Friday, October 28, 2011

Special For my dear

Hello there!
I come here again.My entry today is dedicate to my dear.Isthanny..I want to say "I LOVE U SO MUCH"I'm really sorry because doesn't have time to celebrate his birthday.I'm only greet him through a call.So,to my dear,i just want to list something that always you bring inside my heart to love you so much dear..=)Just say happy belated birthday,his birthday on 11 October .But i don't have time to create a post just for him on that day.So,dear..this is sincerely from your sweetheart to you..=)

1. I love your kind heart
2. I love that you are a clean freak.
3. I love that you are very patient
4. I love that family comes first in your eyes.
5. I love that your a dreamer and your living your dream.
6. I love that you pray with me and for me all the time.
7. I love that you never go a day without saying you love me.
8. I love that you know how to makes me laugh.
9. I love that you are humble.
10. I love how you always remember the little things I say.
11. I love your cuddling.
12. I love that you watch old movies, and listen to the oldies with me.
13. I love that you are honest (maybe sometimes you are not by making surprise but that's OK. I like )
14. I love that you take the time to talk to my mom and dad
15. I love how when I am sick you always take care of me.
16. I love how you NEVER look at other women, it's like you never even notice there in the room.
17. I love that you let me decorate anything my way.
18. I love that when you want to try something new you always want to include me in it.
19. I love that after all this time you can still make my heart sink.
20. I love how I can still get butterflies in my stomach when I know you getting ready to walk in the door after a long tour.
21. I love that you always be by my side no matter what.
22. I love that we still can't get enough of each other.
23. I love you...because you are you. just that simple!

Happy Birthday Sayang...=)


aiNa yaZiD said...

so sweet~!
i owez pray for ur happiness dear. bdw, happy besday to 'him'. (^^,)

ChentaEty said...

To Aina: hye dear..thnx eyk..long time not dropping here..haha..=)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

happy birthday to him too..may god blessing ur r/ship..keep happiness always ya..=)

Fane Davis said...

so sweet both of you...