Sunday, February 26, 2012

Condition I were

Hello there..

Huhu..this weekend so dull..for me.I didn't going hang out..with my friend.I'm not feeling well just now.I don't know what the problem  that affect my health.I've chest pain and lower back ache.Em,i just relax to through it even this is too serious and hard for me.

Forget about that,so i want to continue about other things.I just can't wait to have my semester break in this first of march.Only one week,it  too short right?..nevermind,i'll fill up it with a lot of things.This two days i'll have night duty.Huhu..Hope so on that night,no sleeping beauty.=)

p/s >.< Been All over the world..=)enjoy everything..cheerful..=)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Engagement!

Hii everyone..
Today in my blog wall..i want to share something about my friend's wonderful day.
Last two week ago,on 4th February i'd attend Puteri Nurakmaliyani Shakira engagement day with her lovely future husband Fendy.well,Whenever we attend an engagement day, you will definitely feel that love is in the air. This feeling is felt by everyone, simply because of the engaged couple.It will be always nice for both of you to receive engagement gift with greeting and wishes that are really witness as the love grows deeper.So,here i greet and wish for engaged couple...

“As both of you look forward to wedding day, may your love be the reminder of the joy that lies ahead. Happy Engagement!”

“You’re engaged…
For all of your lives,
May you find in each other.
The friend of your heart…
The joy of your world…
The love of your life!”
“Marriage is not only the beginning of a beautiful relationship but also the end of a life long search for the other half of your soul.”

I'm so happy when this part .Hehe..Excited the mother in law touch your hand to wear a gold ring that definitely change your status.=)so,dear my lovely friend Puteri Nurakmaliyani Shakira .God makes way for the both of you to find each other. May you get married without any trouble and have a bright future ahead of you.

 An engagement is the moment between two persons that makes them truthfully realize how significant they are to each other. This is the time to cherish. My Best Wishes are given to you. Have a very great life ahead.May your engagement be the foundation of a lifetime of happiness together.Ameen~ Congratulations!Puteri Nurakmaliyani Shakira Binti Jasirah.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fill in The Blank

Hii everyone,
Everything that i wrote here and stick here..just want to fill the blank af my blog.Hehe..
Thanks because still view it.Appreciate everything that come from you all.=)So,i put a quotes that i really love..for remind each of us..yaa..Take it as positive thing in our life.

There is no happiness except in 
the realization that 
we have accomplished something.

The whole of life is but a moment of time. 
It is our duty,
 therefore to use it,
 not to misuse it.

Everything Is Okay

Hello dear readers and viewers
Peace Be upon u all..
Prolonged not being here..just like leave something gloomy here,Oh..em,i'm really busy just now.Final year in my course getting me into depression.Hehe..Today i'd went to library with my member.Finding journals for our research.It so difficult for us to find article related to our research.Even we all feel like this,this condition not easily bring me to despair.Confidence can overcome everything.So,even i'm busy with my task and so on that related to my student life,i still stand-walk smoothly,confident and sometimes run to gain and achieve everything.Only with the sunshine of life,everythings gonna be okay.=)

So,I hope keep a better life.Then,pray also for our life,may god give us a good life and everything will be okay!..Ameen~