Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hii readers and viewers..


Here I am again..Before i'm fall asleep..I thought it's better for me to post an entry here.wow, time has flown so fast.Tomorrow,i would readmit back to haemato ward. Perhaps this blog will be hiatus for a moment till i'm finish my third chemo. I don't know how long i'll be there.It could be a several days,a weeks or for months.As long i'm in a treatment,so i'm not here.This circumstances restrain myself to stay on blogging.

I'm pretty sure i'll miss to blogwalking, stalking your blog.Hehe.. It doesn't matter,i'll come again after everything is completed. certainly, the days in the ward is monotonous. Therefore,I'm already list all the things that i could do along i've been there. obviously, I would spending my time to read novels.After the third chemo, I'll have one more cycle to go through. Hopefully, it would run smoothly and I'm endowed the strength to confront all of these trials. I'm so grateful and trust to god because always beside us even in everywhere we are.My heart seems couldn't wait to finish all of this treatment. I hope so, everything would come back normally.I want to live as everyone else. occasionally,I'm wondering why God chose me to deal with this reality.Perhaps, the reason is God loves me as the slave on this earth if I am confident with myself and be patience with all the trials.

Dear readers, don't worry yaa.. immediately after I discharge from the ward, I would visit your blog then.Oh ya..the doodle that i attached here,i'm create this for my faithful reader..that is Dear Aina...thanks always keep reading my post..sorry if this doodle not so perfect..=)..

p/s So,to all readers keep blogging.I'll catch you later.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's Smile

Hello readest and viewers..
Wow,it's already too late to create new post. Hehe
Please Smile..before you continue read the whole of my entry..ngeeee...=)

Before i'm fall asleep..i want to take a few minutes of my time..to share my doodle with a quotes. I'm so busy with this lately. I don't know,what kind of addiction that could bring me into it. haha.. So far,i've many collection of doodles. I thought it couldn't be, apparently it's working so well. Yups,i'm really agree with the quotes " practice makes perfect " ,even my doodles not so perfect,but i'm really satisfied with my work. I'm glad to created it. So,here we are..with my doodle that wore the shawl..

Next entry,i'll come up here with another doodle. I'm ought create it as much as I can,then share it to you all.okay,thanks so much to all of you, that always dropping by here. Tomorrow is monday,so let it begin with a blasting day.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Couple Doodle

Hello everyone..
this is a wordless entry..hehe..i create this couple doodle with love quotes. =)

Okay readers and viewers..Actually,a couple of days ago i've create many doodle..So,i'll give it to those that always stick in my blogs.thanks so much..okay,i'll leave the link of my doodle to the lucky readers..to receive my doodle..i hope you all like it..hehe..i'm sorry maybe it's not so perfect..=)

Oh yaa..this doodle is created especial for my lovely friend..hehe..yaa..good luck for you exam yaa Azeanthy ..wish all the best for you..so,to all bloggers..pray for her final exam..may god bless her in anything..ameen..=)

okay,thats all from me..bye2..see you again..in my next entry..=)

Friday, June 22, 2012

My First Doodles

Hello everyone..
Once again,So happy to be back here and of course here I am..=)

Doodle is the cutest art for me.It so interesting when creating a doodle in your own creativity.Currently,I've done it.I'm happy indeed.Even it take time too long..hehe..but,finally..i've created my doodles.It was fun and challenging for a beginner like me. It's not as easy as I thought..So,now i'm trying to make doodle as much as I can.I'm so maniac with this thing..Haha..I'm so glad with this long period of gap. Obviously, I actually have a list of what I'd like to do during the gap . So,i'm just let it flow.

Picture that stick below is my doodles..=)First time yaa..hehe..not so perfect..

Oh ya..i'm stop here. I want to continue my next doodle.Hehe...I know some of you,look this doodle as a weird thing..and really annoying..for those don't love it, just leave it yaa..Everyone of us,have our own interesting and have the reason why we choose it,like it or instead..For me,i'm love doodle so much.Okay guys,next entry i'm coming again with my other doodle.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seriously,i want to be more healthy

Here I am ..

