Thursday, January 24, 2013

Plans Should Be Neatly

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Alhamdulillah,having brighten day today. As all muslim celebrate Maulidur Rasul. Salam Maulidur Rasul. Today is pretty historic for our Prophet Nabi MUhammad S.A.W . So,let's do Selawat. As day goes by day,i'm still doesn't have any official work to do. So, just stay at home. Doing my routine. Now, i'm actively doing outdoor activity. I mean "Lepaking" at City Mall like Centre Point,Karamunsing and One borneo. Haha.. Saja jak membuang masa, tenangkan fikiran release tension dan sewaktu dengannya. Bila boring sangat duduk rumah, itu yang jadi kaki jalan . Tambah lagi, penganggur. Tapi Pengganggur yang profesional Okay..haha.. Perasanlah sangat..

Back to my Main topic. Plans should be neatly. Yeah, i've plan my own target for this year. Insyaallah, dengan izin Allah s.w.t Everything will running smoothly. I've mention to you all about the plan to go for transplant bone marrow. I've decide it and all were cancel. Now, i need to concentrate about my health. Make sure everything okay. Recently,i've done doing some procedure. Bone Marrow Aspiration to make sure no cancer cell seen. Alhamdulillah, the result really make me calm because complete remission. Means no more cancer. Even like that but i still need to care everything that related to my health. The most important is..My relationship between me and Allah s.w.t . Kena banyak berzikir,solat sunat hajat,tahajjud.Bersedekah. Dengan niat kerana Allah taala. Insyallah,you find the way. Hehe..

I've discuss with my doctor. I want to continue my study in nursing course. Only one year. Alhamdulillah,he's agree with that. Insyaallah,this coming July if there was no other obstacles i will continue. So, now i keep my routine day. Enjoy my time as much as i want because no more responsibility. Only keep focus on my health. So,just all for today. I want to play Volleyball at our residential hall. Love you all guys.. daaa...=)

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salam maulidur rasul! :)