Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I read them

How are you all readers and viewers..
I hope you all enjoy your day yaa..

I'm coming again here and writing about the novel. As i mentioned you all in my entry before,I'd read a novel written by Jessica Brody which given a title "My Life Undecided". This book was amazing! It was hilarious, understanding, but most of all extremely hilarious. A fun read, light and fluffy, but also with a simple little message which I think worked very well.I really enjoyed this book.

 I loved that this characters Brooklyn who's 15 years-old . Flawed and not sure what to do.She finds herself in a bad predicament. A result of another bad decision. Her best friend is avoiding her, her parents are disappointed in her, and she was sentenced to community service at an old folks home. Brooklyn comes to the conclusion that she is a bad decision maker and needs to put her decisions in the hands of others. She starts a blog where her readers get to make all of her decisions. Her decisions are put to a vote and majority rules. 

Her crushes, Brian and Hunter were completely different and desirable in their own ways. It was fun to watch everything play out, try to figure out what the readers would pick for her, and how she reacts to her new experiences and choices she otherwise wouldn't have made.This is a spectacular contemporary, with lots of laughs and some tender serious moments sprinkled in.Friendship, love, personal growth, responsibility and making the right choice forms a huge part of this novel.

This book surprised me in a good way. It is not something that I would have typically chosen but the synopsis of the book is what got my interest. Writing a blog, where you let people decide for you what choices you make…scary but intriguing..=)

So,now..I'm read the next novel.The title is BitterSweet written by Sarah Ockler.Okay..just all i want to write here.See you again in my next entry..=)


✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

sis selalu beli buku novel english kt mana ek??? ena tak tahu nak cari yg best2.. huihui... i wanna be like u!!!!... awww

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hii dear..ohh..slalu sis beli dekat bookstore..kat sabah ney memang byk..myb kat semenanjung lg byk dear..u can looking forward..to choose which one u attracted to read and make sure it's interesting..just read the title and the synopsis..u'll know..best ke tau x..novel tue..=)

Anonymous said...

mcm best je jalan ceritanya..fira pun suka baca novel2 omputih sebab jalan crita lebih unik dan meaningful,.right sis?
btw,fira dah follow sini semula.thanks kak:)

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

fyra:hye..yups,memang this story best dek..sis prefer this book for you..hehe..memang ending dya pun buat sis senyum jew..hehe..anyway,thanks follow me yaa..=)

SimplySeoul said...

it's been a while, like a long while for me to read a novel. great suggestion. will start reading one soon. i need to get back to those flowery, well phrased lines, novelish sentences because i think my joint words are getting rusty haha.

A.G.P said...

wow!sounds interesting! i need to get that book...=)