Monday, March 11, 2013


Seriously time flies so fast. From day to day, I raised my concern about me. I don't want anything that bitter whose come into my life ruin my mood to continue all my plan. I don't want to keep in my mind “It’s hard”, for me if i set all the things like that, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”.so, i Stop saying its hard.then always think positive. All the pain that i feel  is the strength for me to live . For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth and build maturity. I can say that the only thing that stands between me and my dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible. Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. Without it how can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself? So, i keep it in myself to move on. I'd learn something from everyone who passes through my lives.. Some lessons are painful, some are painless.. but, all are priceless.

No matter what come into my life I put myself to have all of them as a something that bring me into happiness. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that I’ve decided to look beyond the imperfection. I love what all i've and need what i want.  Accept what I'd receive and I'll give what i can.  Then i  always remember, what goes around, comes around. I'm stick with my tought Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Insyaallah, we pray together we live with a blessing from God. 

P/s Late Night entry again. Hehe..Now, i feel sleepy. So, it's time to sleep. Goodnight everyone..Salam

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't never back again

Salam...Happy Saturday to all bloggeeps

Yeah,it's a perfect time to spend time with family,friends and your lover. But for me,it's a good time just stay at HOME. Just because the issue of invaders herein SABAH. Make all of us feel insecurity. No matter what happen. Just trust all of our Police and ATM. They doing well.Never mind, let time make everything back to its point. Life must go on. Even me broken-hearted. It doesn't mean affect my life. What past is past. Absolutely,no hatred. I call all of this is just an experience that teach me to be more mature. Problems that come into my life never make me down. Instead, all were teach me to be a strong person.

 No matter what happen, i trust god (ALLAH S.W.T). Even someone hurt me. I pray for his happiness. May god bless them. The one thing i said to him 'Once i let you go,find your way,please never back again to me." Yeah,that all i need. No need to give a thousand reason.Whatever happen. There is nothing more to be discussed. All decision that i made based on my maturity. What you deserve from me just a friendship. So, i never ruin your life. Now, you will know who i am really is.  Enough is enough. Past is past. Thank you so much for everything that you leave for me. Only Allah know..why all of this happen. So, i trust God. Insyaallah, this is better for me. with all my sincerity. I let him go. May Allah blessed him. Amin...=)

Friday, March 8, 2013

When My heart singing all bloggeeps
Thanks click my link and spend your time to read my entry. As i mention, now it still hot. Many things happen. But i never feel despair. So,my entry for today. I had cover a song by Adira-Lara Lagi. Yeah, music treat everything. Through its lyrics. Everything write here. So, this is my video. It just mp3. I'm singing with my guitar. I'm not good in singing. It just for fun. Release everything that i feel. Alhamdulillah, i'm okay.

Mungkin sudah suratan kita
Terpisah sebegini saja
Pasti di suatu hari nanti
Ku jejak..Bahagia

Adira-lara Lagi cover by me....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hati Berbicara

Salam to all bloggeeps

Next penulis masih boleh mengukir senyuman walaupun terlalu banyak perkara yang menduga kekuatan mental dan fizikal. Inilah liku-liku kehidupan yang mencorak perjalanan saya dari bermulanya kelahiran sehinggalah ke hari ini. Pahit lebih banyak dari manis. Namun,saya tidak pernah menganggap kepahitan itu menjadi penghalang untuk meneruskan perjalanan. Siapapun manusia yang menumpang di muka bumi ini kalau diikutkan. Mahu dituruti segala kemahuan. Tapi ingatlah yang berkuasa di atas Allah S.w.t telah merencanakan sesuatu untuk kita. Kita menginginkan A, tapi Allah s.w.t telah memberi kita B. Itulah hakikatnya sebagai hamba Allah. Kita hanya mampu merancang,tapi tuhan yang menentukan. Berbahagialah dengan apa yang telah tuhan berikan. Tanpa mengira pahit atau manis. Sememangnya itulah yang kita perlukan. Allah tidak berikan apa yang kita minta, tetapi Allah berikan apa yang kita perlu.

