Monday, September 5, 2011

OMG!!No MOney..!!

Hello everyone!Peace be upon you...
Thanks for click this link and being here as readers and viewers.So,i want to share something that is so important to everyone.I'm easy to use this word"No Money,No Talk".Em,most of us having and always drive by this probs.When your friend bring you to go some outing.what will you say to them.."Oh no,I'm sorry i can't..I don't want to go anywhere,because...em..because..i want to save my money..."Instead,no money in your account,even you have,only enough for you to spend it for two weeks or less right??!So,have you all manage it properly.Haha,what i share to you all here,actually,comes from my life.I'm having this probs also.

Let me share the way to keep or save your money:
1.Open your own account at ASB
Amanah Saham Berhad.This will help you in saving your money.I don't know how to explain about it in a simple word.At the sametime,I don't have time to explain it in a long sentences.Hehe..Just try it guys..You'll know what it is for actually..=)

2.create your own madness to Collect coin
You know,i'm having madness in collect coin.When i'm going to buy something,the cashier will ask me.."Do you have coin?..Em,i'm lying them..hehe..I just say..Oh,i'm sorry..i don't have it.So,if the price are RM13.40,I give them Rm 14.00.I'll get the rest.70 make me smile..=)All this coin i put in a big money box.Until it full.So,when it full,i'm save it in my ASB account..=)

3.Control your feeling to buy clothes or accessory
As u all know,even girl or boys,this gonna be your habit..we all being a shopaholic.Huhu,try to avoid this.Before this,when i make some outing,i'll buy something new for me.Hoho.But,after i buy it,keep in my wardrobe.I don't know which one i should use.So,better control your feeling guys.Make your life simple.

4.Plan your money amount,before withdraw it
When you all in front of ATM,first you must know your account balance,before making withdraw.I know,most of us..if still having a much of money..(takdelah sampai berjuta) want to withdraw all the money.So,plan it before you withdraw money.Based on your expenditure.=)

Ok guys.All the way above,create by me.All are reserved.=)


Azeanthy Paiman said...

oo..i'm glad i could hold on myself from wasting too much money on clothes, make up and etc...

yups, saving money in ASB always adorable!let go dear!=)

aiNa yaZiD said...

yup saving money in ASB~! its work.
(^^,). keep it for future.

yg penting buat bajet untuk perbelanjaan. =)

ChentaEty said...

Eyan:good..i like u way better..

ChentaEty said...

yes..i'm totally agree with u dear..i'm pretty sure ASB help us so much..=)