Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hye readers and viewers.Happy sunday day.Thank you so much because always keep in touch my pinky blogger site.Good Evening.So,what are you all doing now..I know some of you having your outdoor activities and other just sitting in your home.Doing nothing.Hehe.Same goes like me.I'm joyless just now.I'm feel bored.I didn't go outing.Just eat,pray and sleep.
So,i'm having some break time right now..My mind so miserable.So tired because thinking
 so much thing about life and love.Em,i'm just bring my heart to confront it well..I really miss 
my dear sweetheart also.Never mind,i don't want my feeling towards everything restrict my daily activity.

Next week gonna be my last semester break.This July will starting a new semester.After this,i'll busy with my study and practical day.I think i've no more time to spend here with you all.I need to prepare myself to the next semester.I hope everything will be better than last semester.I've also got my result.Alhamdullillah,so excellent.Congratulation to all  nurse trainess group because we all doing well in examination and also in Sports.Thanks to god because always bless us.

So just now,i'm just thinking about my planning for the next semester.I need to rest my mind along this semester break.Hehe.I'm ready for the next semester with a strong passion.May god always bless us.Thank you...Goodbye guys...see you again...=)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hye readers and viewers.Good afternoon..Do all of you get your lunch?For those who not have your lunch yet,go eat first...Hehe.Now,For my entry,I want to talk about bestfriends.I know everyone have your own bestfriend.wherever you are,you will get a new friendship.We far from our family right,so Friends are relatives you make for yourself.A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.Last night,I got a call from my old school bestfriends.I miss them so much.

They are my bestfriends since secondary school.So,long i didn't outing with them.So,they call me just want to invite me to join them for outing.I'm so delighted with this invitation.But,i can't attend them because so busy with my day.I'm feel guilty because of this.Actually,last month we already went outing but in a short time.So sad.Even like that,i'm still feel happy.So,to recall back our past memories..i attach some of snapshoot,during our outing.

To my friends there..i hope we all can enjoy one day for outing soon.I miss you all.Love you all..I'm really sorry can't attend you all today.There must be happening and enjoying when together with you all.Miss them..I know they understand me..hehe..=)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hii My Sweetheart!

Hye you all.Peace be upon to readers and viewer.Happy Friday day..Thank you always visit me here.I come again..Actually,i've long been to tell  and sharing about this.So,i think this is a good time to tell you all.haha..Since,now will coming weekend and semester break.Have you all watch a movie namely "Hii My sweetheart".Opss..same like my blogger site name.."sweetheart"hehe...This is a Taiwan Movie..I love the actress."Rainie Yang".I always keep in follow with her new drama in Tv.Maybe some of you know also about her.Because she is a famous singer and actress in Taiwan.Other than love her character in drama,i've also love her voice.She is a singer.She always become a main character in every drama.Like ,Meteor Garden in Taiwan Version,Devil Beside you and more.

"Hii my sweetheart".Love this title.And the way of every scene inside it.So,i attach some of the scene that i love watch it..hehe..The boy character also make me enjoy to see this drama.Very funny hehe..He is the nerd one..He like Pink Panther.Da lang~Da lang~hee...u see this video..

I thing better you all find this drama.I'm sure it will be your favorite drama also..hehe...That is "Hii My Sweetheart"...I never feel bored to watch it oftentimes.

I'm join the contest

Hello my readers and viewers.I come again want to tell something that i think for those have blog also can join this contest.This is my first time to join the contest.I've got this news from sis AINA .Thank you tag my name.The contest namely"BLOG SAYA COMEL".Huhu..i don't know whether my blog is the cute one or not (>.<)..Never mind,trying something is good.Better than never trying right?


Actually this contest is organized by CIK QISTINA.I know she is the cute and beauty one like her blog.Thank you so much for this contest.I love to join this for my first time.Hehe.The term and condition to join this contest very simple i think.Don't worry there have very precious gift.Come join this contest guys.Never one know who's the lucky one..hehe..only Cik Qistina determine the winner of this contest hehe...=)Are you interested?Come..just click here CIK QISTINA and read every term and condition there.

