Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miss u Mum!

Hello readers and viewers!
What are you all doing now?I'm herein again.Tommorrow,i'll going to Keningau for one week there.After packing my luggage.I'm feel free just now.So,my hand run on this keyboard.Excited to update my blog.=)
In the morning,during i'm doing my community health nursing assignment,my stomach feel so empty.So,i go to kitchen.I see my mum there,sweeping our balcony floor.I say to my mum"mum i'll miss you,when i'm not here with you".>.< My mum just carve a meaningful smile on her face.I know my mum also gonna miss me.So,i just tell my mum,mum i feel hungry.Huhu.Since,last night i didn't have my dinner.
My mum just ask me to get my breakfast.In my mind,oh okay.Just wait for a while.I want to continue my assignment.After finish it,i'll get my breakfast.Suddenly,my mum come to my room."Dear,take your breakfast.",oh,my mum prepare my breakfast for me.So,touched.Thanks mum.Maybe my mum miss me so much.I'm seldom at home.I'll be there Only when i'm having holiday.So,i'm having a special breakfast from my mum.=)A cup of milk with bread.

p/s Thank you mum.I love you.I wanna hug you,I miss you so much,>.<

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