Thursday, September 8, 2011

Recall Back!

Hello peeps..!
I know you all here,thanks for being loyal as my readers and viewer.If i feel free i'll be there blogwalking and follow your blog.The important is,i loved to leave comment.That the way I reveal my excited in blogging.=)So,i want to share something,which is become a part of my sweet memories that i keep ever after.All picture below are reserved.This memory is between me and all my bestiee.We are 5 together.They are Kamang,MeiLing,kychee,Cheryl and me(Ety).

I'm so happy with them.Enjoying our holiday during Kaamatan day.This place located at Ranau,Sabah.I know maybe some of blogger had been there right.For those don't know this place,i'm welcome you all to come here.Do you hear Poring?!Em,i bring you all to know where this place while see my photo with my friend here.=)okay guys.Enjoy with me..

P/s:Okay guys.Don't forget to come to SABAH yaa..=)Waiting you all to enjoy same  goes like me.Just find Poring to know more about this place.


Miss Rainbow said...

yeah wanna go to Sabah !! (^__^)

ChentaEty said...

you are welcome to visit sabah dear..=)