Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reality In my Life

Peace be upon you..

Dear all readers and viewers..i'd want to share something that hidden deep from my heart.I don't think it was my privacy story.Sharing is better then.Sometimes,to keep it so long without no sense to say,make it so complicated.I've dream as others.I hope it will become true.Just need a time to achieve everything.But,it changed suddenly out of my expected.This year 2012..grabbed me into a dark memories that i'll ever forget.It crushing my heart.Make me feel lonely indeed.

At the end of March,i've diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukimia.Oh god!It make me down to hear this news.Its hard for me to believe.Before this,i'm having a nice life with a good health.I'm just crying to accept the fact.Yes!i have a feeling to give up.Why god choose me to get all this condition.?Why Me!!Dear readers..i'm really so frust.Anyway,when i'm thinking again..maybe before this i've done something worst thing in my life and didn't realize about it.Till now,god give me challenges,and confront it alone.Everything happen,have a reason.I'm just strong..>.<
semangat kena kuat!!

So,i need to be strong.never stop prayingNow,i'm under the treatment.I've already done the 2nd cycle chemotherapy.I've through all the complication.Don't know how to explain,but i can say it so hard for me.When i'm sitting alone in this ward..I would like to release everything and just want to focus towards my health.

I'm suffer to my condition.People at the outside..have enjoy their daily life.While,i'm here just wait something hopeful.I keep my mind in a calmness.Breath with full of serenity.That is the reality of suffering.It so universal.How we react to suffering is individual.It can take us one of two ways.That sure can be strengthening and puryfing combined with faith,or it can be destructive force in our lives,if we do not have the faith in the lord's atoning sacrifice.So,the purpose of suffering,however,is to build and strengthen us.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hii dear all readers and viewers..
I come here with mixed's ok kan..y penting jiwa is always 1 Malaysia.Hehe..
This is the fact about someone life..Just read..maybe this is kinda bored monologue..that come from the writer..I hope everyone can understand it..


Seseorang yang sentiasa tersenyum riang di hadapanmu,
 ketahuilah dia sering menyapu air matanya tatkala sendirian....

Seseorang yang sentiasa menyuntik
 kata-kata semangat dan peransang kepadamu,
 ketahuilah tatkala itu dia sedang menyulam hatinya yang retak seribu....
Seseorang yang sentiasa kelihatan kuat di hadapanmu, 
ketahuilah dialah yang sentiasa mengadu lemah di hadapan Penciptanya...
Seseorang yang ketawanya menceriakan harimu, 
ketahuilah tatkala itu dia sedang membalut luka di dadanya..

p/s : Dia sentiasa cuba untuk bangkit, cuba untuk kuat, cuba untuk kembali, cuba untuk tabah dan yang pasti dia mampu untuk kembali gembira dan bahagia seperti insan lain..♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nice Rules

Hello everyone..
Currently,i'm in haematology ward..I'm feel bored here.I don't know what i'm going to do,i'm just only under the doctor observation for the post chemo.My blood result not so good.Fortunately,i'm afebrile.Today,the doctor have planning to tranfuse platelet for me coz it so low may cause bleeding.Dear all friend,just pray for me yaa.Hope so i'll get well soon.I need to be strong enough to through all of this.=)
So,here i want to share something that we all can apply in our daily life.It just a golden rules attitude which is very useful for us yaa..=)

If you do good to other,You will do good to yourself
Do evil to other,you wiil do evil to yourself
Be Means to others,they will be mean to you
Be courteous to others,they will courteous to you
Be rude to others,they will be rude to you
Be Friendly to others,they will be friendly to you
Be Hostile to others,they will be hostile to you
Have Respected for others,they'll have respect for you
Be kind to others,they will kind to you

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Miss U Dear

 Hello readers and viewers..
Thanks for coming..and leave a comment.I'll hit u all back.
I'm feel lonely just now.I miss him.I'm soory dear.coz stick your formal photo here.Hehe.It nice for me.=)
He's funny...
He's adorable...
He's Sweet..
He's loving...
He's Awesome..
I love the way he can make me feel safe, love and wanted, even when he's thousands of miles away.
More about him..
i love him because he's the type of guy that would laugh when i fall, help me up, and when I'm just about to cry whisper in my ear its OK baby I've got U..hehe..*Sweet..=)
When I miss him.. I go through all our old messages because it re-mind's me that he love  me..
When I'm upset about something. I text him and he always seem to put me in a better mood..=)

Ok la is only just like online diary.Whatever we feel..just write.You feel better then.=)I'm sorry if i'm in Jiwang mood.Hehehe..The photo that i'd stick on the great to see.I love it..Rose so romantic yaa..hehe..

