Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hye readers and viewers.Happy sunday day.Thank you so much because always keep in touch my pinky blogger site.Good Evening.So,what are you all doing now..I know some of you having your outdoor activities and other just sitting in your home.Doing nothing.Hehe.Same goes like me.I'm joyless just now.I'm feel bored.I didn't go outing.Just eat,pray and sleep.
So,i'm having some break time right now..My mind so miserable.So tired because thinking
 so much thing about life and love.Em,i'm just bring my heart to confront it well..I really miss 
my dear sweetheart also.Never mind,i don't want my feeling towards everything restrict my daily activity.

Next week gonna be my last semester break.This July will starting a new semester.After this,i'll busy with my study and practical day.I think i've no more time to spend here with you all.I need to prepare myself to the next semester.I hope everything will be better than last semester.I've also got my result.Alhamdullillah,so excellent.Congratulation to all  nurse trainess group because we all doing well in examination and also in Sports.Thanks to god because always bless us.

So just now,i'm just thinking about my planning for the next semester.I need to rest my mind along this semester break.Hehe.I'm ready for the next semester with a strong passion.May god always bless us.Thank you...Goodbye guys...see you again...=)


Safiah Ibrahim said...

enjoy ur olidaywif momy n dady

Aemy Shamy said...

Congrats for your result! Strive again by next semester :)

Realiti Imaginasi Untuk Inspirasi said...

hey!!!goodluck in new semester!!!
nti mesti da jarang update kn?hehe

ChentaEty said...

Safiah..yes dear..only this time i need to enjoy with them..i'll busy after this..=)

ChentaEty said...

Thank you aemy...i'll strive to be the best dear for the next smester..insyaallah...=)

ChentaEty said...

RIUI:YEs...u too..good luck also...hehe...kena aa..jarang update lah ney..busy ngan komuniti..hehe..=)