Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm not in good condition

Hello readers and viewer..I'm glad to be here with you all.maybe some of you come on my blog just want to be a viewer but not a readers.Never mind..everything that you do,i appreciate it.I hope you all there are in good health.Then,always in gorgeous mood.I'm just let my finger clicking my laptop keyboard in this free time to share everything that i through for the past day and today.Last two weeks ago,i've join my friend to spend our kaamatan holiday at Ranau.So,we go to Poring hotspring to get some fresh air and swimming there.But,very poor during playing the sliding pool,suddenly..water entering my ears.I've already flush it back using warm water.But,my left ears doesn't act anymore.It was blocked by the water.So,i got some trouble sound to hear voice and everything around me.

Every time,i feel pain in my ears and can't doing anything.My activities can't be proceed.I can't sleep like a top.My condition disturbing me too much.So,yesterday my mom bring me to private clinic.The doctor give diagnosed that i have Otitis Externa caused by contaminated water.So,just now i still get the pain.I hope everything will be alright.I just continue eat my medication that prescribed by the doctor.I pray to Allah,i hope i can feel better after this and feeling well than continue my activities as usually.I'm not happy with my condition.

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