Monday, December 27, 2010

~GaRdeN Of LoVe~

hye,all blogger and viewer...thanks aa...coz always with me...
what i want to share wif u all..about something..
that everyone have...

see and read this.....

i want to share about love story...
everything begin with love..

the story about a couple.....
the title is....


story begin

Boy: Baby, we need to talk.
Girl:dear, what do u mean?
Boy: Something has come up...
Girl: What? What's wrong? Is it bad?
Boy: I don't want to hurt you, baby.
Girl: *Thinks* Oh my God, I hope he doesnt break up with me... I love him so much.
Boy: Baby, are you there??
Girl: Yeah, I'm here. What is so important??
Boy: I'm not sure if I should say it..
Girl: Well, you already brought it up, so please just tell me.
Boy: I'm leaving...
Girl: Baby, what are u talking about?? I don't want you to leave me, I love you.
Boy: Not like that, I mean I'm moving far 
Girl: Why? All of your famliy lives over here.
Boy: Well, my father is sending me away to a boarding school far away.
Girl: I can't believe this.
[FATHER: (Picks up the other phone, interrupts & yells furiously
ERICA!, what did I tell you about talking to boys?!!!... Get off the
damn phone!! (And hangs up).]

Boy: Wow, your father sounds really mad.
Girl: You know how he gets, but anyways, I dont want you to go.
Boy: Would you run away with me?
Girl: Baby, you know I would, I would do anything for you, but I can't... You don't know what would happen if I did. My dad would kill me!
Boy: *Sad* It's okay.. I understand, I guess..
Girl: *Thinking*I can't believe what's going on.
Boy: I need to give you something tonite, because I am leaving on
flight 1-80 in the morning, so I need to see you now.
Girl: Okay, I will sneak out & meet you at the park.
Boy: Okay, I'll meet you there in 20 minutes.
[They meet at a nearby park, they both hug eachother. And he gives
her a note.]
Boy: Here you go, this is for you. I gotta go.
Girl: *Tear* (Begins to cry.)
Boy: Baby, dont cry, you know I love you... But I have to go.
Girl: Okay (Begins to walk away.)
[They both go back home. And Erica begins to read the letter he gave her]

It says...

You probably already know that I'm leaving, I knew this would be better if I wrote a letter explaining the truth about how much I care about you. The truth is, is that I never loved you, I hated you so much, you are my bitch and dont you ever forget that. I never cared about you, and never wanted to talk to you, and be around you. You really have no clue how much I hate you. Now that I'm leaving I thought you should know that I hate you, bitch. You never did the
right thing, and you were never there. I didnt think I could hate someone as much as I hate you. And I never want to see you, for the rest of my life, I will never miss kissing you like before, I never want to cuddle up, how we used to. I will not miss you and that's a promise. You never had my love, and I want you to remember that. Bitch, you keep this letter because this may be the last thing you have from me. Fuck, I hate you so much. I will not talk to you soon bitch... Goodbye.
" Ricardo"

[ Erica begins to cry, she throws the paper in tha garbage & crys for hours ]
... A day passes, she is sad, depressed and she feels so lonely... Then she gets a phone call....

Friend: How are you feeling?
Girl: I just cant believe this happened.. I thought he loved me.
Friend: Oh, about that. Ricardo left me a message. A few days ago. He told me to tell you to look in your jacket pocket or something...
Girl: Umm.. okay.

[She finds a piece of paper in the jacket,
It says:
"Baby I hope you find this before you read my letter. I knew your dad might read it, so I switched a few words...
Hate = Love
Never = Always
Bitch = Baby
Will not= will

... I hope you didn't take that seriously because I love you with all my heart, and it was so hard to let you go thats why I wanted you to run away with me... -Ricardo"]
Girl: Oh my God! It's a letter.. Ricardo does love me!!, he must of slipped it into my pocket when he hugged me. I can't believe how stupid I am!!

Friend: lol Okay but I g2g... Call me later.
Girl: *happy*okay, bye, I'll be at home waiting for my baby to call me!

... Erica turns the T.V. on......
[Breaking news] "An airplane has crashed. Over 47 young boys died, we are still searching for survivors... This is a tragedy we will never forget, this plane was flight 1-80... it was on its way to an all boys boarding school..." the Reporter says.
[ She turns off the t.v. ... 3 days later, she kills herself, because of the fact that Ricardo was dead & she had nothing to live for... ]
... A day after that the phone rings. Nobody answers. It was Ricardo, he called to leave a message. "Its Ricardo, I guess you're not home so, I called to let you know that I'm alive, I missed my flight because I had to see you one last time. So, I hope your not worried. I am staying for good...

em,take this wipe ur tears...hehe...

thats from me...only that..i want to share feeling with u all...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~the ColOurFull In Life~

 ♪♩♫ ♬ CoLouR~Oh~coLoUR ♪♩♫ ♬ 

A lot of times I watch TV and I watch film
 and there's so many things 
I'd love to talk about that I feel don't get the opportunity to be shown.
 Sometimes things become very stereotypical and one-sided, 
and I feel like it's such a colorful world.

In My Vision And My Mind

If you got a good imagination, a lot of confidence
 and you kind of know 
what you are saying, then you might be able to do it. 
I know 
a lot of colorful characters 
at home that would make great actors.

C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L.L ~ G.L.I.T.T.E.R

Is It LEMON Or ORANGE ????!!!!
WoNderful...I'm lovin it...


for favorite color is pink..hehe
coz color pink show's soft..
very nice for ladies
so,i want to make simple words
that i want to tell u all
You must choose your own line
as I hope to do 
and it will probably be color.

Who's Own My heart...
see me...already growing up wif my age..
thank you mom and dad..
that raised me up...

