achieve the objective learning.The most important is,they leave a sweet memories that never be erased.I keep it in my memory ever after.Next time,if i have time,i want to post here.
Tomorrow is my last day with them.I'll appreciate every second i'm working along with them.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hye readers and viewers.
I'm coming here,without bringing something to share to you all.I'm just walking here and leaving my soul here for a while.First of all,how are you all?I hope you all happy in everywhere you are.=)While waiting my rice cook.I'm blogging here.Em,long time not around here.Because my time not fully for blogging and updating something new here.I don't have intention to make my blog as famous like other blogger.It just a site that make me satisfied with what I have through along my life.Maybe,one day..If my life already having children,I can bring them to view my site.I don't want to find popularity here,it just for fun and make me smile everytime when flash back my memory long time ago.=)

                               HUMBLE IS MY WAY,POPULARITY NO WAY!

P/s Hye there,thanks yaa for being here.I'm glad to know you.Just leave your link here,i'll hit back when i'm having free time.=)Time to have dinner.Tata...>.<

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Next Photo session

Hello everyone!
I'm coming back to update my blog.I'm feel so free just now,because already finish my formative examination.I'm so delighted to be here.I hope you all also enjoy for being here guys.Last night,i've bring and share to you all my first photo session with one of my friend.Who's name is Zue,So today,,i want to bring someone again for you all.She's also my friend.For you all information,every photo that have stick here,just become something that can express my interesting towards photograph.It just my hobby.I love it so much..
So,my modelling today..em,you can call her name as Olivia Cheryl.I present my photo to you all.Thank you so much for being here.

Beginning Photo Session

Hye there!
How are you all readers and viewers?I hope so you all enjoy your weekend.Em,so long not around.So,i bring something for you all as a thing that can wash your eyes.Hehe.This is very interesting for me.I'm sure you all will like the same thing same goes like me.When i'm feel bored,i'll filling my time by making a small photo session with my friend.I'm happy to capture some of photo which usually called as Modelling Photo.So,here i attached one of my friend that i've captured her photo that acting in front of my lovely camera.=)
Modelling name:just call her zue...
First of all,all of the photo here are reserved and copyright by ChentaEty Photography



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Saying Hello

Hello everyone!
Peace Be Upon you..
How are there?I hope you all are in good.Em,so long i'm not walking here.I miss you all so much.I'm so sorry because keep quit.I'm not around here because didn't have enough time to spend.Now,i'm still having my formative examination.Tomorrow will be last paper.Pray for me guys.=)Thank you..
I come here just want to say hello to all of you.Actually,i have many things to share to you all.But not this time.I'm pretty sure maybe after this i'll have some space to spend my time here by filling my blog with everything that i grabbed.=)

So here,i leave something that will be  inspire your life..=)

"Enthusiasm is the inspiration of everything great. Without it no man is to be feared, and with it none despised."

P/s See you again next time.I'll blogwalking to all bloggers site.Insyaallah..=)May god bless us always wherever we are.Amin~

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hye all of you there!
Long time not here,i'm so sorry because really busy with my work.So,now having a little free time that I can spend  here with you all my lovely readers and viewers.I hope all of you enjoy your time.Now,I want to write something that blended about the meaningful of friend in a many words.For me,friends is something that we can't explain in a simple word.

Ups & Downs are the part of Life...
When you are "Up"
Your Friends know "Who You Are"
But.. When you are "Down"
Only You Know "Who is Your Friends" are...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm On my Way

Hye readers and viewers!I miss you all so much.Now,i"m on My way Dear..=)

I don't know if I was a desirable person, 
not just physically but emotionally and mentally and intellectually. 
I still have a long way go and a lot to learn, but I'm on my way,
 I don't think I'm terribly attractive, 
but I'm comfortable with my looks.

p/s Picture was took during i'm on the way to Keningau.=)i love it because having a fresh wind that make my mind and soul so fresh.=)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raya Season#2(Before Raya)

Hye there..i'm back herein!
After having my lunch.Fuhh,my stomach totally full.Now,i'm just resting my mind while blogging.I come again,bring you all to my house.Before raya,whole my family going busy for raya preparation.While i'm busy at kitchen,my other sibling busy  cleaning out and tidying up our house.They replaced our curtain and arranged all the furniture.Our house color theme,for this raya season are Green Colour.Huhu.I love this.My mum filling all the cookies jar.Even i'm busy at the kitchen,i still have a time to capture some of photo in our living room.
SoI stick  my photo herein blog =)

Raya Season 2011#(Before Raya)

hye there,
Now,i'm currently at keningau.i've more things to share with you all,which i got it from here.But,not for now.Coming soon yaa.=)So,now..i want to share my memories during raya season 2011.Raya Merdeka!Its so delightful for me.I'll share to you all our preparation to celebrate raya.Two days before raya,i'm so busy because baking some biscuits.This is be the must thing for me.I love to cook and bake biscuits or cake.=)That why my mum ask me to bake biscuits.
I present to you all,my homemade biscuit.By me..=)
Biscuit namely Mutiara Mentega and Cerelac

Before and after baked..=)

During the biscuit bake in an oven..=)

And Finally,Wachaa..!!
I've done.REady to Eat.