I tag this contest for "4" beauteous Girl:

Love Pink Color

Hello readers and viewers.Good night,its time to sleep hehe.But,my eyes don't feel sleepy yet.If you all see my blogger site,full with color pink right..because i'm so mad with pink color..for me,The color pink has always been closely associated with ladies and young girls.As we all know,in art..Pink is a combination of red and white color.Do you know why i like pink?hehe...
Pink is the color of universal love. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means "I will never forget you".The symbolic meaning of Pink  was softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness, tenderness, romance, nurturing, friendship, femininity, soft and kind people.

So,for those like pink..there is something that symbolic in our life..with this color..Most of my things is pink color...I will show them to you all..i really love pink so much...=)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wonderful Day

Hey you all.I send my smile to all of you as my readers and viewers in my blogger site.I send to you all a great smile because a smile is a language everybody understands. It costs nothing but creates much. It happens fast but its memory may last forever.So Keep smiling guys.Hehe.Em,have you see my entry title.What the event or something that i mean so wonderful on that day?aa...As you all know,i love to eat so much..the fact,i make confession about this.Maybe this will bring my weight up right?Never mind,the important thing is satisfaction,while my weight still not going to the level of obese.Hehe..Palis~palis~...

The wonderful day that i said is about my usual dinner with my beloved bestfriends.The usual become extraordinary one since the event so happening.We enjoy our dinner together with fullblast of food there.Even it just a simple dinner,but make me feel so delighted to be there with  them.Other than dinner,we also spending time together along that day.To my friends, Thanks for your support through our thick and thin glad to have such great friends that help make amazing things happen in my,here we are..enjoying something that i think very womderful in my life..miss them so much..hehe..=)
We all wear the same T-shirt that is we "R" Malaysia..hehe..

Baby sitter

Hello readers and viewers.How your day?I hope everything so well.I'm still enjoying my semester break for one month.Everyday,i'm busy with my day.Nevermind,I think this is my time to spend it together with my family.Even my day make me tired..but,i'm happy.I have two youngest sister that still small.So,my time busy with them.Well,i'm a baby sitter for a while along my semester break.Hehe...Both of them very naughty,sometime make me get giddy with thier behaviour.Child behaviour..My mum day..i'll have child.I will through the same things when become a mother.I'm just smile to my mum.

Everyday,i'm fill my time to help my mum,cook for them.Clean and tidy my house.Even,busy..i'm stilll have time to online here.Hehe...Em,i'm only have one weeks more with them.I will miss my family.Even my house,not afar from our college..i can't see them oftentimes because busy with my lecture and practical day.I will miss them,especially to my both youngest sister.Along my holiday,I always take care of them.I'm their sister and also as baby sitter for them.Haha..Next month,i'm not around with them.I'm sure they will miss me.Hehe..So,i attach both of my lovely youngest sister here...Fifi and Tiara...=)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#Wordless Wednesday:Shutttt!!!ChentaETy~

~Twitter Tweet~

Hye readers and viewers.Do you have twitter account...If you feel free..drop your name in my comment site or my shoutbox.hehe..i'm feel free to follow you all.I'm deligted to meet all of friends around there.Most of my friend so maniac to log in at twitter.I'm feel happy there,because can see everyone there.Most of Malaysian Celebrities have an account in twitter.Not only them,our prime minister also have this account.It so weird,but reality.Maybe it just manage buy their personal somebody.In a day,twitter never stop,every second have an infinity people to tweet there.

Actually,i don't know so much what the function of this twitter.Hehe.First time using it,i'm so blur.Don't know what is it..Just follow,be my follower and tweet your feeling or whatever you want.It just like a site to shout everything that you want where people can read it..and  reply your tweet directly.I hope you all also enjoy using this.Just for fun bah!hehe...

