Friday, July 1, 2011

Semester Break Ended

Hello and peace be upon to all of you my readers and viewers.How are you there...?I'm really sorry,doesn't create any new entry because so busy with my preparation for the next semester.Hoho..1 month already pass.Em,so my semester break already ended.Tomorrow,i'll back to my college.After this,i'll will not active in this usually.Hehe.I tend to my class and practical,for those that already finished holiday..welcome back to on duty.Either worker or still student.

I'm get into semester 4.I'll have two semester more to finish my Diploma In Nursing.Now,i'm on my way to achieve my goals.I hope everything will be alright along my way.I'm just pray to god.. hopefully,always bless me in anything.

I don't want to focus anything that will be restrict my activities.I just want to confront everything with my patience  and gratefully.Maybe if i have more time,i'll update my blog.Hehe..I know,i'm not a famous person that have so many followers and commenter here.I'm just a simple and ordinary person that like to write anything about my life that i through along my journey.For me,I'm so free and delighted if you all just want to be a reader or viewer inside my blog.I'll appreciate everything.Okay guys..see you all again.In my next session..=)


Aemy Shamy said...

Enjoy your time, dear..wish you'll achieve your goals. ^^
Have a big time!

ChentaEty said...

Thanks dear...insyaallah...hehe..may god bless me in everything..=)

aiNa yaZiD said...

hey nurse..^_^ wish u success dear. ^_^