When talking about health,there's a lot of healthy sources which is very useful in our daily life. For me, life couldn't give any meaning without a healthy lifestyle. Stay alive with a healthy mental and physical. Seriously, make me looking towards it. I've told you all on my last entry before this,  my health status is not in good circumstances as i'm was diagnosed have the AML disease. No need to mention again what is it, for sure i'm still under treatment. Plus i'm a neutropenic ( low immunity ) . So, i need to be more cautious.I'll make sure i'm take on a healthy nutrition, then having a healthy lifestyle.
I've take a dietary supplement from Amway Brand .The price is around Rm120++ .But,i don't care about the price, the important is i'm always stay healthy. This product namely "Double-X" . Every purchase it contain three type of vitamin ,186 tablets in 3 foil vacuum packs which is important to our body.It include of Multivitamin,Multiminerals and concentrate Tablets. 

So far , along the couple of months i'm with this product it so worthwhile for me. Before this,my blood reading always drop .  All are not in stable range. After i'm loyal to use this product,apparently everything have change. My blood count lately is in stable range. The doctor not too worry about me. Yaa..I'm feel good till now and hope so i'm will for the other day. Not just taking the supplement,but i'm do some light exercise.

So,come on guys..please concern about your health.You know why?The first wealth is health.Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.Since i get the AML disease,I've realize that from the bitterness of disease i've learns the sweetness of health.

p/s Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live..=)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I read them

How are you all readers and viewers..
I hope you all enjoy your day yaa..

I'm coming again here and writing about the novel. As i mentioned you all in my entry before,I'd read a novel written by Jessica Brody which given a title "My Life Undecided". This book was amazing! It was hilarious, understanding, but most of all extremely hilarious. A fun read, light and fluffy, but also with a simple little message which I think worked very well.I really enjoyed this book.

 I loved that this characters Brooklyn who's 15 years-old . Flawed and not sure what to do.She finds herself in a bad predicament. A result of another bad decision. Her best friend is avoiding her, her parents are disappointed in her, and she was sentenced to community service at an old folks home. Brooklyn comes to the conclusion that she is a bad decision maker and needs to put her decisions in the hands of others. She starts a blog where her readers get to make all of her decisions. Her decisions are put to a vote and majority rules. 

Her crushes, Brian and Hunter were completely different and desirable in their own ways. It was fun to watch everything play out, try to figure out what the readers would pick for her, and how she reacts to her new experiences and choices she otherwise wouldn't have made.This is a spectacular contemporary, with lots of laughs and some tender serious moments sprinkled in.Friendship, love, personal growth, responsibility and making the right choice forms a huge part of this novel.

This book surprised me in a good way. It is not something that I would have typically chosen but the synopsis of the book is what got my interest. Writing a blog, where you let people decide for you what choices you make…scary but intriguing..=)

So,now..I'm read the next novel.The title is BitterSweet written by Sarah Ockler.Okay..just all i want to write here.See you again in my next entry..=)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Blossom Of Love Between Me and Him

First of all..Before I'm start my words out and being too stoked..
Hye readears and viewers..
Peace be upon you and happy sunday to everyone!

Saturday,16th June 2012,it's been 4 years I've been in a relationship with him(Mr.Isz).When talking about the date,it's so worth for us as we have been declare our relationship being couple.Remembering about the moment he propose me to be her special lover in his life.Yups,i'm willing to be with him.So,yesterday is our couple anniversary.Despite it was our day,but we didn't have any planned to celebrate it.Mr.Isz have a damn of hectic time lately.Fortunately, i'm understood the circumstance of his life going on.

Apparently.it's been so long we have been together faced all the bitter and sweet,great and small obstacles that come into our life.Nonetheless,we never felt yawnful and upset to one another.Instead,the love grown deeper into our soul.We were always thinking positve and being open-minded.what take us back to the past are the memories,what bring us forward is our dreams.
Distance never separates two hearts that really care
This is Mr.Isz Photo..Our moment during having lunch at Tenom

Both of us hold the word of "Fidelity".We are not gonna promise to each other that we will not disappoint one another.You know why?Because at some point we will.It's so pointless.The important is we don't go away,even when we are a thousand miles away,we don't escape and we don't leave one another just because we were disappointed.That's the meaning of fidelity.I'm so gratefull to god,with the blessing,gracious and merciful we were still love each other till now and hopefully our relationship will be eternal ever after.

