Thursday, July 14, 2011

ExCited To wAit IT

Hello there...I miss this site so much..Huhu..I come again with my new entry.Before that..peace be upon to you all as readers and viewers.Thank you so much if you all still stay and keep in touch my pinky blogger site.Even i'm here not so active user that always create new entry.well,as i told you all,i'm so busy with my study time.So,i come here again,to update my blog.Em,if you remembered,last month i have post about something,Which is my first time to join the contest under CIK QISTINA .
The contest is about BLOG SAYA,the closing date will be arrive.So,i'm just excited want to know who's the winner of this contest,i already visit her blog,wow amazing..there are so many respond to join this contest maybe around 500 above people already join this contest.Good luck to everyone already become a participant to join this contest..
Thank you to CIK QISTINA because organized this contest,it make us enjoy to blogwalking another is a very simple way to make a frienship between us.Just through it from the blog.So,here i attached again the Banner for the contest.I love this banner because very cute.

For those that like to join this contest,come up.Before the closing date.Hehe..Come guys support CIK QISTINA.Thanks so much to her because have a kind heart to give a meaningful present to the winner.Hehe..Okay guys..=)


Aemy Shamy said...

Good luck! Mesti menang tu..your blog mmg comel..hehe ^^

ChentaEty said...

thanks lah...i don't think so,i'll get the tag of winner..hehe..just for fun jak ikut tue contest..hehe..=)

Safiah Ibrahim said...

gud luck

aiNa yaZiD said...

gud luck yayang...=)