Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love green

Hye.Peace be upon to all of you readers and viewers.Thank you come view and read my entry.I like to share something that i think most of us like it too.I love and really like to be photographed and be photographer.Most of us love the same thing right?for me,most of snapshot that i captured,i'm very like something that so natural.Even my favorite color is pink.But,my favorite background when shoot something is green.I really love this.Because in my mind and feeling there is something that so gorgeous in nature's photographs.Specially,our green environment.

So,here i attach some of my photo..where myself in this snapshoot.Thank you to my friend because she have delivering something that implied in this picture.I'm really like the green color around me..see it..:)


Azeanthy Paiman said...

that great to have an interesting in photography..

photography's field is about to see and feels the meaning of the things.

gud luck for you ety!!
me and thanny will always support you=)

ChentaEty said...

eya yan..soon,i've my own dslr..we establish a group of Lady's photographer.hehe

Fane Davis said...

i lovee greenn too......hehhehe.

ChentaEty said...

yes fane...same goes to you...sharing colour that we love and like..:)

Bui Idzra Ryn said...

cantik betul mata..gambar2 pun nice..