Facetious in Photographer Life

Hye all of you.Have you come again visit me here.Peace be upon you all readers and viewers..Even i'm so busy with my day,but i still have time to create new entry for a moment.How many of you like enjoying everything about photography.I know most of us love it so much.Including myself.But,if you know,its not easy to be a photographer.When we say about photography,something drive in your mind..and must be imagine someone who is photographer should have DSLR right?The fact , people will look like that.Actually,not necessarily the kind that.If you use any ordinary digital camera you still called as Photographer also.The different only the way you skill into it.

The most important in  photography is your techniques and the "art of seeing".If you can accomplish the best moment in right way.Confirm,you will get the beauteous snapshoot.Actually,my entry today just want to share something that i think very extraordinary or prodigious photographer for me.Its a something amusing.Hehe..come see this..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love green

Hye.Peace be upon to all of you readers and viewers.Thank you come view and read my entry.I like to share something that i think most of us like it too.I love and really like to be photographed and be photographer.Most of us love the same thing right?for me,most of snapshot that i captured,i'm very like something that so natural.Even my favorite color is pink.But,my favorite background when shoot something is green.I really love this.Because in my mind and feeling there is something that so gorgeous in nature's photographs.Specially,our green environment.

So,here i attach some of my photo..where myself in this snapshoot.Thank you to my friend because she have delivering something that implied in this picture.I'm really like the green color around me..see it..:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My new header

Hye readers and viewers.Have you see my new header.I don't know how many times i create and change my header.Well,i'm so interest in make this thing.Because,i have satisfied with the way i create and use my creativity to manage it.I'm only take a few hours to make it as fast as possible.I like to create something that variety,have colorfull and so attractive to see.Even it so simple,but bring up satisfaction to me.I'm not a pro to create it as other done.Just for fun and as a thing of entertainment.Everything that i put on it,about my hobby and something that entertaining to me.So,here i attach again my header collection...:)

Whatever you want,we can do it.Just depend on your way how you gain it.Thank you readers and viewers because always support my blog by view,read,blogwalking,follow me and leave a comment.I appreciate it.Maybe,i'm ready to create the header for you all too.I sincerely to make the header for you all..hehe...=)

This header i'm use in my photography blogger.ChentaEty Photography.i hope you all enjoy to see this...even it just a simple header..=)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day

Hello and hye readers and viewers.I come again in this evening.I just want to post an entry about father.I know all of us have our lovely fathers.So,i take this greet Happy Father's Day to My lovely daddy and also to everyone which had become a daddy.Not just for one day,everyday is daddy's day.A dad is a person who is loving and kind.And often he knows what you have on your mind.He is someone who listens,suggests and defends.A dad also can be one of our very bestfriends.SO here i attach a song for my dad and you all..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reality of my feeling Towards a Life

Hello my readers and viewers.I'm delighted to meet you all here.Without you all,no blog for people.I can say it in a simple words."No Author,no readers".Actually,i'm also want to share to you all about something that really witty,so that you all don't bored to sit and read my entry.But ,Sometimes my brain doesn't tell my mouth what it shouldn't say!haha...Now,i'm just open my lappy and surf internet at our balcony to breathe some fresh air during this evening.The weather today so beautiful.No rainy just only breezy air make me feel fresh when it hit over me.


My mind like running and flying to the leaves and sky.Thinking so many things about today,next day and my future.I never look back to see where I've been because where I am going is more step at a time great things can happen.I never let fear of the unknown keep me from moving forward, because no one never know if what's ahead is the best or worst thing that could happen to me.I'm like saying that no one can ruin your day without your permission.Same goes like me.Everyone,have you own problem.But,just keep it like the problem invisible in people sight.Instead,The hardest part in life is trying to show the smile you know is fake and to hide the tears that won't stop.