P/s My dream,i want to make some business for biscuit and cake soon.I'll be Ready for accept an order from anyone who's interested=)

Good Night!

Hii peeps..
To all my lovely readers and viewers.I want to sleep right now.Tomorrow,i need to wake up in the early morning.So,i wish you all good night.May you all having a sleeping beauty and sweet dream.

I Wish the Moon Always Be Full And Bright
And You Always Be Cool And Right
whenever you go to switch of the light
Remember!I'm wishing you


Present to you all,my lovely youngest sister having her sweet dream and sleeping beauty.=)
Candid photo!Done by ChentaEty guys..
she sleep with me,along my holiday.
Her name is Tiara.

P/s I miss my youngest sister so much!                                                   

Miss u Mum!

Hello readers and viewers!
What are you all doing now?I'm herein again.Tommorrow,i'll going to Keningau for one week there.After packing my luggage.I'm feel free just now.So,my hand run on this keyboard.Excited to update my blog.=)
In the morning,during i'm doing my community health nursing assignment,my stomach feel so empty.So,i go to kitchen.I see my mum there,sweeping our balcony floor.I say to my mum"mum i'll miss you,when i'm not here with you".>.< My mum just carve a meaningful smile on her face.I know my mum also gonna miss me.So,i just tell my mum,mum i feel hungry.Huhu.Since,last night i didn't have my dinner.
My mum just ask me to get my breakfast.In my mind,oh okay.Just wait for a while.I want to continue my assignment.After finish it,i'll get my breakfast.Suddenly,my mum come to my room."Dear,take your breakfast.",oh,my mum prepare my breakfast for me.So,touched.Thanks mum.Maybe my mum miss me so much.I'm seldom at home.I'll be there Only when i'm having holiday.So,i'm having a special breakfast from my mum.=)A cup of milk with bread.

p/s Thank you mum.I love you.I wanna hug you,I miss you so much,>.<

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Love Weekend!

Hye there..!
Peace be upon you readers and viewers.Today,i'll going back to my college.Don't worry,weekend become a part of my leisure time.I love it.I can do anything by filling it with more activity.Sometimes outing with my lovely family.But,since i'm back to my hostel.I'll always hang out with my bestiee.=)The important thing,i never leave my blog without update it.So,keep in touch via blog.After,post new entry,i'll visit my fav bloglist and feed your blog with my comment.I'm happy doing this.Okay guys.Leave you all.Continue this evening.I have more things to be post here and sharing it with you all my lovely readers and viewers.
 Night has ended for another day
Morning has come in a special way
May You smile like The sunny rays
Leave your worries for some other day
Have A Great Weekend!

p/s  Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Blog Talking!

Hii reader and viewers.Just want to say good night.=)Sweet Dream..See u again in my lovely blog.So,i leave you all with my lovely blog.
Hye there,i'm chentaEty's blog.
Just call me sweetheart.
I was born at SABAH.Grow with We Are Sabahan BloggerMania.
I love my owner so much because she always spending time on me.Embarking something new inside me.I'm also want to to say thank you so much to her follower because always bring you all beside me.She always bring me to blogwalking.I'm enjoying drive myself to go anywhere.But,sometimes she's not here with me.I'm alone.(>.<)I hope even she's not around ,all follower being my loyal readers and viewers.I don't eat food.I'm just eat comment.So,feed me with you comment,I'll be happy.Okay there,thanks to my owner because giving me chance to talk something here.This is my first time,talking lonely without her.=)Okay,i want to close my eyes.I'm so tired today making blogwalking with my lovely owner.Goodnight.


Hii there..

I didn't feel sleepy right now?huhu.Saturday coming soon,i'll going back to my college.My mid semester break will be end up.So,I'm embarking a new day to working.Now,i'm practical at Hospital Keningau.After one week there,i'll be back at KK to sit my mid semester examination.Hoho.So busy right?..I'll leave my blog temporarily.I'll keep in touch with you all,when i'm having free time.Back to the title,i'm a photoaholic not a shopaholic.Hehe.This is the way I am.I love to take photo.Photography is a part of my hobby.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Recall Back!