Even I didn't have make a special date with him,go outing and having a candle light dinner as other couple did..I'm not get myself from great frustration.Actually,I've a special gift for him..ngeee..Surprise for him.
Today,he will come to Kota Kinabalu.Driving his self from Ranau entirely make him tired.This week he would to attend the induction courses of enforcement officer.Perhaps every of his single day running smoothly.While,my excitement to give him this special gift make me impatient.Hohoho..
The last but not least..I love you Mr.Isz..Sincerely from Mrs.Ety heart..Happy Couple Anniversary..The age of our relationship has been 4 years old...haha..If we getting married since we met at the first..our son or daughter already 4 years old..never minds..One day,the days for us will come..=)

Okay dear readers..just pray for our happiness and relationship yaa..love you all..see you soon in my next entry..bye..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've made a request

What a special request that I've made yaa..
Hello my dear readers and viewers..

I'm coming again after leaving my blog for a while..Haha..As I told you all,two days ago is my appointment to readmit back at ward.You know what had happen.I've made a request.The story begin like this,as i'm arrived at the ward then.The nurses ask me.."Owh,you already come..can you wait for a while".I'm just nodded and saying"yups,its okay".sit down there for a moment.Then,the nurses come again"I'm sorry my dear,all the bed already full..did you want to sleep in a camp bed?"oh,somewhat bizarre of their management..I'm grinned to them."Em,can i request one thing from you all?"then grinning again.I just request,if my chemo has not been started yet..better i go home first.After the nurses make some discussion with the doctor,they all agree and give me a permission to do so.In a somber tone shifting to cheerful mood.The nurses just tell me to make a call on friday morning.Before i'm leaving,they have been took my blood sample.

So,in the early morning of blasting friday,I've made a call.The nurses told me about my blood result.Well,so far everything is okay and nothing to be worried.All were look more stable.Oh god,i'm so grateful to hear about it.Then,i'm wondering about my bone marrow result.Hence,ask them to explain about it afterwards.The answer is..it still in progress maybe nextweek the result will be out and they'll start to plan the dose of my chemo.On monday next week,i'll readmit back to the ward.Thats all about the story.

Instead of that,now I'm more to bookworm..I never feel bored to spend my time for reading anything else.
The Great Gatsby and My Perfect Life

Today i'm just spending the whole of my time to read a novel.I still read the novel that written by Jessica Brody namely "My life Undecided".I'm nearest to the end of this novel.Just can't wait the ending of the girl's life story that so exciting.I've many books to read.Recently,my younger sister had bought me two novels from popular bookstore at the shopping mall.I'm going too excited to read all of this novels.You know what,i'm more passionate about books.Regardless,type of book,i love to read them.as you've been seen the photo that stick all above,its my new novels.I think you all must grab it and read them too.Hehe..

Ok guys,nothing else to be share.Thats all from me.See you again in my next entry yaa..So,enjoy your day as much as you want and make it fine yaa..okay love you all..goodbye dear..tataa..=)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm leaving for awhile

Hii there..

How are you all?..
Hopefully everything running smoothly yaa..and have a fine day to day.
I'd told you all,today i'll readmit back to haematology ward.Yups,i'm leaving for awhile.This is a great time for me to have a free-minded.In fact,it was somewhat tired to think a lot about my life.From day to day,i still counting the day.Like I want to control all the time..then.make it fast to end-up all the things that worst and weird for me.I'm tired to be feigning that everything in front me is alright.I'm quite sure all of this will be end and i really know who I am that strongly enough to confront all this fate wisely,I never give up.I believe myself.

So,wihtout doubful..I'm walking on my way..keep praying to Allah..As my Life goes on..

