Friday, June 24, 2011

Hii My Sweetheart!

Hye you all.Peace be upon to readers and viewer.Happy Friday day..Thank you always visit me here.I come again..Actually,i've long been to tell  and sharing about this.So,i think this is a good time to tell you all.haha..Since,now will coming weekend and semester break.Have you all watch a movie namely "Hii My sweetheart".Opss..same like my blogger site name.."sweetheart"hehe...This is a Taiwan Movie..I love the actress."Rainie Yang".I always keep in follow with her new drama in Tv.Maybe some of you know also about her.Because she is a famous singer and actress in Taiwan.Other than love her character in drama,i've also love her voice.She is a singer.She always become a main character in every drama.Like ,Meteor Garden in Taiwan Version,Devil Beside you and more.

"Hii my sweetheart".Love this title.And the way of every scene inside it.So,i attach some of the scene that i love watch it..hehe..The boy character also make me enjoy to see this drama.Very funny hehe..He is the nerd one..He like Pink Panther.Da lang~Da lang~hee...u see this video..

I thing better you all find this drama.I'm sure it will be your favorite drama also..hehe...That is "Hii My Sweetheart"...I never feel bored to watch it oftentimes.


Safiah Ibrahim said...

hai sweetheart.. :)

ChentaEty said...

Safiah"Have you watch this movie..hehe..;)