Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss U All..!

Hello readers and viewers!
How are you all there?

Hope so you all in good condition yaa..My picture above during i'm attend school visit..for check student health status.I'm really miss this moment.
I'm really sorry because so long i leave my blog without making any post.Actually,i'm really want to post something.But,I don't have free time for it.My time really busy.Huhu.I don't have anything to write so long here.I just want to give you all something,that i make for you all.Don't worry,you all still in Heart chart...=).Hehe..I present to you all Najwa Latif-Carta Hati (covered by Me).I'm singing this song with my lovely guitar.Before that,i want to say..i'm really sorry because...i'm singing not so good as the original singer..Haha,,Watchaa..guys!


Miss Kagimoto said...

haii !
how are you ??
been so long not update anything ^^

i hope u're doing very well ya :)

aiNa yaZiD said...

dear..~! long time no see. i miss u too. (^^,)

Si qusowt said...

amboi..lme xupdate..dan kmbali berblogging dengan personaliti artis n blog berwajah baru..hehehe
jemput singgah blog ya

Fane Davis said...

darling ko d apin-apin kan sana.hehhe