Okay dear readers and viewers..I'm stop scribbles here.Hehe..I'm leaving for a while.I need to undergo my treatment.Third cycle of chemotherapy.I don't know how long it take my time and for sure it probably a short time for the chemo but perhaps take a long time to be there to make all stable .I'll have one more cycle afterwards.Regardless,I'm pass through all the good and bad things with a strong heart.

See you all again..next time..don't worry I'll go blogwalking.after I'm done everything in this ward.So,enjoy your life as a blogger.Sharing anything else that happen in your life.Okay guys,i'm leaving for awhile..=)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Go Out and I'll Live in My Life!

Dear all readers and viewers..
Peace Be Upon You..

Wow..the time run faster..as I'm catch up everything.Monday is the beginning of every weeks.Are you believe that everything happens in our life there's for a reason indeed?.Well,People that come into my life and I know right away that they were meant to be there.They serve some sort of purpose,teach me a lesson or help figure out Who I am and who I want to become.As long as I've don't know who these people perhaps but look eyes with them,I know that very moment that they'll affect my life in some profound way.

Sometimes,things happen to me at the time that may seem horrible,painful and unfair exactly.But,in reflection..I realize that without overcoming those obstacles,I would never realize my potential,strength,will power or heart.
Everything happen for a reason.Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck.Illness,love,lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity..all occur to test limits of my soul.without this tests,life would be like a smoothly paved,straight,flat road to nowhere safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless.

The successes and downfalls that I'd experiences can create who I am,and the bad experiences can be learned from.In fact,the are probably the most poignant and importance ones.If someone make me hurt,betrays me or break my heart,sincerely deep from my heart..I'll forgive them because they have helped me to learn about trust and the important of being cautious to everybody.

Just all I want to write here..all of that come up deeply from my soul.So,nothing else..I believe in myself,even no one else believe in me.Everything that i've learn will create my own life and I'm sure to go out and live in my life.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Count the day

Hye peeps..

It's a rainy day for the whole sunday..as i'm catch the cold.Now,i'm in my pinky blanket while my finger running on this keyboard.Well,i'm counting the day to readmit back at hospital.Totally make me tremble as long as I didn't want to go back such a place.Dear readers,you know why?When I'm get there,just like me buried in a gloomy day.Oh god..I just can't wait to release everything that weird for me to get over.Just as I told you all.Next week,on tuesday i'll undergo Bone Marrow Aspiration.Its a kind of painfull procedure.Otherwise,the best thing to make everything will be alright,i'm always giving a brave smile.I know I'm strong enough to have it.
I hope no more doubt ever after.I need to be positive minded on everything else.

No one can help me,except mine.The only way other can do is pray.Pray to god,then hope what else happen in my life no more doubtfull because each of day is better.I fully trust with glory of Allah s.w.t.Oh yaa..On 14th June,i'll readmit back to haemotology ward.I'll treat with the chemo.I don't know what type of chemo and how long i've it.After that,i'll have one more cycle.Then,i'll consider as healthy as other.Everything remain back to normal.I just can't wait to complete all my treatment.I've done make a long list to do afterward.I hope everything running smoothly.

okay readers and viewers.My eyes already fall asleep as the rain and wind catch me here.So,cold and for the whole night will be pleasant to sleep and dreaming.See you again yaa..Goodnight and sweetdream  =)

Moon Pie

Hello readers and viewers

If Only all problems could be solved with pie.
Now,i'm in a novel mood.While,i'm not doing nothing else.So,its better for me to spend the rest of my time to read some book.I'm more passionate about books.Last two days ago.I'd finished read this novel given a title "Moon Pie".Its a kind of touching story that more blended about a life of a children.Once I'd gotten over the hurdle of not knowing where this book was heading, I found it an enjoyable and educational read.

Moon Pie tells the tale of Martha who's 11 years-old young girl, her brother Tug,5 years-old were live with their father. Their mother already passed away since Martha 9 years-old.Her father's acting strangely,with no job and it's up to Martha to find out why; enlisting the help of her younger brother and her best friends Marcus, the flamboyant classic film buff, and Laura, the blunt - but honest - technology enthusiast.

