Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hye readers and viewers.
I'm coming here,without bringing something to share to you all.I'm just walking here and leaving my soul here for a while.First of all,how are you all?I hope you all happy in everywhere you are.=)While waiting my rice cook.I'm blogging here.Em,long time not around here.Because my time not fully for blogging and updating something new here.I don't have intention to make my blog as famous like other blogger.It just a site that make me satisfied with what I have through along my life.Maybe,one day..If my life already having children,I can bring them to view my site.I don't want to find popularity here,it just for fun and make me smile everytime when flash back my memory long time ago.=)

                               HUMBLE IS MY WAY,POPULARITY NO WAY!

P/s Hye there,thanks yaa for being here.I'm glad to know you.Just leave your link here,i'll hit back when i'm having free time.=)Time to have dinner.Tata...>.<


LinE PuTih LiNe HiTaM said...

selamat berblog.. wee.. lame gak berblogging ni.. hhooo...

ChentaEty said...

hehe..thanks.for blogwalking here..huhu..i'll hit back.