Sunday, June 5, 2011

it's all about him

This is my special entry..talking about him.My dear only one.Just call him Isthanny.Everything about him so unique for me.Today is our anniversary.We both have been together along 3 years.So,I just write on my blog..about him.Everything that I write here..come from my heart. And share to you all.sorry aa,if my entry here make you all feel so bored.The story today is about L.O.V.E!! Every girl says they can't find the perfect guy...Well..I've found the solution.they can’t find the perfect guy because I have the only one.Hehe..

 Falling in love is the best feeling ever when the one you love catches you. It's great when you actually take the time to get to know someone and find out they are simply *AMAZING*.Me and him not always see each other.He so far from me.Even I may not be able to look him in my eyes, but I can see into his soul, I may not be able to hold him close, but I hold him in my heart. Because Love has no limits.

The one bad thing about spending time with him: there's never enough of it and I miss him so much when we are not together.The first time I met him, little did I know that he had be the one I've been waiting for. He always share his problem with me.Though we may fight and have arguments, I always know that we will make it through. I will stand beside him in no matter how big the problem might be. 

When I tell him that I love him, I mean it more and more every time. I don't say it because I feel like I have to. I say it because it's absolutely true. its kinda funny,when I’m confront with problem ,with all the drama, and all the stupid things he still manage to put a smile on my face, make my heart skip a beat and make everything feel ok. Sometimes he ask me about my I said”you want to know my problem?”..i love you… i love your name… i love the way u look at me… i love your gorgeous smile you brighten my day” that's my problem...

To my dear I want to say” Loved you once, Loved you still, Always have, Always will.” 

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