Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My bestfriends birthday celebration

Hello,my lovely readers..thank u so much..because always stay with,my entry today..just want to share my sweet memories with my bestfriends.we all celebrate birthday from two of us.This moment was become the sweet memory to us at Palm Square centre point.Both of them having birth date in same month but different date.Where Stephannie@Kichie  was born on 28th may while Nurul akhma@kamang was born on 30th May.So,we all decide to celebrate their birthday together.We all spending time together and sharing everything during that day.

so,this is my special greeting to both of them..
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. May god give both of you lots of such joys and happy moments. May  you live long and live happy. May worries,  thought, angers and bad lucks remain away from you.I  wish u good luck.A nice and lovely life to come. Bright and joyful, future and  all the goods that you can ever Wish or think off.I wish, may you dreams come true and  all sad thoughts off.

So,for you all my lovely I attach our picture that brings a lot of memories that can’t never be erased..

Birthday girl
this cake from secret delicious

candle  make everything lightful

So Cute..

From left:Me,Olivia and Mei Ling

From left:Kichiee,me and Akhma


ChentaEty said...

So cool dearest friend..

Anonymous said...

birthday sy pun jgn lupa sambut ahhh(gurau je)

ChentaEty said...

Ok..bha mar..insyaallah..we celebrate your birthday..together...:)