Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Dear all readers and viewers..
peace be upon u.. my hobby..i know i'm not pro.But,i try to be so..hehe..=)
So,i'm coming up here with a simple entry.I'd nothing to share.My social life not so exciting.=)well,i'm enjoy it happily.While, no other important thing to do so,surfing internet become a part of my daily activity.Other than that,is capturing photo.I've spend my time with my lovely holga to snap everything around me.Most of it is my stuff.I'd many collection of photo.Then,i like to share it.

So, my tumblr.Namely DELOVER OF LIFE.For those feel free..just visit me there just a simple web..most inside it is photo de quotes!!..
I've one web,which i used to share all my photo collection.So,i Just want to invite everyone in my tumblr.I know some of u,being rarely to use it.But,i'd like it so.I've this account and namely(just click it here) DELOVER OF LIFE.Em,no more story about my life there.I'm almost fill up it with photo and quotes.Sometimes short story.It more be like simple.

Okay everyone..just at all.If you feel free..visit me there..just for fun yaa..i hope you all enjoy it.=)


AmyZana said...

Tumblr sye dah berhabuk. X tau nk letak ape -.-

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

yaa dear..sometimes i'm feel blur..doesn't know what i need to put there.btw,finally..i found the solution..just stick photo n some quotes there..will be more fun..=)

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

ena tak faham sebenarnya tumblr nie ape sbnrnya and how to use it.. huaaaaaaaaa... by the way, ena dah lihat, it is pretty.. ena pun suka tangkap gambar and tngok gambar yang cun2.. memang sgt teruja.. put more okay sis?? hehehe