Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miss My Blog

Hello readers and viewers.How are you there?This is weekend day.My new semester beginning until now.Huhu.So,busy with my assignment,Health education Task,and so many work.Em,my mind so tired.I need some rest.Our semester now,very interesting.I'm love to learn about comunity.Em,i don't know,why i love so much having practical at Clinic either than Hospital,i mean ward unit.So,this is only my leisure time to rest my mind from everything.Haha.Next week,i'll busy in manage some event.Huhu(>.<)..I just close my eyes,open my heart and through it on my way.
I'm really miss update my blog,as usually i did along my break semester.But,everything totally change.I need to focus my study,manage everything.I've fixed schedule to be follow along this semester,so i've plan my time,in daily activities.I've lecture class start from 8.00am to 5.00pm.Em,than after class.i fill my time by doing some exercise or playing a game.Especially,volleyball.Than,sometimes need to attend a big meeting between AJK.This semester also will be our time to handle the sport programs.I've selected to involved in manage and arrange every activity during KOKUM week for the whole college.I'm also selected to design banner for our program.I hope i'll through it with a big heart even make me tired.But,it is very interesting.I hope you all also enjoy doing your activities.Do it well..Em,i stop right eyes already feel sleepy...see you again.Maybe next week,i'll bring and sharing story about our event.Hehe.Goodnight..=)

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