Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just A moment

Hai you all..
My bestfriend..hehe..Irma and Me at tanjung Aru beach
Wah,really..time leave us so faster. Now, in the middle of february. Many things happen. Either it bitter or sweet. All are experience. Without it, we can learn right. Hmm..Last week, i attended my cousin wedding day. Yeah, so blast. Even tired being their wedding photographer but so awesome. Yeah, this is my second entry for this month. Hehe..Rasa malas bah mau update. Kih kih..Yesterday,spending time with my friend at Tanjung Aru beach. Yeah, waiting the sunset. I'm happy. Finally, i got the photo. 

I was there with my bestfriends and one of my friend, Photographer also. But he really PRO..not beginner like me. At least, spending time with them. Can release my tension and forget all the pain and problem that ruin my mood. Hehe..Okay guys,just all i want to share here. Not so many story to tell. Let the photo show our story yesterday.Hehe..

Bestfriend Forever

I took this photo..using my baby nikon..hehe

By me...Etysalbiah

Photo by Etysalbiah

I love this so much..really beautiful..Thank you Allah..i took this..

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NinaAz said...

Sunset... sooo beautiful!!!