Alhamdulillah, Allah masih sayangkan saya. Allah telah membuka mata dan pintu hati saya terhadap seorang hambanya. Yang satu ketika dulu. Pernah menjadi insan yang bertahta dalam hati ini. Siap berjanji saling setia ke hujung nyawa. Namun, di satu titik. Segalanya terhenti kerana tertulis yang antara saya dan dia bukanlah jodoh. Inilah takdir. Setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita dengan orang yg salah supaya kita sedar bahawa ALLAH MAHA PEMURAH & PENYAYANG kerana mengingatkan kita bahawa dia bukanlah pilihan yg hebat untuk kita dan kehidupan kita pada masa depan. ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita dengan orang yg salah supaya kita dapat mengutip pengalaman yang tidak semua orang berpeluang untuk mengalaminya.  ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita dengan orang yg salah supaya kita jadi MANUSIA YANG HEBAT JIWANYA. Hanya kesabaran yang mampu saya titipkan dalam hati ini. Saya mengikhlaskan hati di atas apa yang berlaku. Insyaallah, saya yakin dengan ALLAH..akan ada seseorang yang terbaik menanti saya. Apa yang penting sekarang, bukan memikirkan soal jodoh. Tapi berfikir masa depan. =)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guitar and Me

Salam everyone..
After a while i'm hiatus in blogging.Then, i'm coming again. As i mention from my last entry. I'll cover a song by Adira and Hafiz-Ombak RIndu..I love music so much. Yeah, singing and playing guitar. Help me to put  all my problems behind me. Music treat my mind and feelings. Sorry, i'm not good in singing. Haha.. I admit it. It just for fun and Mikirayauu..haha..okay guys..enjoy..i'll attached the video. Below..

Ombak RIndu-cover by Me (Etysalbiah)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miss all the moment

Hello bloggeeps..

Late entry again..hehe..i can't sleep..huhh..:(
Yeah,many things to think. when i start remember back what all the past. I mean not a bad memories. I remember back all the sweet memories. I cried loud from my heart. Lonely, only god hear how's my heart. Then, to release all the feeling. I start plucking my guitar and singing. Suddenly, the first song that past in my mind is Ombak Rindu . Yeah, make me feel everything. I cry when singing this song. While, rewind back all the sweet memories that come into my past life. 

So, just wait for the next entry. I'll sing and cover Ombak rindu . Hmm..yeah,just a short entry.Hehe..okay guys. you all..=))

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Every ending is just a new beginning

Hello dear all bloggeeps
Pejam celik pejam mata..buka,we are at the end of february..Cepat masa berlalukan..Saya yang tak kerja ni pun rasa masa cepat sangat berlalu.Apa lagi korang yang bekerja kan. Always busy.  
So,tomorrow is a new beginning. Even we are at the end of february. It doesn't mean we ended here. Haha.. Tomorrow still have a new beginning. Many things happen to me..last year .But i don't say all that things was the ending of my life. No!!!hehe..For me..every ending is just a new beginning. Cepat atau lambat pasti ada  ruang untuk kita memulakan sesuatu yang baru. 

Never give up, just move on. Be yourself even people simply judge you without knowing you very well. Okay guys, good bye to February. Welcome to March. =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello everyone..
Yeah,late night entry.Hehe..After, so long i've been hiatus. No story. At the end of february i'm coming back.Actually, I'm not busy. Well, jobless. Haha.. The only reason that restrain me to keep blogging is laziness. Plus,  internet connection so poor. Huhu... yups, thank you Allah. Even too many things that come into my life..not just things but people too. I live and keep move on whatever happen. Be grateful. Hehe.. I'm happy to live with my family and friends that always support me. 

So, either bitter or sweet that come into my life.. I'll live happily. No meaning of life without all that things. Even sometimes ruin my mood but i don't keep myself in problem but try to figure out. I love the way i am. Never expect,keep trying and never put hope on anything but ALLAH. Okay guys, simply writing a short entry here. Just to increase my archive in blogging..haha..See you all again in my next entry. So, dear all bloggeeps..keep blogging..i still stalk you all. Hehe..Goodnight and sweetdream. =)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just A moment

Hai you all..
My bestfriend..hehe..Irma and Me at tanjung Aru beach
Wah,really..time leave us so faster. Now, in the middle of february. Many things happen. Either it bitter or sweet. All are experience. Without it, we can learn right. Hmm..Last week, i attended my cousin wedding day. Yeah, so blast. Even tired being their wedding photographer but so awesome. Yeah, this is my second entry for this month. Hehe..Rasa malas bah mau update. Kih kih..Yesterday,spending time with my friend at Tanjung Aru beach. Yeah, waiting the sunset. I'm happy. Finally, i got the photo. 

