Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh NO!I wAnt T o Get MArried

Hii there..Readers and viewer!
I have read something that has been famous in FB world.Huhu.Everyone say something about this.Do you know what the value of the dowry now.Nowadays,everything changes.The development of country cause the increasing in Eco.So,how about us who still hold status single but not available.Then having planning to get married.So,here i attached for you all information.Em,i'm agree with this status.But,how about my dear.MR.Isz..Hehe..Well,all of this are reasonable guys.
P/s To all guys out there,which one is your educational status.Ask your future husband,if the agree with this.But,i'm quit sure all of this is reasonable for us.Look around us.Everything is expensive right..=)hehe..(Mcm kena jual plak..)huhu..


azim_3110 said...

sebaik2 wanita adalah yang rendah maharnya ~hadith..
im not buying e wife, eventho ma level of edu is PhD n ma salary ave 7 digits, still i wanna be avoid waste of money..

ChentaEty said...

yes i know..huhu..don't trust so much about this news.Hehe..memang x kahwen la sy smpai bila2 kalo nak ikut ney..hehe..besederhana itu lg indahkan..=)