Friday, June 17, 2011

More thing to share

Hye readers and viewers.Have you all get your dinner?I already got it.Feel my stomach so full just now.I'm just eating rice and Tuhau.So,delicious.My last entry saying about my worry towards him.So,today just want to share my feeling that i'm feel so happy because finally,he discharge from the ward.So,just now he just get his rest at home.Thank you so much to god and not forgotten thanks also to all of you.

I want to share this thing also.I'm the one who selected to manage and design t-shirt for my group.Before starting a new semester i need to create a t-shirt design ,i mean its logo..for our group.I don't how to decide it for 120 people.I'm just giving it to them to make decision on it.This work very challenging for me.But,interesting.So,i already design some of logo for them,and i'm so shocked when my tutor also ask me,that they want our design also.So,i'm just doing the best for them.Nobody perfect,but to try the best is the way.It's time to challenge myself.I hope they will satisfied my design because thats the way i,i attached here some of my design that already created.


Fane Davis said...

whoa!!!sumer mantap..saya pun binggung mau pilih yang mana satu..mereka semua beruntung sebab pilih ko sebagai designer..hehhe

ChentaEty said...

ada jak ko ney fane..hehe...:)thank you fane...jumpa jgk kita didunia bloggerkan...;)