Hello peeps..!
I know you all here,thanks for being loyal as my readers and viewer.If i feel free i'll be there blogwalking and follow your blog.The important is,i loved to leave comment.That the way I reveal my excited in blogging.=)So,i want to share something,which is become a part of my sweet memories that i keep ever after.All picture below are reserved.This memory is between me and all my bestiee.We are 5 together.They are Kamang,MeiLing,kychee,Cheryl and me(Ety).

I'm so happy with them.Enjoying our holiday during Kaamatan day.This place located at Ranau,Sabah.I know maybe some of blogger had been there right.For those don't know this place,i'm welcome you all to come here.Do you hear Poring?!Em,i bring you all to know where this place while see my photo with my friend here.=)okay guys.Enjoy with me..

P/s:Okay guys.Don't forget to come to SABAH yaa..=)Waiting you all to enjoy same  goes like me.Just find Poring to know more about this place.

Spontaneous Thursday

Hello readers and viewers!!
What time now?Em,it still early guys.Thank u for being herein with me.I'm here again,after having my dinner.Huh,its pretty enough,i'm having full stomach..=)Actually,i don't have any fact that inspiring you all.It just for updating my blog.I don't know,why i'm so excited to create new post.When i'm feel so tedious.Auto,my finger will run on my lappy keyboard to type a word.

  ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• E.T.Y_S.A.L.B.I.A.H.☆.•*´¨`*••♥
♥••*´¨`*•.☆• PASSION.DRIVE.LIFE☆.•*´¨`*••♥

Oh NO!I wAnt T o Get MArried

Hii there..Readers and viewer!
I have read something that has been famous in FB world.Huhu.Everyone say something about this.Do you know what the value of the dowry now.Nowadays,everything changes.The development of country cause the increasing in Eco.So,how about us who still hold status single but not available.Then having planning to get married.So,here i attached for you all information.Em,i'm agree with this status.But,how about my dear.MR.Isz..Hehe..Well,all of this are reasonable guys.
P/s To all guys out there,which one is your educational status.Ask your future husband,if the agree with this.But,i'm quit sure all of this is reasonable for us.Look around us.Everything is expensive right..=)hehe..(Mcm kena jual plak..)huhu..


Hello dear readers and viewer!
I'm here to write all my feeling towards word that we always find,in this world for appreciate every single of day we breath.This we called as "LOVE".

Love is like magic.And it always will be.
For love still remains.Life's sweet mystery!!Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strangeAnd there's nothing in life
That love cannot change!!Love can transform
The most commonplaceInto beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace.Love is unselfish,Understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heartAnd not with its mind!!
Love is the answerThat everyone seeks...

Love is the language,That every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought,  It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Dad is A Great Man

Hye there..
Peace be upon you!
I'm coming again,i'm so delighted to be here.That why,i have post so many entry.Even only a little readers and viewers giving respond to my entry.I love you all guys.Thank you one more time,because stay here with me.I'll catching up all blogger that coming here by following and feed you blog with my comment.=)So,back to my title entry.All i wrote here is about my father.Hehe,knowing my father first before me.
My dad with my second youngest sister
My father name is Abdurrasik Bin Mado.But,he's better call by his friend "Awing",My grandma said my father called awing because he like doing travelling.Em,the sign of WING.Fly anywhere,like that.He's working as Musician at Radio Telvision Malaysia(RTM).Most of my family belong to music soul.They know to sing and playing instrument.
Do you know,whereever i go,walking with my father people will ask me,is it he is your brother.I'm just give them my meaningful smiling.Haha.He's my father la..(Adakah abang saya)hehe..This is because my father look so young even his age already 45 above.Oh,no untrustworthy guys.So,i'll put my father photo here.During he play some of music instrument and photo with other member of orchestra.Then you'll know what i'm going to say.

P/s I know maybe when you see me you'll ask the same questin right?okay guys that all from me.My dad is a great man because he can "$awet muda".=)

create New Header Again!

Hye there,thanks being herein..
First of all,thank u so much to all of you as readers and viewers for clicking my link.Cheers.I just can give you all a big smile.=)So,i'm here again.Just want to drop my new header.I create it a few of hours ago.It take long time to create kinda headers.I want to renew both of my blog header because it make my blog gloomy.I got felt tedious for this,So,i'm enjoy my time to create new one.It so simple.And i don't have a pro one to create nice header guys.Hehe..=)All the way i use,are drive along my mind.I don't know ,whether it is my creativity.But i'm quit sure,i'm on my way.So,i stick both of my simple new header yaa..Thats all from me.See You again dear.

I use this in my photoblog