Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Dad is A Great Man

Hye there..
Peace be upon you!
I'm coming again,i'm so delighted to be here.That why,i have post so many entry.Even only a little readers and viewers giving respond to my entry.I love you all guys.Thank you one more time,because stay here with me.I'll catching up all blogger that coming here by following and feed you blog with my comment.=)So,back to my title entry.All i wrote here is about my father.Hehe,knowing my father first before me.
My dad with my second youngest sister
My father name is Abdurrasik Bin Mado.But,he's better call by his friend "Awing",My grandma said my father called awing because he like doing travelling.Em,the sign of WING.Fly anywhere,like that.He's working as Musician at Radio Telvision Malaysia(RTM).Most of my family belong to music soul.They know to sing and playing instrument.
Do you know,whereever i go,walking with my father people will ask me,is it he is your brother.I'm just give them my meaningful smiling.Haha.He's my father la..(Adakah abang saya)hehe..This is because my father look so young even his age already 45 above.Oh,no untrustworthy guys.So,i'll put my father photo here.During he play some of music instrument and photo with other member of orchestra.Then you'll know what i'm going to say.

P/s I know maybe when you see me you'll ask the same questin right?okay guys that all from me.My dad is a great man because he can "$awet muda".=)

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