The world is limitless.So i'm take time and enjoy every little thing, because i never going to see it all or do it all. So,im happy with whats in front of me.Life is like a puzzle you don't kno w what its gonna be till you put it together.Somewhere along the course of life,i've learn about myself and realize there should never be regrets, only a lifelong appreciation of the choices i've made.We should spend life with the people who make us happy, not the people whom we have to impress :-)Everything in life is temporary.To my readers and viewers i've something need to say to you all..."When someone hurts you or leaves you with any reason, the best revenge is to live better.Then they will soon regret that they left you! =)

May god bless us..Don't waste your time with people who don't want to be in your life for whatever reason but enjoy it with the people who want to be there for every reason.Thank You...=)

Friday, June 17, 2011

More thing to share

Hye readers and viewers.Have you all get your dinner?I already got it.Feel my stomach so full just now.I'm just eating rice and Tuhau.So,delicious.My last entry saying about my worry towards him.So,today just want to share my feeling that i'm feel so happy because finally,he discharge from the ward.So,just now he just get his rest at home.Thank you so much to god and not forgotten thanks also to all of you.

I want to share this thing also.I'm the one who selected to manage and design t-shirt for my group.Before starting a new semester i need to create a t-shirt design ,i mean its logo..for our group.I don't how to decide it for 120 people.I'm just giving it to them to make decision on it.This work very challenging for me.But,interesting.So,i already design some of logo for them,and i'm so shocked when my tutor also ask me,that they want our design also.So,i'm just doing the best for them.Nobody perfect,but to try the best is the way.It's time to challenge myself.I hope they will satisfied my design because thats the way i,i attached here some of my design that already created.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm too worry

Dear my readers and viewers.Peace be upon to you all.How are you there..i hope everything is okay and your activities proceed very long i didn't create any new entry in this site.Just because i'm really busy with my day.Doesn't have enough time to post something new here.Today,i want to share something about my feeling.I'm too worry about him.My boyfriend is admit into hospital.He having health problems.He was there two days ago until now.Her younger sister tell me about this.I'm so shocked with this news.Last tuesday,no wonder for the whole day,he doesn't send me any message or call me.

As her younger sister told me..My boyfriend having a very low heart rate.I don't know why he got such a problem.It make me feel worry about him.I can't visit him because he so far from me.Everyday,i'm just ask his condition using handphone.Fortunately,there have his mother and younger sister to see and take care him.I don't know how long he will be there.I'm always praying for his bless.God please give him patience and calmness to confront all of this.I hope he will discharge as soon as possible.May god always bless him...Amin.Ok guys..prays for him too..~~

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dear my readers and viewers..How are you there?Just now..its already evening..I look at the is 5.00 pm.I just woke up from a sleep that bring me sweet and beautiful dream.My dream have me and my lovely sweetheart Mr.Isthanny.Maybe all of this bring by my feeling towards him.I miss him so much.I can't contact him since their house having problem in Celcom networking.So,I can't send him any message and making a call because everything going pending.I miss to see him a lot.His smile make me calm.He is my amusement.So, i don't know what i'm going to do just now.I just sit in front of my our living room.Even both of us can't contact each other..I hope we find our calmness.Maybe,he going to play football at this time.

I'm feel lonely,Both of my sister already finished their school holiday.So,tonight only me in bedroom.As usually,i sleep with them.But,now i will sleep alone.Only my lappy become my entertainer.So,my planning just want to finish my whole time to watch movie inside my lappy.Now,we have our semester break.So,even i feel lonely here.I have so many activities to do.I will filling my free time by dancing,playing a guitar..listening music and cooking.sometimes i will doing some exercise.I think if you exercise, your state of mind - my state of mind - is usually more at ease, ready for more mental challenges. Once I get the physical stuff out of the way it always seems like I have more calmness and better self-esteem.Okay guys..I want to take a bath now.Good Bye.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm feel like down just because it!!