I was there with my bestfriends and one of my friend, Photographer also. But he really PRO..not beginner like me. At least, spending time with them. Can release my tension and forget all the pain and problem that ruin my mood. Hehe..Okay guys,just all i want to share here. Not so many story to tell. Let the photo show our story yesterday.Hehe..

Bestfriend Forever

I took this photo..using my baby nikon..hehe

By me...Etysalbiah

Photo by Etysalbiah

I love this so much..really beautiful..Thank you Allah..i took this..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Self -Esteem

Assalamualaikum dear all bloggeeps..

Yeah,this is my first entry for this month. As the time flies so fast,now we are in the second month of 2013. February for me give me a fresh start. After many things ended at January. Well, no need to talk what the thing is. For sure, i'm pleased with everything no matter it was bitter, hurts and pathetic. As i hold my words, whatever happen never to put hope on anything but ALLAH.  

What past is past. No need to look back and never put yourself back into the worse thing. What we need is move forward. No one can predict what the good thing behind the big wall only Allah know. So, what we need is effort. Struggle to find the right pathway with a blessed from Allah. Insyaallah, nothing imposibble. Okay guys, so my day just now..really better than alright. Haha..
No need to think all the cranky things. Just wasting time. I know something great waiting upon me. Ameen..yeah,just finished scribbles here.

P/s  On this coming thursday, i'll go back to my village at Sandakan and attending my cuzzy wedding. Of course, i've job to do there. As she hire me to Photographed her wedding. ok bloggeeps..see you on my next entry. Udada...=)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Plans Should Be Neatly

Hello Readers
Good Evening!!

Credit to Mr.Google.One way..

Alhamdulillah,having brighten day today. As all muslim celebrate Maulidur Rasul. Salam Maulidur Rasul. Today is pretty historic for our Prophet Nabi MUhammad S.A.W . So,let's do Selawat. As day goes by day,i'm still doesn't have any official work to do. So, just stay at home. Doing my routine. Now, i'm actively doing outdoor activity. I mean "Lepaking" at City Mall like Centre Point,Karamunsing and One borneo. Haha.. Saja jak membuang masa, tenangkan fikiran release tension dan sewaktu dengannya. Bila boring sangat duduk rumah, itu yang jadi kaki jalan . Tambah lagi, penganggur. Tapi Pengganggur yang profesional Okay..haha.. Perasanlah sangat..

Back to my Main topic. Plans should be neatly. Yeah, i've plan my own target for this year. Insyaallah, dengan izin Allah s.w.t Everything will running smoothly. I've mention to you all about the plan to go for transplant bone marrow. I've decide it and all were cancel. Now, i need to concentrate about my health. Make sure everything okay. Recently,i've done doing some procedure. Bone Marrow Aspiration to make sure no cancer cell seen. Alhamdulillah, the result really make me calm because complete remission. Means no more cancer. Even like that but i still need to care everything that related to my health. The most important is..My relationship between me and Allah s.w.t . Kena banyak berzikir,solat sunat hajat,tahajjud.Bersedekah. Dengan niat kerana Allah taala. Insyallah,you find the way. Hehe..

I've discuss with my doctor. I want to continue my study in nursing course. Only one year. Alhamdulillah,he's agree with that. Insyaallah,this coming July if there was no other obstacles i will continue. So, now i keep my routine day. Enjoy my time as much as i want because no more responsibility. Only keep focus on my health. So,just all for today. I want to play Volleyball at our residential hall. Love you all guys.. daaa...=)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Peace Be upon You..
Dear All readers..

I'm in Love..yeah..=)
Put your hands up..who's watch this drama Akasia on tv3 "SETIA HUJUNG NYAWA".I know,mostly watch it.Dah jadi buah Mulutkan.Ngeee.. Now, i'm fever on it.Haha..Many things i learn from watching this drama. I know, this drama was adapted from Novel. Love story for young age. So,sweet. Many conflict between husband and wife. Just because the past, her husband can't accept the reality what has happened to her wife and their relationship . Zain is a sweet guy. with evertyhing happen towards him.When he know about Ersalina preggy..then,ruin everything. Their happiness. Zain treat Ersalina like rubbish.How damn him..Everyday,i never miss to watch this drama.
Till my mum said " bah,feeling habis suda bah anak mama ni" Yeah mum...well,you know me..hehe..Jiwang jugalah..bab~bab cintan cintun ni..macam saya dha yang ada kat dalam tv tu..merasa segala-segala..Ahaksss..