Memories Baking Cake

Hye guys..
Looking forward to my entry today..
Everything is about my memories during baking a cake.I love cooking,baking and so on.The most important is activity in a kitchen.Just give it to me.=)Yummy..satisfy with our work.I'm sure one day,if my health already stable i'll cooking again.Not just for me,but for people around me..Family,boyfie and friend!Hehe.I know i can't buy a talent.But,i'm pretty sure with more practice and experience will become a talent.Actually,i've many more story that i want to share to u all especially recipes.I've learnt and tried many.

Yummy...ready to serve..=)
Suddenly,i want to look back once again this memories.=)My boyfiee ask me to bake a cake for him.I'm sorry my dear,my condition just now doesn't allow me to do so.I know he understand me.So,pity.I'm sure i'll bake a cake for him but soon.=)
Chocolate cake is the one of my favorite recipes.Idon't like to eat a cake.Coz it so sweet.Huhu.But,my hobby bring me indeed.Dear readers.. if god give one day for us to meet.i'll give my homemade cake to u all as a gift of our friendship.

Ety's Reserved

Dear all readers and viewers..
May u all have a nice weekend..=)
I'd talked that i'm thinking about creating my own template.Finally,i've already finished complete it.Even it so simple,but make me gratify indeed.I'm prefer combination of pink and white color in my template theme.This is my favorite color.Hehe.So,how about u all..i know u all are more pro.Hehe.Anyway,the important thing is we enjoy the way we are.

This is my new header,that i created.More related to my blog title.Hehe..Sweetheart.=)

Finally,i've complete my own blog template.simple.Cool.=)

So,before i'm going to readmit back to ward.I'm delighted to be here to make some post.Actually,after i'm accept the fact,i need to through all of this fate confidently.I've learning more about life.Everyday we live,love is need.Do small things with great love and you'll make a big difference.For me,everyway I were..I'm hold on all the things that make me happy and let go of things that make me sad!I Never blame any day in my life,because Good days give me happiness,Bad days give me experience,Worst days give me a lesson.I'm just enjoying the moment, and enjoying whatever, come what may. And whatever will be, will be. Most off all, I'm happy...=)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Be Postive (B+)

Hello everyone...
How are u all today?I hope so far so good yaa..
Now,i'm thinking about creating my own blog template.I'm going to upgrade my site with my own way.Sometimes using the old one make me bored.Hehe..So,creating something new is need for more improvement.Even my health not so in good condition,but it doesn't meant restrain  my life as usual.I'm always think positively.I know everything that happen towards me have a reason.May god bless me in anything.
Thanks also to my family,my boyfiee,my friends because always giving me emotional support and not stop to pray for my health.I'd cherish everyone.May u all also lived happily and having a good healthy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fate..I'm Strong!

Hii everybody...
Peace Be Upon u all...
So long i'm not update any post here..the last post was on february.My life so busy with my course.So,I can't fill up anything here..this is my first time that make me not to be herein. Now,we are in the month of May.Many things that happen in my life.Either Bitter or sweet i'm just strong to confront it.I don't know what condition I were now..Sometimes I'm feel lonely to through it.I know this is not good to have feeling like that.coz whatever we are..god always beside us..and hear us..Now,I'm in a big trouble.That make my life..stop for a while from achieve my goal.Just like i'm on my way writing all about my life in a book.But,suddenly stop in a middle.Nevermind..I know i'm strong to confront it,and confidently continue writing all about the things that come into my life.Even it bitter so.

I hope i’m get blessed with enough patience to stay and enough strength to move on.I’m grateful coz everyone around me always pray for me.Every drop of my tears,deep in my heart shout that i’m a strong person but every now and then  I also need someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright.
It so hard to accept the fact..but,must be strong and accept all of this is the fate from god.Everything that happen,have a reason...I'm accept it.