~TiMe tO sHow for The Cutest Things~
color pink
present to u all..

starting wif me..pinky ety...hehe..

See..its like ice cream..
haha...jgn tertipu...
this is soap...

chocolatte..inside love box..
colour pink..


this is meitoo...i have many collection key chain
like cute..


all below is mine..
belong to me...

my bed..

my baby patrick..laptop..headphone..hehe..

my broadband..on my laptop..
patrick smiling..hehe..

all my books...hehe..i have spending many2 ringgit..
to buy all of this..
myb my knowledge more2 than the ringgit
that i have spend..

ok session will coming..
hehe..juz follow me..

 ♪♩♫ ♬ T.H.A.N.K_Y.O.U ♪♩♫ ♬ 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

~Legenda ChentaEty~

Hallo,everyone....we see again in my,what 
the special link o title that i want to share???
well,firstly..thanks so much aa...coz spending ur time to click my blog here..
jadi,ari mau kongsi cerit..em,lebih kepada my hobby la...
other than spending my time by online...perkara len y slalu dbuat adalah...

Tarraaa...neylah genk2 i...y slalu bsama dkala suka dn duka..n sharing hobby 
yang sma...hehe...tengok wayang bha.....

~The Way WAtcHing Movie~
EEm,slalunya....only 2 ways...kmi orang tgk movie...
besalh...khidupan student ney...y still tinggal kat hostel...

the firstway...

wow!!dmna ney aa...hehee...sepa org sabah tue taulah...dimna this place..aa,
kmi spending time sini...bila ada money jak...kalo tiada..

The secondway...

Dilaptoplah,tuk kos y paling murah...hehe.....bila pokai jak ney...hehe...

~SHARING WITH UALL ABOUT LOVE STORY~,i want to share u all..stu story...y mnganyat hati sgt2...hehe...x kesahlah korang anggap me ney
jiwang karat kew...hehee....crita ney,citer melayu....d terbitkan oleh orang melayu...dilakonkan oleh orang melayu...d tempat org melayu...hehe...sgala2nya...MELAYU....sayangilah MALAYSIA...hahaa...


Memang best aa diz movie...hehe...myb sume dha tgk kan..bha,sendiri mau tau lahkan feel tue camna...ney khas tuk y da feel jaklah..for those y no comment...

Saya tidak tahu...I dont know...hehe....


~Bila Cinta~

Bila cinta kini
Tak lagi bermakna
Yang ku rasa kini
Hanyalah nestapa
Ditinggalkan cinta masa lalu

Dulu kau tawarkan
Manisnya janjimu
Yang ku sambut itu
Dengan segenap hatiku
Bila engkau pergi

Hilangnya cintamu
Menusuk hatiku
Ternyata memilih
Cinta yang fana

Perginya dirimu
merobek jantungku
Hingga ku terjatuh
Dalam harapan

Hilangnya cintamu
Menusuk hatiku
Hingga ku terjatuh
Dalam harapan
Dalam harapan

~Chocholatte ~

Hye!! u all..i want to share something about chocolate 
to u all..yameee...

There are many people who really think that chocolate is sinful, but actually there are many benefits of eating chocolate for human beings.


wow..yummmy..very delicious to eat!!

The real fact is this that chocolates have been used since decades by the medical professionals in order to cure the problems such as shortness of breath, low virility, hemorrhoids, weak digestion system, diarrhea, fatigue, gout, and tuberculosis.

cadbury..i want it...

According to the current nutritional researches, it has been identified that there are numerous health benefits of eating chocolates. There are probably ten basic benefits and advantages of eating chocolates on a regular basis.

1. The chocolates reduce high Blood Pressure due to presence of Flavonoids in cacao which balances the blood pressure and also decreases the blot clotting. The chocolates are used in intensive hyper active drugs.
2. It is high on improving the flow of blood to the key regions of the brain for about two to three hours in a continuous form after eating chocolates. Thus help in decreasing tiredness, ageing effects and sleepiness.
3. According to MSNBC, the chocolates are best in giving boost to the moods. The caffeine presence eases the symptoms of premenstrual.
4. It can avoid the damage of cells.
5. The pure dark chocolate is helpful in improving and balancing the blood sugar levels.
6. Eating few squares or slabs of chocolate can decrease the risk of heart attacks or can decrease the chances of death by a heart attack by over 50%
7. According to a study, a person having chronic fatigue syndrome after eating 1.5 ounce of chocolate feels easiness.
8. It is beneficial in lowering the LDL cholesterol and raising the HDL cholesterol.
9. It increases the metabolism of the blood sugar in one's body which further reduces the chances of diabetes.
10. As per the UK study, Theobromine component of cocoa is affective in giving an ease to a persistent cough as it opens the airways of the lungs.

Lepas ney...pergilah beli chocolate byk2 k...hehe..sempat lak mau p promote chocolote..well,for me chocolatte is very delicious..sweet to eat it..ngaapp...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its me And Only me...

hallo u all..firstly,i want to say thank you so much because spending ur time to click my blog here..:)i'm sorry, maybe so many things i need to improve..because this is the first time create this,let u know a little bit about my background..hehe...but not all..hehe..sometime need privacy...




i was born on 1990..oohh..em,thanks to my parents coz give me sweet name is SITI SALBIAH BINTI ABDURRASIk...just call me..Ety...i'm still study.Now,involve diploma in nursing under KKM A.K.A (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) at KSKB...


Now i want to share about my parents and my sibling.But not too,just see their picture below...i like to make it least,everyone know..hehe..


my parent..mR.Abdurrasik n Ms.Velbeth@Rosilla


my sister...adik ke-3n ke-4..wini n ziezie


my sis..anak ke-5..fifi..


adik ucu..bongsu..anak ke-6..Tiara..