Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hye there!
How are you?I hope you all fine yaa.I'm coming here again..just want to post my own song..that i created two days ago.This is special song to my lovely one..Mr.Isz!hoho..even my voice not nice and good to hear..i hope you all enjoy..So,i drop here my lyrics and how to sing, to everyone that have  nice and power voice.I like if you all try to sing this song.Hehe.I'm playing it with my lovely guitar.=)Before that,i'm realky sorry because the quality of this video not so good yaa..Ok guys,hope you like it!

kaulah yang terindah
yang pernah ku kenali
dalam seribu cinta

hanyalah dirimu
yang benar memiliki
cintaku sepenuhnya

Akukan Berjanji
mencintai dirimu
tuk selama~lamanya

Di siang dan malam
ku merindui dirimu
sayangku oo...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Special For my dear

Hello there!
I come here again.My entry today is dedicate to my dear.Isthanny..I want to say "I LOVE U SO MUCH"I'm really sorry because doesn't have time to celebrate his birthday.I'm only greet him through a call.So,to my dear,i just want to list something that always you bring inside my heart to love you so much dear..=)Just say happy belated birthday,his birthday on 11 October .But i don't have time to create a post just for him on that day.So,dear..this is sincerely from your sweetheart to you..=)

1. I love your kind heart
2. I love that you are a clean freak.
3. I love that you are very patient
4. I love that family comes first in your eyes.
5. I love that your a dreamer and your living your dream.
6. I love that you pray with me and for me all the time.
7. I love that you never go a day without saying you love me.
8. I love that you know how to makes me laugh.
9. I love that you are humble.
10. I love how you always remember the little things I say.
11. I love your cuddling.
12. I love that you watch old movies, and listen to the oldies with me.
13. I love that you are honest (maybe sometimes you are not by making surprise but that's OK. I like )
14. I love that you take the time to talk to my mom and dad
15. I love how when I am sick you always take care of me.
16. I love how you NEVER look at other women, it's like you never even notice there in the room.
17. I love that you let me decorate anything my way.
18. I love that when you want to try something new you always want to include me in it.
19. I love that after all this time you can still make my heart sink.
20. I love how I can still get butterflies in my stomach when I know you getting ready to walk in the door after a long tour.
21. I love that you always be by my side no matter what.
22. I love that we still can't get enough of each other.
23. I love you...because you are you. just that simple!

Happy Birthday Sayang...=)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss U All..!

Hello readers and viewers!
How are you all there?

Hope so you all in good condition yaa..My picture above during i'm attend school visit..for check student health status.I'm really miss this moment.
I'm really sorry because so long i leave my blog without making any post.Actually,i'm really want to post something.But,I don't have free time for it.My time really busy.Huhu.I don't have anything to write so long here.I just want to give you all something,that i make for you all.Don't worry,you all still in Heart chart...=).Hehe..I present to you all Najwa Latif-Carta Hati (covered by Me).I'm singing this song with my lovely guitar.Before that,i want to say..i'm really sorry because...i'm singing not so good as the original singer..Haha,,Watchaa..guys!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Morning Blanket

Hye there!
Good Morning!How are you readers and viewers.Happy weekend day yaa..I already woke up just now.I feel want to continue my sleep.Huhu.So,tired.Today,i've PM Duty shift.I'm working start from 2pm till 9pm.I come here just to update my blog.Nothing special here,it just my feeling along i drive my way.Em,I think 2 years already I've sit in nursing course.1 year more,i'll finish it.I just can't wait that to fulfill my goal..Huhu.I hope i'll end up my study with excellent way.I'm just praying to god.May god bless me in everything.And same goes like you dear readers and viewers.Wish all the best for you all.
Tomorrow i'll move to Apin~apin and need to stay there along 2 weeks.I'm working at Klinik Kesihatan Apin~Apin.Yesterday,i'm enjoying my day by making some outing with my friend at pekan Keningau before leave.Huhu.Enjoy!hehe..

P/S I miss Kota Kinabalu So much,just can't wait finishing my practical here.I miss my family and boyfiee..too!>.<