Then,there's a quotes that i like. It say " Tiada Manusia Suci,yang tidak mempunyai masa silam, Tiada Manusia yang berdosa yang tidak mempunyai masa hadapan". Even it just a drama. In real life, maybe some of us undergo all of this situation. No one know. But, some have that. So, don't forget to watch it. Better you all read the novel first. Then,you'll know how the story is adapted in this drama. Hehe..once i'm laughing,some scene make me feel angry,resentful. Till cry.Haha..Berfeeling habis.

Who's in love, couple,husband and should watch this drama. Then,you know "heaven" and "hell". Haha...Laughing so loud. =) 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Then,What To Do?

Peace be upon

Life without doing nothing. I mean something that make your life so hectic. Include busy working,exam or studying. While me, like i'm feel zero here. Just stay at home. From day to day. No planning. Really weird having a routine like this. Eat-Pray-Sleep-wake up. A long time ago,when i'm in hectic schedule..i really want a space for me that release me from doing anything. I mean a long rest. Like i have right now. Haha..Now,when i'm in it..Oh god, i know what i want not really good for me. I realize, i'm willing to live in all god planner than mine.

Then,what to do?so, as my circumstances not allow me to do anything. I mean working or anything else. Better i just focus on my health. This is the key for me before other thing. Yeah, enjoy my time as much as i want while not doing something heavy. Like doing something that can dispel my boredom. Novel,movie,cooking,sewing..all housewife routine..I don't know how long i could be having all of this. Haha..whatever happen..just trust and put everything to god. God Willing, i know something great waiting me. So,keep patience and never skip praying and remember Allah every moment. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kisah benar tentang Hidupku

Hari ini masuk ke-8 hari kita berada dalam tahun 2013. 7 hari yang lalu terlalu banyak perkara yang datang dalam hidup kitakan. Tak kiralah pahit manis. Semuanya menjadi pengalaman kita. Mesti you all naik heran plak entry saya kali ini dalam Malay. Saja tukar hangin..hehe..Lgpun english sy takdalah mantap sangat. Biasa je. Bagi budak tahun 1 baca pon, mereka dha boleh faham. Takpalah, apa bahasa pon kita guna yang penting kita enjoylah kan. Actually, banyak benda nak kongsi ni. Saya tak kesah pon share something yang privacy dalam hidup ni. I mean, tak semualah nak share. Macam yang korang tahukan..entry sebelum ni,say a bagi tahu korang saya ni sakit. Sakit bukan biasa-biasa. Macam demam, makan panadol. Okay dha lepas tu.Huh,,nak seek attentionlah tu . Saya bukan nak minta perhatian taw..hehe..takdalah..kita share ney. yang mana korang rasa elok,ambikla ye..yang tak elok tu.Abaikan..

Kemarin,saya review. Jumpa ngan pakar haematologi. sebelum ni,doktor ada plan untuk saya,buat transplant tulang sum-sum. Means, nak tukar sum-sum tulang yang saya ada sekarang ni dgn orang lain. Bukan orang lain pun penderma saya. Adik saya sendiri. Syukur alhamdulillah, terima kasih Allah. Susah nak cari penderma sebenarnya,kira untunglah ada yang sama dengan adik beradik sendiri. Tapi kan...masalahnya..
Hmmm..SAYA TAK NAK BUAT TRANSPLANT.Doktor pun terus diam dengan apa yang saya decide ni. Then, doktor ckp..kalau saya tak buat transplant..potensi untuk penyakit datang balik sangatttt lah tinggi. Lagipun doktor kata..penyakit saya ni..jenis yang ganas..nampak sgt ada kedegilan dia..So,transplant adalah jalan terbaik. Tapi....doktor kata..dia tak jaminlah 100% yang penyakit saya takkan balik lagi. Doktor kata lagi, memanglah buat transplant ni..ada risikonya. Dalam 10 orang yang pergi mungkin 2-3 orang je yang berjaya. Kalau anda berada ditempat saya,apa pilihan korang akan buat. Setuju tak kalau ikut apa yang doktor plan???

Apa pun keadaan, saya bersyukur sangat sebab ALLAH s.w.t bagi saya peluang untuk hidup. Memperbaiki hubungan dengannya. Everything happen for a reason. Alhamdulillah, penyakit saya buat masa ni memang dha complete remision. Saya rasa okay. Badan taklah lemah. Rasa lebih bersemangat lagi dari keadaan yang sebelum ni. So,macamna dengan keputusan saya tentang transplant tu. Setuju ke tak. Tetap jawab saya. TAK SETUJU...tahu tak kenapa??sebab saya rasa badan saya ni dha tak cukup kuat untuk melalui chemotherapy. Hanya Allah saja yang tahu bagaimana rasa sengsaranya kena melepasi segala cabaran ni. 

