Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Facetious in Photographer Life

Hye all of you.Have you come again visit me here.Peace be upon you all readers and viewers..Even i'm so busy with my day,but i still have time to create new entry for a moment.How many of you like enjoying everything about photography.I know most of us love it so much.Including myself.But,if you know,its not easy to be a photographer.When we say about photography,something drive in your mind..and must be imagine someone who is photographer should have DSLR right?The fact , people will look like that.Actually,not necessarily the kind that.If you use any ordinary digital camera you still called as Photographer also.The different only the way you skill into it.

The most important in  photography is your techniques and the "art of seeing".If you can accomplish the best moment in right way.Confirm,you will get the beauteous snapshoot.Actually,my entry today just want to share something that i think very extraordinary or prodigious photographer for me.Its a something amusing.Hehe..come see this..

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