What follows is the discovery of a huge secret...

I'll tell you now, I didn't guess what was going on in this novel. I attributed that the absence of a mother figure was somehow linked to the father's unusual behaviour. The father in the novel is revealed to be an alcoholic. I've not read any children's books that address the problem of alcoholism before. I loved how sensitively this was revealed in the novel.Then, I wonder how a young girl can handle such a problem in her family.She's full of hopes to make everything will be better than alright.Moon pie just their favorite food.I'm not really sure what actually,the linked of the title with this story.Hehe..The ending of the story,Martha's father totally change.He stop being alcoholic.He got a new job.Martha had attend an audition to act for a hollywood film.She finally get it.For more enjoy,its better to read this book.You'll find the feeling that i felt then.

Would you put your fate into the hands of blog readers?
So,now i'm going to read the next book.The title is "My Life Undecided" by Jessica Brody.Later,when i've done read it.I'll tell you all how the story going on...what else,em,i think i'm stop here.Hehe..see you again.=)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tips #1

Hello readers and viewers..

I'm gonna share a tips.Tips that more blended about beauty.As we all know,beauty is a priority to every woman.This is be the must thing in my life.Without it,no more confident right?Someone just asking me"Hey,Ety?can i ask you"..Oh ya..whats that?.."Did you doing facial treatment oftenly,love you skin".Oh god..i'm startled for a while..then grinned.."dear,i didn't have enough money to have facial treatment"
Yups..honestly,i never go to any beauty center just to have it.So,its better for me sharing the tips here.Just a simple tips and no need to waste money.Just spend a little only.
Here are the tips....

1.Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables
Ya!!Agree..drink plenty of water 7-8 glass per day.Water act as moisturizer for our skin.other than that..When you wake up in the early morning..before brush you teeth..get a drink of a glass warm water..While,fruits and vegetables..enriched with vitamin C.It Protect ourself against infection.For me..i love to eat an oranges and spinach.Hate to eat cabbage..i don't know why..maybe it tasteless..hehe..

2.Early to bed
Don't stay up!.."Haaaa?how about my task..i need to complete it,i have exam..oh god..no..i can't sleep early..i'm gonna doomed!"..well,its ok guys..i know..busy with student life,working and so on.The important thing is..get enough rest.So,in the early morning,let it always begin with sparkling day.

3.cleansing your face
3 times a day or when necessary.I'm using warm water to rinse my face.You know why..warm water function well in led blood circulation.I'm loyal to use Shurah Susu Kambing.Please take note..when you having wash you face..don't scrub and wash too hard.

4.Product that i used 
This is lotion.You can apply to you skin.You can buy it,at any cosway branch.Function as moisturizer.Do not apply to you acne.

I love to use BB cream.This product is from Philiphine.I'm not sure what  the brand.I just buy it from my mum 's friend.

Toner.Easy to use.Work better in removing make up..you must try it..
other than that..moisturizer that i love to use is Shurah Susu Kambing.Before i'm sleep..i didn't apply any cream to my face.Let my skin free to breath.Hehe..

Ok dear readers and viewers..just at all.I'm finish here.Hehe..No more special tips to be share.All are here.So,before i'm saying goodbye..this is a short tips that we can use in our daily life..Everyday in my life..4 basic daily personal skin care i used too.Cleansing,toner,moisturizer and sun block.

see you again in my next entry.ok..tata..=)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Dear all readers and viewers..
peace be upon u..

Fotografi..is my hobby..i know i'm not pro.But,i try to be so..hehe..=)
So,i'm coming up here with a simple entry.I'd nothing to share.My social life not so exciting.=)well,i'm enjoy it happily.While, no other important thing to do so,surfing internet become a part of my daily activity.Other than that,is capturing photo.I've spend my time with my lovely holga to snap everything around me.Most of it is my stuff.I'd many collection of photo.Then,i like to share it.

