Sunday, May 20, 2012

Memories Baking Cake

Hye guys..
Looking forward to my entry today..
Everything is about my memories during baking a cake.I love cooking,baking and so on.The most important is activity in a kitchen.Just give it to me.=)Yummy..satisfy with our work.I'm sure one day,if my health already stable i'll cooking again.Not just for me,but for people around me..Family,boyfie and friend!Hehe.I know i can't buy a talent.But,i'm pretty sure with more practice and experience will become a talent.Actually,i've many more story that i want to share to u all especially recipes.I've learnt and tried many.

Yummy...ready to serve..=)
Suddenly,i want to look back once again this memories.=)My boyfiee ask me to bake a cake for him.I'm sorry my dear,my condition just now doesn't allow me to do so.I know he understand me.So,pity.I'm sure i'll bake a cake for him but soon.=)
Chocolate cake is the one of my favorite recipes.Idon't like to eat a cake.Coz it so sweet.Huhu.But,my hobby bring me indeed.Dear readers.. if god give one day for us to meet.i'll give my homemade cake to u all as a gift of our friendship.


✿Lady Ainaa ✿ said...

Oh My!!! Cake chocolate!! My favourite... Put the resipi, i wanna grab it one... I love baking toooo

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

macam sedapp jerrr.dun forget to bake for me kee in tuch dear ;) btw ur blog awesome! ;)

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

lady aina..ok dear..i'll share the recipe for u..=)
Sarah..thanks..see u again..

Anonymous said...

nampak sangaaattttt lah SEDAP !