Hye.Readers and viewers..peace be upon to you all.The owner of this,i'm sitting,lie down and standing in bad condition because i'm suffering from the extreme ear pain in my left ear.If you remember my last entry..i already talk about my ear.Then,now i come again because i already feel like down to confront with my health problem.Last night,i still can't sleep because the pain disturbing me..I don't know what i'm going to do..I just cry and cry...I already took my medication..analgesic to slow down the pain..but it doesn't act as i hope..All my family can sleep well except me that crying on my pillow just like a child..because i can't bear the pain.

So,Today..In the early morning..My mom and dad took me to clinik ENT at SABAH CLINIC.So,I'm so glad because meet the consultant of ENT that is Dr.Richard B.Barrow.I'm still remember his name.He's from London.Not local people...He is "orang puteh".Fortunately,i met him.make some discussion about my ears.Last two days the doctor at Permai Polyclinics said i've got Otitis external.But,now everything is change turn to Otitis Media as Doctor Barrow said.So,poor.No wonder i still with extreme ear pain.So,now i just continue my new medication from sabah clinic and will having appointment on coming tuesday next week.May god bless me and hope i will recover from all of this.Even,i feel like down..with my family and my lovely dear still give emotional support to me.Thank you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm not in good condition

Hello readers and viewer..I'm glad to be here with you all.maybe some of you come on my blog just want to be a viewer but not a readers.Never mind..everything that you do,i appreciate it.I hope you all there are in good health.Then,always in gorgeous mood.I'm just let my finger clicking my laptop keyboard in this free time to share everything that i through for the past day and today.Last two weeks ago,i've join my friend to spend our kaamatan holiday at Ranau.So,we go to Poring hotspring to get some fresh air and swimming there.But,very poor during playing the sliding pool,suddenly..water entering my ears.I've already flush it back using warm water.But,my left ears doesn't act anymore.It was blocked by the water.So,i got some trouble sound to hear voice and everything around me.

Every time,i feel pain in my ears and can't doing anything.My activities can't be proceed.I can't sleep like a top.My condition disturbing me too much.So,yesterday my mom bring me to private clinic.The doctor give diagnosed that i have Otitis Externa caused by contaminated water.So,just now i still get the pain.I hope everything will be alright.I just continue eat my medication that prescribed by the doctor.I pray to Allah,i hope i can feel better after this and feeling well than continue my activities as usually.I'm not happy with my condition.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

it's all about him

This is my special entry..talking about him.My dear only one.Just call him Isthanny.Everything about him so unique for me.Today is our anniversary.We both have been together along 3 years.So,I just write on my blog..about him.Everything that I write here..come from my heart. And share to you all.sorry aa,if my entry here make you all feel so bored.The story today is about L.O.V.E!! Every girl says they can't find the perfect guy...Well..I've found the solution.they can’t find the perfect guy because I have the only one.Hehe..

 Falling in love is the best feeling ever when the one you love catches you. It's great when you actually take the time to get to know someone and find out they are simply *AMAZING*.Me and him not always see each other.He so far from me.Even I may not be able to look him in my eyes, but I can see into his soul, I may not be able to hold him close, but I hold him in my heart. Because Love has no limits.

The one bad thing about spending time with him: there's never enough of it and I miss him so much when we are not together.The first time I met him, little did I know that he had be the one I've been waiting for. He always share his problem with me.Though we may fight and have arguments, I always know that we will make it through. I will stand beside him in no matter how big the problem might be. 

When I tell him that I love him, I mean it more and more every time. I don't say it because I feel like I have to. I say it because it's absolutely true. its kinda funny,when I’m confront with problem ,with all the drama, and all the stupid things he still manage to put a smile on my face, make my heart skip a beat and make everything feel ok. Sometimes he ask me about my I said”you want to know my problem?”..i love you… i love your name… i love the way u look at me… i love your gorgeous smile you brighten my day” that's my problem...

To my dear I want to say” Loved you once, Loved you still, Always have, Always will.”