So,here..is my tumblr.Namely DELOVER OF LIFE.For those feel free..just visit me there yaa..it just a simple web..most inside it is photo de quotes!!..
I've one web,which i used to share all my photo collection.So,i Just want to invite everyone in my tumblr.I know some of u,being rarely to use it.But,i'd like it so.I've this account and namely(just click it here) DELOVER OF LIFE.Em,no more story about my life there.I'm almost fill up it with photo and quotes.Sometimes short story.It more be like simple.

Okay everyone..just at all.If you feel free..visit me there..just for fun yaa..i hope you all enjoy it.=)

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hello everyone..
Ting Tong!Assalamualaikum..mama..i'm coming home...
I give a big hug to my mum tightly.. badly miss her so much.After a long period i'm spending my time in a ward.My mum can't accompany me along there..only my sister..coz she so busy with the housework.This school break giving a wonderful scene in my house.All my family member blasting our house.Then,I'm surprising..they already paint our house..with adorable color.Make my eyes blink~blink..I miss everything in my house.Once step in the floor..just like doesn't want to come back at hospital again.

So,i'm break with the ward activitiy for a while.Thanks to all the doctors..Giving me space to breath easily.On 6th june.I'll have a review with the dental specialist.Last week,they done extracted one of my baby tooth.=)So,just check it soon.Em,i'll spending most of my time in my home.No more outdoor activity.I'm the one that neutropenic.So,just stay at home.I'm happy at all.
Hoho..my lovely room..semak la plak time snap ney..hehe..i miss my room badly!
pink and white..memang tidak dapat dipisahkan dari hati Ety.Love pink and white so much.!!
Wooott..ney aa my youngest sister..y comel cam kuih tembam..hehe..snap time dia baru habis mandi.Allolloo...ciannya..terpaksa dia..seksi plak tue..=)
Now,i'm sitting in my lovely room.Playing with my youngest sister..just call her baby tiara..hehe..she's not a baby..already 3 years old..

For the next plan..12th june i'll undergo some minor surgery.Just under a local anaesthesia.Watch out for the bone marrow aspiration.The bad procedure in my life.But no more choose,i need to through it with a tough heart.After that..14th june readmit back to ward.For continue my 3rd cycle chemo.Yaa.I just can't wait to finish all the plan.Keep praying on everything,i know only myself can help and heal everything.Insyallah..I'm feel easy to have all.

Ok dear readers and followers..
i'm okay here..with a big smile..
currently,at home.I need to find something in my wardrobe.Something that i miss to wear.Hehe..see u again in my next entry.Insyallah...if my hand get a great time and my brain give any idea to post here.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just A random!

Hello dear all readers and viewers..
Peace be upon you...

Thanks come again in my pinky site..so,today..and..after ney..saya nak letak entry in mixed langguage la..hehe..mixed langguage..like Rojak Buah!!..Eh,nolah..i mean..version English-Malay.I know,tak semua readers suka baca entry in english.."Apalah..membebel...grrrrrr..."..dha tue..mgkn ada y kritik.."Ish...english dya ney..ya allah..baik masuk tahun 1 balik..x superbbb langsung..ada ati nak english2~...Yalah..yalah..hehe..Anyway,dunia blogger ney..bebas tuk sesiapakan..its up to tuan empunya ..hehe...nak masukkan entry yang camna..yang pastinya...saya tak banyak comment negatif..saya suka terjah blog orang..tinggalkan komen y Positif..then..follow..coz i know all bloggers are awesome!! =)

I'm sorry guys..di hujung minggu yang tak sehebat minggu lalu..terasa bosaannn sangat..i don't know..what i'm going to share.No idea..just duduk depan lappy..tengok orang update comment kat facebook..then,tekan button like..hehe..

Oh yaa,yesterday..family boyfiee ety..ada big day..sedih jugak tak dapat join them.Abang kepada En.Isz selamat menjalankan sebuah majlis perkahwinan.Syukur alhamdullillah...semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu..amin~Congratulations..Saya takda foto nak dsharekan..just can't wait from sis Azeanthy blogger..share photo wedding mereka..

Ok la...just a random..i'm stop here...see u again..in my next entry..tata..=)