Lagipun,saya berpegang dengan kata-kata "Sesunguhnya,tiada penyakit didunia ini yang tidak boleh dirawat melainkan maut". Apapun keadaan, apa yang kita miliki didunia ni..hanyalah bersifat sementara. Tak kekal. Semuanya hanya milik Allah s.w.t. So,banyak lagi ikhtiar lain selain dari buat transplant. Pernah saya terbaca satu buku,tentang rawatan penyakit kanser ni. Kadangkala, terover dose terima rawatan pun boleh menyebabkan maut. Memang Allah s.w.t sudah menetapkan ajal maut kita masing-masing. Tapi tanggungjawab kita menjaga diri kita ni,apa yang Allah pinjamkan dengan kita. Semua memang menjadi tangungjawab kita untuk menjaganya dengan sebaik-baiknya.Sebab tu kita dikurniakan akal fikiran dan hati untuk memilih jalan yang betul.

Bukan saya tak percaya dunia perubatan moden. Saya hargai usaha doktor-doktor yang banyak beri bantuan untuk merawat saya.Alhamdulillah,sekarang memang penyakit tu dha takda. Saya letakkan segala-galanya dengan Allah.Hanya Allah yang menyembuhkan. Minta dengan Allah,agar saya dipanjangkan umur. Bukan untuk mengejar keseronokkan di dunia ni.Tapi banyak perkara yang belum saya pelajari, masih perlu masa untuk memperbanyakkan amalan. Saya bukanlah alim sangat, tapi berusaha memperbaiki hidup di jalan yang Allah redhai memang inilah yang saya nak sangat. So,walaupun saya tak ikut plan doktor nak buat transplant tu.Saya masih tak putus-putus meneruskan usaha lain. Sekarang banyak benda saya kena jaga. Untuk elak penyakit berulang lagi. Saya yakin sangat dengan kuasa Allah. Insyaallah, Allah akan berikan yang lebih baik dari apa yang saya inginkan. Yang penting,perlu banyakkan bersabar. Solat tak tinggal. Banyakkan solat sunat,solat hajat,tahajjud. Insyaallah,Allah sentiasa ada disamping orang-orang yang sentiasa berusaha memperbaiki amalannya..

Fuhh,panjangnya entry kali ni.Sebab tu saya tak suka buat entry dalam Malay. Ayat berjela-jela..bosan orang nak bacakan..hehe..Apapun..saya hargai korang yang sudi baca entry saya ni.Yang sudi nak komen bagi support,pandangan semua..saya hargai anda sangat-sangat. 

Love you all..=)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Random Scribbles

Keep wondering with everything that come into my life
Bitter or sweet
but all doesn't have specific answer
speechless is i am to be

sometimes in tragedy
i found life's purpose
life isn't limitless
As all simply say
"Sometime you have to forget what's gone
 Appreciate what still remains
 And look forward to what is coming next"

We all have our own book of life
 We're just trying to find someone
 who can read it, understand it, or help us to finish writing it
I learn with everything that come into my life
There is something i
 can't fix, can't heal, or can't escape, 
and all that i can do is trust God.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The beginning of 2013

Hello everyone..

with one world.welcome to NEW YEAR 2013!!!!

First January, it's my first entry on this new year. i'm welcoming 2013. Last night, on 11.59 PM the last thing that crossed in my mind on year 2012 was dreaming having a full blast life on 2013. Insyaallah, with all god permission everything will be fullfill on this year. Amin..Hopefully, may Allah give me the sweetest gift into my life after a year before i'm having all the bitter that ruin all my plan. I never despair with all of this.Otherwise, i'm really grateful because Allah choose me to have all the most painful things. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah i still have a chance to have my life. I have a chance to improve my relationship with god. Gratitude to Allah.

So, for this year. All plan were neat and just wait the time to realize all the things. Eventhough we all having a life in the same year but our fortunes all are different. Just plan what we want but Allah has power to predetermine all of our dream and wishes. Let's pray to Allah, may everything would be accomplished. Okay dear all readers and viewers. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. Hope this year be nice to us, bring more happiness and may god blessed all of us. Amin.