Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm feel like down just because it!!

Hye.Readers and viewers..peace be upon to you all.The owner of this,i'm sitting,lie down and standing in bad condition because i'm suffering from the extreme ear pain in my left ear.If you remember my last entry..i already talk about my ear.Then,now i come again because i already feel like down to confront with my health problem.Last night,i still can't sleep because the pain disturbing me..I don't know what i'm going to do..I just cry and cry...I already took my medication..analgesic to slow down the pain..but it doesn't act as i hope..All my family can sleep well except me that crying on my pillow just like a child..because i can't bear the pain.

So,Today..In the early morning..My mom and dad took me to clinik ENT at SABAH CLINIC.So,I'm so glad because meet the consultant of ENT that is Dr.Richard B.Barrow.I'm still remember his name.He's from London.Not local people...He is "orang puteh".Fortunately,i met him.make some discussion about my ears.Last two days the doctor at Permai Polyclinics said i've got Otitis external.But,now everything is change turn to Otitis Media as Doctor Barrow said.So,poor.No wonder i still with extreme ear pain.So,now i just continue my new medication from sabah clinic and will having appointment on coming tuesday next week.May god bless me and hope i will recover from all of this.Even,i feel like down..with my family and my lovely dear still give emotional support to me.Thank you.

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