Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Self -Esteem

Assalamualaikum dear all bloggeeps..

Yeah,this is my first entry for this month. As the time flies so fast,now we are in the second month of 2013. February for me give me a fresh start. After many things ended at January. Well, no need to talk what the thing is. For sure, i'm pleased with everything no matter it was bitter, hurts and pathetic. As i hold my words, whatever happen never to put hope on anything but ALLAH.  

What past is past. No need to look back and never put yourself back into the worse thing. What we need is move forward. No one can predict what the good thing behind the big wall only Allah know. So, what we need is effort. Struggle to find the right pathway with a blessed from Allah. Insyaallah, nothing imposibble. Okay guys, so my day just now..really better than alright. Haha..
No need to think all the cranky things. Just wasting time. I know something great waiting upon me. Ameen..yeah,just finished scribbles here.

P/s  On this coming thursday, i'll go back to my village at Sandakan and attending my cuzzy wedding. Of course, i've job to do there. As she hire me to Photographed her wedding. ok bloggeeps..see you on my next entry. Udada...=)

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✿A I N A A✿ said...

thats true sis... ena sekarang kadang2 teringatlah kesilapan masa silam, tapi itu mmbuat ena sedar dan warn diri ena supaya jgn buat kesilapan yang sama lagi